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[Cover] Dragonlance: Fifth Age: Day of the Tempest
Jean Rabe
TSR trade paper
Second in the trilogy started with The Dawning of a New Age. Check out TSR's 1997 catalog of DragonLance products.
[Cover] [Dragonlance: The Fifth Age] The Dawning of A New Age
Jean Rabe
TSR paperback
Here's a the novel introducing the new era--post-Dragons of Summer Flame.
Gordon Crabb
Guardian of the Balance (Merlin's Descendants, Book I)
Irene Radford
DAW (hardcover, 529 pages, $23.95/$33.99 Can)
Publication date: March 1, 1999

The start of a new Arthurian fantasy series from the author of The Dragon Nimbus books. "It begins in the time of Merlin and Arthur, when the balance of power is shifting between the old gods and their magic, and that of the new Christian faith. Merlin, gifted with true prophecy and pledged to the ancient Druidic gods, is sworn to preserve the old values and to protect the Earth and its people. Lured by the spell of the earth goddess, he forsakes his vow of celibacy for one Beltane festival, and the result is his daughter Wren, first in the line of his descendants, all of whom will be sworn to preserve the natural balance of the world. And although Wren is gifted in the ancient magics, and her rightful place should have been in Avalon, she is instead thrust into the heart of the political and religious struggles of a society on the brink of chaos, forced to confront an overwhelming evil which may well destroy Merlin, Arthur, and her entire civilization."
[Cover] The Last Battlemage (The Dragon Nimbus History Series, No. 2)
Irene Radford
DAW paperback, $6.99 US): January 1998
From the author of The Perfect Princess comes the middle volume of the Dragon Nimbus History series, sequel to The Dragon's Touchstone and followed by The Loneliest Magician. "Though the Great Wars of Disruption have come to an end, Nimbulan, the last Battlemage and the founder of the school for Communal Magic, is desperately seeking to create a permanent protection for the kingdom of Coronnan, a magic border to keep all enemies out. But his relentless search for the key to this magic leads him to a shocking discovery: not only is his long-lost wife still alive, but she and the magical dragons are now in terrible danger."
The Dragon's Touchstone
Irene Radford
DAW paperback
Dragon Nimbus History, No 1. "Three hundred years before the time of The Glass Dragon, the kingdom of Coronnan is at war with itself -- with magic running wild and magicians serving their own ends. At the height of this age of chaos, the dragons decide to intervene, making their presence known to select mortals. But even dragon magic may not be enough to help these chosen champions defeat the dark forces of blood magic which threaten to destroy their world." When Dragons get mixed up in Blood Magic, it's time to write "Act of God" on the insurance claim and move on.
[Cover] The Perfect Princess
Irene Radford
DAW paperback
It's a sequel to the Glass Dragon and volume two of The Dragon Nimbus.
[Cover] Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography
Katherine Ramsland
HarperPrism hard cover
The authorized biography of the best-selling author of Whispers, Intensity, The Bad Place, and many others. With photos.
[Cover] Burn
Bill Ransom
Ace paperback
A near future thriller from the author of "Viravax," that is a "Hot Zone gone mad" when a deadly artificial virus is released upon the world.
Zone Soldiers
Dniel Ransom
DAW paperback
In the next century, the U.S. has been turned into two armed camps by the release of a deadly virus. Normals abide in the Federation, and the Zone is the land of the mutated survivors. Commerce between the two is tightly restricted... unless you're a smuggler. From the author of The Fugitive Stars.
[Cover] The Fugitive Stars
Daniel Ransom
DAW paperback
A SF thriller with political machinations.
Books by Melanie Rawn
[Cover] Voodoo Child
Michael Reaves
Tor hard cover
Years ago in New Orleans, a drug lord named Mal Sangre drew on his growing powers of sorcery to cause an innocent man named Shane LaFitte to commit a murder. Caught and tried, LaFitte went to jail. Now LaFitte is on parole, and behind the bright lights and colourful revelry of Mardi Gras a cataclysmic battle between light and darkness is about to be waged. For Mal Sangre has opened a door to the Invisible World beyond, summoning monstrous forces for a dreadful day of reckoning. And LaFitte has decided the time is ripe for revenge... whatever the cost.
[Cover] Night Hunter
Michael Reaves
Tor paperback
A homicide detective investigates murders which may or may not have been done by vampires.
Art: Bob Eggleton
The Dragons of Springplace
Robert Reed
Golden Gryphon (hardcover, 312 pages, $23.95 US)
Publication date: April 5, 1999

Jim Turner's Golden Gryphon Press has become, in its short life, one of the most reliable purveyors of quality SF collections. This time he offers us the first short story collection from the author of some of the most unique SF novels of the last decade, including Beneath the Gated Sky, An Exaltation of Larks, and Beyond the Veil of Stars. Tales collected here include "Aeon's Child," set in the rock-and-metal heart of a gigantic intergalactic ship discovered and salvaged by human explorers... a world of tunnels, sunken seas, and numerous chambers where two alien entities engage in a monumental battle of survival; "Chrysalis," in which a landing party from an ancient human starship decides to investigate an icy unknown planet; and the title story, in which genetically tailored dragons in a swamp full of deadly radioactive relics ward off travelers, and where a renegade misfit comes determined to find an artifact of great power. Several of these stories are Nebula and Hugo Award nominees.
Art: Paul Lehr
Beneath the Gated Sky
Robert Reed
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 352 pages, $16.95 US)
Publication date: September, 1998 (First Printing: 1997)

