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[Cover] The Bear Comes Home
Rafi Zabor
Norton hard cover
This first novel offer the unusual tale of a very hip bear, the descendent of a long line of esteemed European circus animals. Eking out a bare existence with a street dancing act with his friend and keeper, Jones, the Bear pines for a chance to do what he really does best: blow the sax. Finally he packs up his alto, dons a coat and large dark hat, and sneaks into a jazz club to jam with Lester Bowie and Art Blythe. So begins a new career and an odyssey for an unusual hero.
Star Wars: Vision of the Future (Specter of the Past, Book 2)
Timothy Zahn
Bantam Spectra (hardcover, 520 pages, $24.95 US/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: September 8, 1998

Closing volume of the two book set -- substantially longer than the first. Plenty to settle down with for a long weekend here. "The cunning Major Tierce has joined with the ambitious Moff Disra in the Empire's Master Plan. At its heart lies the most elaborate con of all: the rumor that the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned to lead the Empire to a prophesied triumph.""
Star Wars: Specter of the Past (Specter of the Past, Book 1)
Timothy Zahn
Bantam Spectra (reprint, paperback, 386 pages, $5.99 US/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: September 14, 1998

Timothy Zahn's early Star Wars trilogy -- Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command -- are among the most successful media-related books ever written. Now he returns to the Star Wars universe with a new two-book series. "Princess Leia is trying desperately to hold the loose coalition of interests known as the New Republic together long enough to see the evil Empire finally vanquished. But in a stunning setback, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker discover that the pirate ships raiding New Republic transports are staffed with clones under the command of someone who claims to be Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Empire's most powerful warlord, believed dead for 10 years. Thrawn's plan for destroying the fragile New Republic seems well on the way to completion -- unless Han, Leia, and Luke can stop it."
[Cover] Conqueror's Legacy
Timothy Zahn
Bantam Spectra paperback
The "stunning" conclusion to the Conqueror's saga which includes onqueror's Pride and Conqueror's Legacy--the story of "interstellar war and savage alien invasion".
[Cover] Conqueror's Heritage
Timothy Zahn
Bantam Spectra paperback
It's the sequel to Conqueror's Pride.
Dyson Sphere (Star Trek: the Next Generation, No 50)
George Zebrowski, Charles R. Pellegrino
Pocket (paperback, 235 pages, $6.50/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April 13, 1999

The co-authors of The Killing Star return to the site of one of Star Trek: The Next Generation's most intriguing episodes, the Dyson Sphere. Do they bring Scotty with them this time, too? "Captain Picard and the "Enterprise" have returned to explore the awesome mysteries of the Dyson sphere. But their mission of discovery turns into a desperate race against time--can the "Enterprise" save the sphere and all of its inhabitants?"
Design: C.D. Galian
Brute Orbits
George Zebrowski
HarperPrism (hardcover, 222 pages, $23 US/$33.50 Can)
Publication date: November 1, 1998

SF author and anthologist Zebrowski, author of Macrolife, Stranger Suns, and The Sunspacers Trilogy, arrives on the scene again with an intriguing speculative novel of crime and punishment. It's the 21st century, Earth is suffering from global warming and overpopulation, and the solar system is slowly opening up to industrialization. Convicts are used to mine asteroids in near-earth orbit -- hollowing out their own prisons, turning mined-out asteroid husks into deep space cell blocks. Asteroids in near-solar orbits are set to return to Earth when prison terms end... or in some cases never, as a result of miscalculation, malfunction, or deliberate error. When an advanced propulsion system allows Earth's recovering societies to overtake the scattered habitats, a courageous team of social scientists seeks out several asteroids in these "brute orbits," uncertain of what they will find... but willing to take the risks
Art: Amy Halperin
Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold
Avon EOS (reprint, paperback, 579 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Canada)
Publication date: July 8, 1998

