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Books by Mercedes Lackey
[Cover] The Drive-In: A Double-Feature Omnibus
Joe R. Lansdale
Carroll & Graf
In the mood for a little gonzo B-movie inspired horror? The kind where you can see the cheesy acting and fake blood, and still gotta know how it turns out? Welcome to the gleeful work of Joe R. Lansdale. To call The Drive-In and its sequel a classic would be an insult to the spirit in which it was written, so we won't do that. But this story of an audience of Texas drive-in patrons who are whisked into an alternate plane during an all-night horror fest -- where the movies never stop showing and the popcorn never stops flowing, but no one can ever leave -- certainly deserves a surreal accolade of some kind. Nominated for a 1989 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Lansdale himself says, "The Drive-In is quirky as hell. It's kind of a cult book, and it's not for everybody."
[Cover] Mucho Mojo
Joe R. Landsdale
Mysterious Pres paperback
OK, this is not a horror novel àla The Drive-In, but it's got enough chills and well-written enough for most fans.
[Cover] Tegne: Soul Warrior
Richard LaPlante
Tor paperback
A young man escapes the assassins of the Warlord who has enslaved his people and finds sanctuary amongst the monks of the Temple of the Moon. It is here that he is trained to become the weapon destiny has ordained to defeat his people's oppressor.
Art: Kevin Murphy
Absolute Magnitude
Edited by Warren Lapine and Stephen Pagel
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 320 pages, $16.95/$23.95 Can)
Publication date: December 7, 1998 (First Printing: May 1997)

When we began working with DNA Publications, publishers of Absolute Magnitude and Weird Tales, to bring them onto the Web, I spoke with a lot of people about Warren Lapine, editor and publisher of AM. The term "visionary" kept coming up, and I was told "Warren talks passionately about bringing a real audience back to short SF, and getting it the kind of attention it deserves." If anyone can do it, he can, and this anthology of the very best from his flagship magazine is another solid step in the right direction. "The editors of the SF magazine Absolute Magnitude present a collection of science fiction adventure tales for the '90s from such authors as Terry Bisson, C.J. Cherryh, Hal Clement, Janet Kagan, Barry B. Longyear, Allen Steele, and others. The book features some of the best-known and up-and-coming names in science fiction today. AM is devoted to high-quality SF adventure fiction - the kind of stories that excited people about SF in the first place." "An enjoyable and nicely varied SF anthology" -- Publishers Weekly.
Absolute Magnitude
ed. Warren Lapine & Stephen Pagel
Tor hard cover
The best short stories from the pages of Absolute Magnitude, a sharp new magazine with a taste for adventure-oriented SF. Contributors include Allen Steele, Hal Clement, Terry Bisson, and Chris Bunch.
Books by Stephen R. Lawhead
[Cover] The Lathe of Heaven
Ursula K. Le Guin
Avon Books trade paper
Classic reprint of the tale of George Orr, a man who dreams things into being, and brings the world along with him.
[Cover] World of Exile and Illusion
Ursula K. Le Guin
Tor trade paper
Finally back in print, this book reprints the three novels of the Hainish reprinted in a lovely little volume: ocannon's World, Planet of Exile and City of Illusions.
Octoberland (The Dominions of Irth, Book 3)
Adam Lee
Avon/Eos (trade paperback, 308 pages, $13.50/$19.50 Can)
Publication date: March 9, 1999

Lots of trilogies on the go this month. Adam Lee wraps up his original series of high adventure that began with The Dark Shore and The Shadow Eater. "The chill of autumn steals over the warm dream of creation. Is Winter the destiny of all worlds? The Shadows of an exiled magic threaten a goddess' dream of light. Darkness lurks at the heart of a city rebuilt from the ashes-as a weak-minded ruler and his renegade witch wife hoard technological trinkets and reveal a sinister sorcery. Evil has launched yet another assault on Irth-and every sentient thing trembles in fear. Across a vast gulf of galaxies, the dark reaches out to enfold the Earth itself-where skulking in the heights of Manhattan, an ancient magician seeks to stave off death by leeching years from the heat of his followers' blood. The sorcerer's reckless search for eternal youth has spawned catastrophe. For his spells have opened the gate to ELSEWHERE-encouraging invasion...and the end of everything."
The Dark Shore Review by Robert Francis
The Shadow Eater Review by Robert Francis
The Shadow Eater (The Dominions of Irth, Book 2)
Adam Lee
Avon EOS (reprint, paperback, 335 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: February 9, 1999 (First Edition: April, 1998)

