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Frederik Pohl
Art: John Harris
The Far Shore of Time (The Eschaton Sequence, Book 3)
Tor (hardcover, 317 pages, $23.95/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: July 6, 1999

Final volume in the SF trilogy that began with The Other End of Time and The Siege of Eternity. "When Government agent Dan Dannerman joined a team investigating strange signals from deep space, he had no idea that he was about to be dragged into the midst of an interstellar war. Held captive on an alien world, Dannerman suffers horrific torture at the hands of the Beloved Leaders, an alien race working to bring about the eschaton -- the collapse of the entire universe. When he is finally liberated in a sneak attack by the Horch, the sworn enemies of the Beloved Leaders, Dannerman is ready to strike back -- but at whom? Trusting neither side, Dannerman must gain the trust of the Horch and somehow convince them to send him back to Earth on a mission to warn his fellow humans of the approaching conflict. Allying himself with these alien enemies of humanity's enemies, he will return to an Earth stranger than he can possibly imagine, an Earth that already has two Dan Dannermans -- an Earth under siege by the Beloved Leaders..."
The Siege of Eternity Review by Steven H Silver
Wood River Gallery
The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 1
Tor (hardcover, 384 pages, $24.95/$35.95 Can)
Publication date: June 18, 1999

Boy, I like the sound of this. Fred Pohl has been authorized by SFWA (the Science Fiction Writers of America, the same bunch that awards the Nebulas) to edit a three volume set of anthologies celebrating the work of the first fifteen Grand Masters, the winners of the Grand Master Nebula. The first volume features the work of Robert A. Heinlein, Jack Williamson, Clifford D. Simak, L. Sprague de Camp, and Fritz Leiber. What a brilliant idea. This is a big volume, and one that's sure to reward every fan of SF. I think this will be a terrific and collectible series (how could it not?). Don't miss out.
[Cover] O Pioneer!
Tor hard cover
In Pohl's latest we're introduced to Giyt Evesham, a young immigrant to the colony of Tupelo, a strange world inhabited by colonists from five different alien species. Giyt is ready for the hearty challenges of colony life, but what he finds is an interstellar plot that threatens to destroy the entire colony. Most of us here were waiting for the third novel in the trilogy that began with The Other End of Time, but this is a fine substitute. You can't go far wrong with new Pohl of any kind.
[Cover] The Siege of Eternity
Tor hard cover
The sequel to Pohl's The Other End of Time, a tense novel of First Contact from the author of Gateway. Dan Dannerman has thwarted an alien incursion once, but the aliens are back on Earth again. Armed with unusual technology and a well-crafted underground network, the mysterious creatures from the depths of space begin an intense campaign against Dannerman and his allies -- one which could throw Earth into a interstellar war it is desperate to stay out of.
[Cover] The Other End of Time
From the author of Gateway and Man Plus comes a work of hard SF as only Pohl can offer it. Dan Dannerman, a government agent in the near future, uncovers aliens on an abandoned space station and is soon drawn into a conflict that encompasses the universe. The first of a series.

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