The first posthumous collaboration from Zelazny and Lindskold (at least one more novel based on a Zelazny manuscript is being prepared) was a considerable success. Based on some 300 pages of completed text and full knowledge of the closing act, noted fantasy writer Lindskold "succeeded admirably" (according to reviewer Neil Walsh) in completing one of Zelazny's finer works, a modern epic of gods, conflict, and virtual reality from the author of Lord of Light and The Chronicles of Amber. "In our world, called the Verité, he is a Scottish laird, an engineer, and a master of virtual reality design. In the computer-generated universe of Virtù, created by the crash of the World Net, he is a living legend. Scientist and poet with a warrior's soul, Donnerjack strides like a giant across the virtual landscape he helped to shape. And now he has bargained with Death himself for the return of love. The Lord of Entropy claimed Ayradyss, Donnerjack's beloved dark-haired lady of Virtù, with no warning, leaving a hole in the Engineer's heart. But Death offered to return her to him for a price: a palace of bones...and their first-born child. Since offspring have never before resulted from any union of the two worlds, Donnerjack accepts Death's conditions -- and leads his reborn lover far from the detritus and perpetual twilight of Deep Fields to his ancestral Scottish lands, hoping to build a sanctuary and a self for Ayradyss in the first world."
Review by Neil Walsh
Home is the Hangman
Roger Zelazny
Zelazny won a Hugo Award for the title novella. The SF Book club brings it back into print.
[Cover] The Williamson Effect
Roger Zelazny, ed.
Tor hard cover
A collection of original stories in tribute to Grand Master, Jack Williamson, with an introduction by David Brin and stories by David Weber, Connie Willis, John Brunner and others.
Art: Steve Youll
Playing God
Sarah Zettel
Warner Aspect (hardcover, 417 pages, $22/$27 Can)
Publication date: November 17, 1998

Sarah Zettel has had quite a storied career, and she's only on her third novel. Her first, Reclamation, won the Locus Award for Best First Novel, and was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award. Her second, Fool's War, was a New York Times Notable Book for 1997. Now she returns with another novel of far future SF, and expectations are high. "Dr. Lynn Nussbaumer has just been handed the challenge of a lifetime: to save an entire planet. After millennia of constant war on All-Cradle, one faction unleashed a viral weapon that mutated into a universal plague. Desperate, an unprecedented Confederation of Dedelphi leaders have asked for Earth's help -- to evacuate the entire planet to vast orbital enclaves."
[Cover] Fool's War
Sarah Zettel
Warner Aspect paperback
From the author of Reclamation. Four centuries after humanity has colonized the galaxy, information freight companies are used as an alternative to electronic communication. On one of her frequent trips into deep space, Katmer Al-Shei is accused of smuggling artificial intelligence. When she tries to clear her name, she uncovers a chain of conspiracies. Expanded from the story "Fool's Errand" in Analog.
[Cover] Reclamation
Sarah Zettel
Warner Aspect paperback
Eric Born, a data pirate on the run from his pre-tech past, rescues a mysterious kidnap victim from his masters-- throwing them both headlong into a web of politics, genetics, slavery and...Reclamation. Lots of hot press on this one.
[Cover] War in Heaven (Requiem for Homo Sapiens, Book 3)
David Zindell
Bantam Spectra paperback
Newcomer Zindell has published some of the most intriguing SF in recent memory, beginning with Neverness and continuing with The Broken God and The Wild. This volume closes up the trilogy begun with the last two novels. Danlo wi Soli Ringess has returned from the Vild, the first pilot to ever make it back from that region of fractured space and deadly supernovas where giant computer-gods make war on each other. But his return to the Civilized Worlds is marred by the rise of a fanatical cult that has seized the fabled city of Neverness and revealed plans to conquer the galaxy. "Zindell is fashioning an astonishing epic of our distant and eerie galactic future." -- Robert Silverberg.
[Cover] The Wild
David Zindell
Bantam Spectra paperback
Years ago, Danlo Ringess' father was the first to explore the Vild, a region of chaos that threatens to devour the galaxy. Now Danlo and a team of ten elite lightship pilots enter the Vild once again--in search his father and the secret to a killer virus.

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