Second volume in the dark fantasy trilogy, and sequel to The Dark Shore. "Once a hero rose up from the Dark shore to aid a threatened dominion. It matters not that his courageous efforts helped to vanquish an all devouring evil. Of sole importance is the wrath of a goddess--whose unborn child has been poisoned by the stranger's presence--and the power of her slumbering consort who, if awakened, will dissolve all worlds. Now all manner of beings and charmed creatures are allied in a single cause: to scour a vast and breathtaking empire of worlds in search of the one man who could doom eternity...and to return his across the Gulf to the place of his origin; to a realm of darkness, pain and dread sorcery...called Earth."
Review by Robert Francis
[Cover] The Dark Shore (Book One of the Dominions of Irth)
Adam Lee
Avon/EOS paperback
First novel from "Adam Lee," pseudonym for acclaimed fantasy author A. A. Attanasio. "Once a city floated regally among the clouds. It is gone, its citizens slain, its few remaining children scattered by the winds. All that is good has been crushed. But there are those who survive and remember, those who still revere the magic that failed them all. The highborn and lowly -- a handful allied against the most terrible force ever massed -- dedicate themselves to the impossible salvation of their home, their Irth."
Boris Vallejo
Double Full Moon Night
Gentry Lee
Bantam Spectra (hardcover, 310 pages, $23.95/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: March 9, 1999

New novel of hard SF from the co-author of Rama Revealed, the sequel to Bright Messengers, his first solo novel set in the Rama Universe. "Eight years ago Johann, accompanied by nine Martian colonists, entered the sphere with his beloved Beatrice, priestess-bishop of the Order of St. Michael, searching for the true nature of the mystical visitors." Sounds like he's deviated from formula to me.
[Cover] Bright Messenger
Gentry Lee
Bantam Spectra paperback
It's a new novel set in the Rama universe, by the co-author of the series.
Kinuko Y. Craft
Silver Metal Lover
Tanith Lee
Bantam Spectra (reprint, paperback, 291 pages, $5.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: May 11, 1999 (First Edition: 1981)

A reprint of a minor classic of forbidden human-robot love from the author of Kill the Dead, The Secret Books of Paradys, and The Storm Lords. When a young maiden on a far-future earth finds herself infatuated with a silver-haired travelling bard, no warnings against courting the love of a mechanical human are enough to keep her away. Not to be confused with the graphic novel of the same name by Trina Robbins.
Red Unicorn
Tanith Lee
Tor hard cover
Third volume of the saga that started with Black Unicorn and continued in Gold Unicorn. Tanaquil's mother is a sorceress and her sister is an empress. Worse, her sister is also engaged to marry Tanaquil's own true love. But things really get complicated when a strange red unicorn brings Tanaquil to a mirror world where she finds another Tanaquil, this one determined to destroy her sister.
[Cover] Gold Unicorn
Tanith Lee
Tor paperback
This is the sequel to Black Unicorn.
[Cover] The Official Godzilla Compendium
J. D. Lees and Marc Cerasini; illustrated by Arthur Adams
Random House trade paperback
Okay, admit it. You were on your way to checking out I Sing the Body Electric! below when your eyes just stopped here. And now that you've seen it, you want it. Of course you do. It's Godzilla, the true media muse of the 20th century. With stills and a mini-review of every Godzilla movie ever made, plus great original art from comics genius Art Adams, this is practically a cultural artifact. Let's face it, you deserve this book. Buy it. And then look at the Bradbury.
[Cover] Farewell to Lankhmar (Lankhmar Series, Volume 4)
Fritz Leiber
White Wolf (reprint, hardcover, omnibus, 271 pages, $21.99 US/$29.99 Canada)
Publication date: June 1998

