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Art: Bruce Jensen
Linda Nagata
Bantam Spectra (paperback, 405 pages, $5.99 US/$7.99 Canada)
Publication date: August 10, 1998

Original paperback from the Nebula and Locus Award-winning author of The Bohr Maker, Deception Well and Tech Heaven. "Dethroned cult leader Lot Apollinario and his companions have left the sky-city of Silk with a mission. They aim to find the Chenzeme -- the mysterious race that annihilated most sentient life in the galaxy many thousands of millennia ago -- whose automated weapons still destroy all they meet. Yet life beyond the known fringes of "civilized" space is a strange and wild thing, and the heroes are unprepared for the wonders -- and horrors -- that wait in the vastness."
[Cover] Deception Well
Linda Nagata
Bantam Spectra paperback
From the 1995 Locus Award winner for Best First Novel (for The Bohr Maker) comes a tale of the Deception Well, a lush planet from which visitors and adventurers sometimes never return. Ten years ago a prophet and his followers came to Desception Well and vanished. Now his young son has left captivity behind to follow in his footsteps, and he finds himself face-to-face with the mystery and majesty of the planet that claimed his father.
excerpt interview
[Cover] Tech-Heaven
Linda Nagata
Bantam Spectra paperback
A woman uses all legal and illegal methods to keep her husband alive after a helicopter accident. A new novel from the author of The Bohr Maker, one of the best debut novels of 1995.
[Cover] Zel
Donna Jo Napoli
Penguin/Dutton hard cover
From the author of Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace and The Magic Circle comes a book that arrives highly recommended. The Zel of the title is none other than Rapunzel, whose tale is told from shifting viewpoints: by the girl in the tower, the witch, and the prince. "Zel lives on an isolated Swiss alm where Mother insists they have everything...But Zel is growing and changing, and looks forward to the day when she will have her own house and family. Her mother, imprisoned by her hatred at having no husband of her own, locks Zel in a tower to prevent her marriage to a handsome nobleman."
[Cover] The Magic Circle
Donna Jo Napoli
Penguin/Dutton hard cover
Okay, it's been around for awhile (erm, five years, actually). But Bettina Seifert, our contact at Penguin, hastens to tell us it's still in print, and one of "the most exciting Young Adult fantasy novels I've ever read." And that's good enough for us. It's the tale of a midwife known only as the Ugly One, tricked by servants of the devil into giving up her healing gifts and becoming a witch. Narrowly escaping the stake, she lives a lonely life in an enchanted forest -- until she takes in two wandering children named Hansel and Gretel. As she did with Zel and The Prince of the Pond, the author takes classic fairy tale material and endows it with a powerful new twist.
[Cover] The World on Blood
Jonathan Nasaw
Penguin/Signet paperback
The undead are not the only ones addicted to blood.
Art: Bruce Jensen
Tower of Dreams
Jamil Nasir
Bantam Spectra (paperback, 231 pages, $5.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: January 12, 1999

Third SF novel from the author of Quasar and The Higher Space. Blaine Ramsey is an Image Digger, one of the rare few with the ability to "dream" authentic images from the deep unconscious of a land -- and convert his dreams into popular packages sold to advertisers. On location in a Middle Eastern town, Blaine finds he is haunted by recurring images of a brutal attack on a young Arab woman. Soon this beautiful creature, whoever she may be, becomes an obsession -- and a nightmare. For her presence in his dreams signals a coming disaster, unlike any the world has ever known.
[Cover] Higher Space
Jamil Nasir
Bantam Spectr paperback
A lawyer takes on the seemingly simple custody battle of a computer genius that quickly spins out of control and into the realms of Thaumatomathematics--a blend of magic, science and shamanism.
[Cover] Quasar
Jamil Nasir
Bantam paperback
In a artificially created City on a devastated future Earth, a technician, hired to care for the psychotic young heir of one of the major ruling families, must soon help decide the fate of his ward, himself and the future of humanity.
Art: Stephen Youll
Red Shadows
Yvonne Navarro
Bantam Spectra (paperback, 400 pages, $6.50/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: November 10, 1998

