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Tim Powers
[Cover] Earthquake Weather
Tor hard cover
Long awaited here in the SF Site offices, this is simultaneously the sequel to both the World Fantasy Award-winning Last Call and the bestselling Expiration Date, an unusual collision of the characters and events of Powers' two previous works. Scott Crane, the Fisher King of the West, has been killed by a young woman named Janis Plumtree. Either Janis was possessed by powerful and malevolent ghosts, or she's the victim of a strange kind of multiple personality disorder. When an earthquake allows Janis to escape from her doctor she sets off to restore the King to life and stop a would-be usurper. Meanwhile the Kingdom of the West is in upheaval, as earthquakes, fires and riots plague California. Powerful ghosts wander the cities, too strong for even the most resourceful hunters. The land needs a new King, one way or the other.

Anubis Gates
Time travel, ancient Egypt and English poetry. What more could you want in a novel?
[Cover] Last Call
Avon Books
Scott Crane quit playing poker professionally a decade ago, but now he's having nightmares about a strange game on Lake Mead in '69... the game where he won a fortune. The money he won was in exchange for his life, and perhaps his soul. And there's one hand left to be played...
[Cover] Expiration Date
Tor paperback
Only Powers can bring together a half-addled boy, a bum and his dog, the ghost of Thomas Alva Edison, a dead child TV star and a psychiatrist who practices sorcery into a ghost novel of redemption and hope. From the author of Last Call and The Anubis Gates.

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