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Books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Books by Jane Yolen
The Water Buddha Drinks
Banana Yoshimoto
Grove hardcover

[Cover] Cinderblock
Janine Ellen Young
Penguin/Roc paperback
In 21st century America, reality is what you make it. Now a young man with unusual talents and a mysterious revolutionary are targeted for control by the virtual tyranny. But the battlefield on which they engage is not only the secret underground of Los Angeles, but also the complex paths of the virtual mind.
[Cover] Armed Memory
Jim Young
Tor paperback
It's a new world where a virus can rebuild you into anything you want, including a Hammerhead (half man, half shark) - a new killer genotype set on humanity's destruction. Compared favourably to William Gibson, this novel has some intriguing ideas but Rodger found the style more akin to that of Steven Gould.

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