I quite enjoyed Navarro's last novel, Aliens: Music of the Spheres, and have been looking forward to this sequel to her popular Final Impact. In the summer of 2000, fragments of a rogue planet slammed into Earth, killing billions. It is now 21 years later, and the remnants of humanity face total extinction. The impact stopped the rotation of Earth, and its inhabitants live in a world of perpetual daylight, eternal twilight, and endless night. An impetuous explorer, searching for treasures in a long-dead city, brings back something that could extinguish what little hope remains: a plague called Red Shadows.
[Cover] Final Impact
Yvonne Navarro
Bantam Spectra paperback
It is the year 2000, and Earth's population has forgotten about celebrations as a very real apocalypse nears in the form of a rogue planet on a collision course with Earth (I think I've seen this movie). Attempts to prevent total disaster are sabotaged, and on the first day of the new millennium only a small band of survivors remain to explore a vastly different landscape.
[Cover] Aliens: Music of the Spears
Yvonne Navarro
Bantam Spectra paperback
The eighth novel in the series has a focus on a harrowing tale of artistic madness and alien betrayal.
[Cover] Last Human
Doug Naylor
Penguin paperback
The third Red Dwarf novel (now in paperback), Lister is on a prison ship bound for Cyberia--sentenced to eighteen years' Hard Thought. An easy way to wrap up laughs for the holiday season.
[Cover] Highlander: Shadow of Obsession
Rebecca Neason
Warner Aspect paperback
There's no shortage of Highlander fans out there, and this original novel is for you. MacLeod's century-old friendship with the Imortal Darius, a true man of peace, leads him to danger and treachery in the name of Immortal brotherhood. From the author of The Path (Highlander, No 5) and Star Trek the Next Generation #27: The Guises of the Mind.
[Cover] Highlander: The Path (Highlander, No. 5)
Rebecca Neason
Warner Aspect
Duncan MacLeod, "the Highlander," is a Scottish warrior born 400 years ago. He is also one of a mysterious race of Immortals. Now he must use his special power to protect the Dalai Lama and a sacred monastery -- where he may learn of the unique spiritual path he is meant to take.
Great Tales of Jewish Fantasy and the Occult: The Dybbuk and Thirty Other Classic Stories
Joachim Neugrschel, ed.
Overlook Press hard cover
A reprint of a classic collection of 31 Jewish occult and fantasy tales.
[Cover] The Chessboard Queen
Sharan Newman
Tor trade paper
Newman is perhaps best known for her Catherine LeVendeur medieval mysteries. In Guinevere she began an Arthurian series highlighting the early life of the young wife of Arthur, and now the second book arrives. The Queen of Camelot is the envy of all women of the court, but she's about to find that nothing in life in certain as she unexpectedly discovers a deep and passionate love for another man: Lancelot, the most beloved Knight of the Round Table.
[Cover] Saturn's Child
Nichelle Nichols (with Margaret Wander Bonanno)
Ace paperback
The stand-alone first novel from Star Trek's Uhura tells the story of a half-alien girl whose very existence could bring about interplanetary war.
[Cover] War of Three Waters (Watershed Trilogy, No. 3)
Douglas Niles
Ace trade paper
Niles is perhaps best know for his TSR work, including the three trilogies Moonshae, Druidhome, and Maztica. This concludes his first work outside the TSR stable, a trilogy that began with A Breach in the Watershed and continued in Darkenheight. "The Heart of Darkblood anchors the Nameless One to the world and spews forth a vile tide of death and destruction across the realms of magic and man. Through the power of Aura, the Man and Woman of Three Waters have seen their destiny and must strike at the very heart of evil." Hope that makes sense to somebody.
[Cover] Darkenheight (The Watershed Trilogy, Book 2)
Douglas Niles
"The Man of Three Waters must face his destiny. Only he can unite the humans and the Faerines in battle against a dark lord's minions--and stem the tide of Darkblood that will destroy all that is good in the world."
[Cover] The Rod of Seven Parts
Douglas Niles
TSR paperback
It's an advanced D & D Tomes fantasy adventure.
Griffin's Castle
Jenny Nimmo
Orchard hard cover
Eleven-year-old Dinah is tired of moving around. When she and her mother arrive at a huge, dilapidated old mansion, she is determined to craft it into a home. But the wild beasts she summons to protect her may become her keepers instead. Newest young adult novel from the author of The Snow Spider.
[Cover] The X-Files: The Calusari
Garth Nix
HarperCollins paperback
Young Charlie is there to watch his little brother be killed by a train, and then to see his father killed in a bizarre accident. Mulder and Scully suspect more than coincidence -- and when his grandmother calls in the Calusari to cleanse his soul, their suspicions are confirmed. But not all is what it seems to be, for is Charlie truly evil, or are there darker force at work? Newest addition to the growing Young Adult X-Files line.
Books by Larry Niven

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