A sequel and expansion of Reed's previous novel, Beyond the Veil of Stars, in which it was revealed that the Earth is connected to billions of other planets via microscopic wormholes, called "intrusions, which allow the passage of consciousness. Those who pass through are reborn into the bodies of the planet's dominant species. Cornell Novak is recruited as an explorer by the Cosmic Event Agency, who sends him to alien worlds in the hope of acquiring alien technology. On one such mission he met Porsche Neal, an alien and refugee from the planet Jarrtee, part of a network of interplanetary travelers called the Few. "Having survived their harrowing infiltration of an alien world for the sake of humanity, Porshe and Cornell return to Earth, only to discover a conspiracy so profound that it casts doubt on the very people whom they trusted with their lives." "Aliens of real depth and conviction, well-articulated plotting, above-average characters, and an absorbing narrative -- all add up to Reed's best outing so far" -- Kirkus Reviews. From the author of An Exaltation of Larks and Down the Bright Way.
[Cover] An Exaltation of Larks
Robert Reed
Tor trade paperback
On a small college campus in the late 1970s, big things are afoot -- a major faculty scandal that implicates the school's president in an embezzlement scheme, and a blizzard that knocks out phone and TV reception. In the middle of this Jesse Aylesworth, the school newspaper's news editor, receives a stranger visitor: a shapeshifting Indian who calls himself Turtle, and claims to be a citizen from the end of time on an extraordinary mission. From the author of Beneath the Gated Sky and Beyond the Veil of Stars.
[Cover] Beyond The Veil of Stars
Robert Reed
Tor paperback
Science fiction adventure, time portals to alien planets.
Star Trek The Next Generation: The Continuing Mission
Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Pocket (reprint, non-fiction, trade paperback, 304 pages, $20/$29.50 Can)
Publication date: October 6, 1998 (First Printing: November 1997)

No shortage of Star Trek titles to choose from this month. For you completists, this one differs from the hardcover by virtue of a new chapter on the upcoming movie, Star Trek: Insurrection. "For the first time, the creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation is explored from the inside, told by the people who were there everyday putting out a television series without realizing that they were creating a lasting legacy. A true collectors item, it contains over 700 full-color photographs, many of which are from the personal collections of the people who created the series. "
[Cover] Icefire
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Pocket hard cover
The popular Star Trek novelists branch out with an international thriller, featuring a breathtaking plot to dislodge the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica with seven precisely-placed nuclear warheads... a scheme that will change the balance of power of the world. "The best suspense novel of its type since The Hunt for Red October. I've offered quotes on perhaps three dozen novels over the last decade... I have never offered one with more confidence. Read this book, it's as good as they come." -- Stephen King.
[Cover] Star Trek The Next Generation: The Continuing Mission
Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Pocket hard cover
Sub-titled "A Tenth Anniversary Tribute," this is a handsome and sturdy volume dedicated to a loving behind-the-scenes look at the energetic personalities who brought us one of the finest SF shows ever made for television. "Featuring 750 never-before-seen illustrations and full-color photographs, this visually stunning book focuses on the creation of the hit series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Its true, unique focus, however, is on the people who wrote the series, created the art, played the roles, and fashioned the special effects."
Art: Gordon Crabb
Spirit Fox
Mickey Zucker Reichert and Jennifer Wingert
DAW (hardcover, 386 pages, $23.95/$33.99 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998

Mickey Zucker Reichert has a talent for weighty fantasy epics, including the five-volume Bifrost Guardians and the popular Renshai Chronicles. This is a debut novel for her partner, Jennifer Wingert. "Veteran DAW fantasy author Mickey Zucker Reichert joins with talented newcomer Jennifer Wingert to tell the story of a magic-filled land, where a war between the god and goddess has led to a war among mortals, and the reconciliation of the immortals brings peace to mortals as well. But even in peace there is peril, especially for Kiarda, a young woman of noble lineage destined to be spirit-linked to a fox at birth. When the fox is killed before they bond, its spirit has nowhere to go but into Kiarda's body. This unfortunate event will in time lead her to seeming madness, and her people to the brink of a new and far more devastating war."
Jody Lee
The Children of Wrath (The Renshai Chronicles, Book 3)
Mickey Zucker Reichert
DAW (reprint, paperback, 623 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: June 1, 1999 (First Edition: June 1998)

