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Terry Pratchett
Michael Sabanosh
Jingo (A Discworld novel)
HarperPrism (reprint, paperback, 437 pages, $6.50 US)
Publication date: March 1, 1999 (First Edition: May 1998)

Where does Jingo stand on the Pratchett scale? Reviewer Todd Richmond places it above Feet of Clay but below Guards! Guards!, and complains that more than once his wife asked me to leave the room because he was laughing too much while reading. "Something new has come up between the ancient rival cities of Ankh-Morpork and Al-Khali. Literally. An island, rising out of Discworld's circular sea. Since it's uninhabited and claimed by both cities, Commander Vimes and his faithful trolls and cops are forced to deal with a crime so awful that there's no law against it. It's called "war." But don't be alarmed. It all happens on faraway Discworld, where greed and ignorance influence politicians, and perfectly normal people occasionally act like raving idiots. A world, in short, totally unlike our own."
Review by Todd Richmond
Douglas Paul
The Last Continent (A Discworld novel)
HarperPrism (hardcover, 292 pages, $24 US)
Publication date: March 1, 1999

The latest novel of Discworld, number... um, twenty-two. I think. Who can keep track any more? Not me. This one brings us back to the (in)famous Unseen University, and the characters of Rincewind, Death, and Death of Rats. "Something is seriously amiss at Unseen University. A professor is missing -- and not just any professor. The Egregious Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography. Also the University Librarian, who transmuted (you know how things change!) into an ape so long ago that no one exactly remembers his name, least of all himself. But fear not, the search is on!"
Art: Rodger De Muth
Hogfather (Discworld, volume 21)
HarperPrism (hardcover, 292 pages, $24 US)
Publication date: November, 1998

Pratchett isn't just funny -- he's prolific. The first novel of the Discworld, The Colour of Magic, appeared in 1983. Since then he's produced 20 additional volumes, plus an assortment of maps and comics (not to mention two computer games), delighting fans around the world. He's not just an author -- he's an industry. "It's that time of year again. Hogswatchnight. 'Tis the season to be jolly, to hang mistletoe and holly, and other stuff ending in olly. 'Tis the season when the Hogfather himself dons a red suit and brings gifts to all the boys and girls of Discworld. But this year, a stranger has taken the place of the Hogsfather. He carries a scythe along with his bag of toys, and he's going to SLEIGH everyone he sees tonight. Ho-ho-ho."
[Cover] Maskerade
HarperPrism hard cover
"To Who It May Concern: Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Yrs Sincerely, The Opera Ghost." Yes, it's the latest from the madcap fantasist Terry Pratchett (cleverly marketed as "Yet Another Novel of Discworld"). There's a ghost in the Opera House of Ankh Morpork, and it's terrorizing the entire company. But what better way to flush out a ghost than with a witch or two? Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg need one more witch to make a coven, and they just may have found her in the Opera's newest diva, the fetching Agnes Nitt. But they'd best hurry, for the stage is set, the ghost is killing off the talent, and it may be up to Agnes to put an end to it all.
[Cover] Feet of Clay
HarperPrism paperback
The previous novel in the Discworld series arrives in paperback. "A killer is stalking Ankh-Morprok -- one who is neither a member of the Assassins' Guild nor the Thieve' Guild. Commander Vimes of the City Guard is determined to stop this unauthorized assassin who leaves behind corpses and strange-smelling tracks of curious clay, and he's hired a Dwarf to help him. With Corporal Cheery Littlebottom at his side, Vimes and his men (and trolls and such) can get to the, well, bottom of anything. Even when the investigation leads to an out-of-work golem, a vampire dragon, and a vegetarian werewolf."
Men at Arms
HarperPrism paperback
Corporal Carrot is now in charge of the new recruits guarding Ankh-Morpork. It's a great responsibility protecting Discworld's greatest city from Barbarian Tribes, miscellaneous marauders and unlicensed thieves, but an even graver task awaits when an ancient document reveals that Ankh-Morpork has a secret sovereign.
Interesting Times
HarperPrism paperback
A Discworld novel. A carrier albatross deposits an intresting mission before Rincewind: instructions to destroy the city of Hunghung.
Cover by Michael Sabanosh
Feet of Clay
HarperPrism paperback
Another Discworld novel. Running into a clay golem is no laughing matter, unless you're Terry Pratchett.
[Cover] Maskerade
Corgi paperback
The Phantom of the Opera retold through Pratchett's skewed Discworld® vision.
[Cover] The Discworld® Companion
and Stephen Briggs
Corgi paperback
For everone who loves Discworld® novels (who doesn't?), a compendium of who, what and where stuff.
[Cover] Interesting Times
Corgi paperback
Rincewind and Luggage are back. As he's about to find out the bonus for being stranded on a desert island, his buddies at the Unseen University yank him back to send him in their stead to a far-off land. We meet some old friends like Cohen the Barbarian and his hoarde who think they are ready to be civilized and Luggage discovers his roots.
[Cover] Soul Music
Corgi paperback
A Discworld® novel about Death's grand-daughter taking over the family business.


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