The final volume of The Renshai Chronicles. "The mortal kingdoms are caught up in a shared catastrophe, cursed with sterility by the magic of the dark elves. Humanity's last hope hinges on a magical talisman -- the Pica Stone. One of only nine solid objects ever created by magic, the Pica Stone was shattered in the days of the last Wizards. But when Captain, oldest of the elves, joins with his fellow light elves to work a spell to draw together all the scattered pieces of this legendary gem, eight shards remain missing, lost on worlds throughout the planes of existence. The only way the Pica Stone can become whole once more is for the elves to spell-shift a party of questers to each of these worlds to find and return with the shards. Among those chosen are: the Renshai warrior Kevral, her husband Ra-khir the knight, and Tae, a newly made prince and former thief. Each world offers unique challenges--and losing their lives is the least of the perils they'll face. But with the extinction of the human race as the price of failure, there can be no turning back..."
[Cover] Prince of Demons (The Renshai Chronicles, Volume Two)
Mickey Zucker Reichert
DAW paperback
First paperback appearance of the sequel to Beyond Ragnorok, first volume in The Renshai Chronicles, and the continuation of Reichert's second Renshai trilogy. Reichert certainly doesn't skimp on the page count, and those who love nothing better than to settle down with a thick fantasy novel (or three) will find these more than sufficient to keep their lap warm this winter. The death of the king has allowed the elves to secretly place one of their own on the thrown and now, under the leadership of Dh'arlo'me, the dark elves are preparing to wreak their long-smoldering vengeance on humans.
[Cover] Beyond Ragnarok
Mickey Zucker Reichert
DAW paperback
Volume one of a new Renshai trilogy set three hundred years later.
[Cover] A Tremor in the Bitter Earth (The Tielmaran Chronicles, Book 2)
Katya Reimann
Tor (hardcover, 320 pages, $24.95 US)
Publication date: June 1998

The second novel in what's now being called The Tielmaran Chronicles is the sequel to Reimann's 1996 debut, Wind From a Foreign Sky. At the close of the first volume the prince of Tielmar had saved his realm from foreign enemies, acquired a consort, and settled back for a little of whatever passes for princely R&R in fantasy epics. But now the foreigners are back again, twirling their mustaches and hatching plots in darkened chambers, and among them is a young Sha Muir assassin who quickly presents a dire challenge to the Glamour-witch Gaultry Blas, defender of the realm. When she risks everything to give Tullier the assassin half of her Glamour-soul, Gaultry saves him from his own poison -- and nurtures the capacity within him for both mercy and conscience. As they come to slowly trust each other, the pair find they must root out the source of the attack from within the kingdom itself.
Art: Romas
In Legend Born
Laura Resnick
Tor (hardcover, 463 pages, $25.95 US/$35.95 Canada)
Publication date: August 17, 1998

The daughter of Mike Resnick, the author of A Blonde in Africa, crafts her first fantasy novel -- the first in a series. "For 1,000 years, Sileria has toiled under the yoke of foreign conquerors: the latest, the hedonistic Valdani, have forced the Silerians into harsh slavery. But now, by fate and prophecy, five disparate people reluctantly come together to forge an uneasy alliance against the Valdani." To be followed by In Fire Forged.
Books by Mike Resnick
Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary
David West Reynolds
DK Publishing (oversize hardcover, 64 pages, $19.95 US)
Publication date: October 1, 1998

A truly beautiful coffee table book for all lovers of Star Wars, from DK Publishing. "Discover the tricks of Boba Fett's secret weaponry, find out what R2-D2's attachments do, and see inside a storm trooper's helmet. Annotated photos, supported by stills from the films, explain every important feature of the characters, creatures, costumes, droids, and equipment in the "Star Wars" trilogy. Full color. "
Star Wars: Incredible Cross Sections
David West Reynolds; illustrated by Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore
DK Publishing (oversize hardcover, 32 pages, $19.95 US)
Publication date: October 1, 1998

Yes, you have to be a complete Star Wars nut to really enjoy the effort put into these. But if you are, this in the kind of book you'll want on your coffee table when your fellow fans come over for the weekly support group. "For the first time ever, DK's brilliant exploded artwork reveals the inner workings of the vehicles and spacecraft from the "Star Wars" films. Fans will revel in the stunning four-page gatefold that reveals the Death's Star's inner core and its dark secrets. Full color. "
Star Trek: Mission to Horatius (facsimile edition)
Mack Reynolds
Pocket (reprint, hardcover, 208 pages, $16 US)
Publication date: February 9, 1999 (First Edition: 1968)

One of the first science fiction novels I read -- in fact, one of the first novels I ever read -- was Mission to Horatius (Whitman Publishing, 1968), the very first Star Trek novel, and I remember it well. In the three decades since it's never been reprinted, until now. Pocket books have done a flawless facsimile edition, complete with endpapers and artwork by Sparky Moore, restoring a fine piece of genre history. Now I can finally return the copy I borrowed from my cousins back in 1974... "Captain Kirk investigates a planet whose inhabitants are split into two kinds: real people and clones with no civil rights. Out of print for over 30 years, the first Star Trek novel is back--in an exact, authentic facsimile of the original 1967 edition." From the author of Space Search and Trample an Empire Down.
Books by Anne Rice

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