The final volume in White Wolf's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser reprint series represents the seventh and last of Leiber's books to chronicle the two roguish heroes, The Knight and Knave of Swords. Containing three short stories and the 160-page novel The Mouser Goes Below, this is considered by some to be the climax of one of the greatest Sword and Sorcery series of all time. Coming in August is Swords Against the Shadowland, the first original novel in White Wolf's series, by the talented Robin Wayne Bailey -- and, in my opinion, one that stands with some of the best of Leiber.
Lean Times in Lankhmar
Fritz Leiber
White Wolf
Another of White Wolf's superb fantasy collections, and the follow-up to last year's first omnibus volume, Ill Met in Lankhmar. This contains two more volumes of the early adventures of the legendary Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: Swords & Deviltry and Swords against Death. "From the top of Nehwon's highest mountain to the deepest catacomb of subterranean Quarmall they journey, even exploring times and worlds beyond Nehwon itself."
[Cover] The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich
Fritz Leiber
Tor reprint, trade paperback
An unusual story indeed -- in no small part because of its history. A tale of weird horror in the style of H.P. Lovecraft put to paper in the 1930s, the manuscript was lost in the 50s and finally discovered after Leiber's death and published for the first time by Tor last year. Part horror story and part SF mystery, the story follows the adventures of George Cramer, a visitor to the home town of his college friends Daniel Kesserich and John Ellis. Ellis's wife has passed away under strange circumstances, and now both her husband and Kesserich are missing. The townspeople appear to be hiding a hideous secret, and Cramer finds that all the clues lead back to the unusual experiments Kesserich was conducting.
Return to Lankhmar
Fritz Leiber
White Wolf hard cover
Another quality omnibus collection from White Wolf.
Speaking Stones
Stephen Leigh
Avon EOS (paperback, 330 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can in paperback)
Publication date: February 9, 1999

New SF novel from the author of Dark Water's Embrace, and set on the same world. "On the faraway planet Mictlan, a tiny human society has had to struggle with severe and often disturbing complications to adapt to their desolate surroundings. There were physical mutations and birth defects among them, then an uneasy coexistence with the Miccail, an indigenous tri-gendered intelligent species. Most startling of all was the evolution of a third human sex: the Sa, or midmale. Now the fragile peace that governs the humans and the Miccail is shattered after a young human Sa child is kidnapped, igniting all the half-buried animosities smoldering between the two groups, as savagery and violence break out across the planet. The answer may lie in an imposing carved monolith -- the Speaking Stone that contains the secrets of the ancient Miccail religion. Facing annihilation at the hands of its warring civilizations, the planet's only chance for survival hinges on deciphering the stone's cryptic hieroglyphs."
[Cover] Dark Water's Embrace
Stephen Leigh
Avon/EOS paperback
Another beneficiary of EOS' intro-price program, this is a solid paperback offered for $3.99 (US) -- a real bargain. Struggling with rising infertility and infant mortality, repopulation is essential for a group of humans stranded on the distant planet of Mictlan. Anais, a brilliant female doctor, finds a clue to the joint problems of infertility and mutation plaguing the colonists when she discovers the preserved corpse of one of the planet's long-extinct aliens -- one with inexplicable physical abnormalities identical to her own. It soon becomes clear that the key to the planet's future lies in its distant past.
Stephen Youll
The Company of Glass (Everien, Book One)
Valery Leith
Bantam Spectra (trade paperback, 399 pages, $13.95/$21.95 Can)
Publication date: July 13, 1999

The start of a new fantasy series from a debut author. "Quintar was once the greatest of Clan warriors, leading his notorious Company against the ethereal, deadly Sekk. The Sekk are only one of the mysteries left in the wake of the vanished Everien civilization. The Everien Knowledge is another. And it seems only Knowledge can defeat the Sekk. But when Quintar tried to capture an Everien Artifact from the floating city of Jai Pendu, he lost all his Company in a bloody battle beyond the worlds--a battle which brought him close to losing his mind as well. Broken and shamed, he changed his name to Tarquin the Free and fled Everien. Eighteen years later, he returns with news of a massive foreign army that threatens Everien with certain destruction. Worse, he finds his best friend's daughter hell-bent on the same quest that killed her father..."
The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye
Jonathan Lethem
Tor trade paper
The first collection from the author of Gun with Occasional Music and Amnesia Moon includes the tale of a prison literally constructed of hardened criminals, a dark tale of incest, and others.

Amnesia Moon
Jonathan Lethem
Tor trade paperback
Second novel by the talented author of Gun, With Occasional Music, this one an unusual quest down a post-apocalyptic Route 66.
Stacey Levine
Sun & Moon Press trade paper
Billed as "New American Fiction, No 39 X," this is the latest from the author of My Horse and Other Stories.
The Cure
Sonia Levitin
Harcourt Brace/Silver Whistle (hardcover, 180 pages, $16)
Publication date: March 22, 1999

New young adult novel from the author of Annie's Promise, Evil Encounter, and Incident at Loring Groves. When the Elders brand Gemm 16884 as Deviant, Different, and Dangerous -- citing his overpowering emotions, his urge to sing, and his love of music -- he's given one chance at salvation. In the United Social Alliance, the utopian society of Conformity, Harmony, and Tranquillity of the year 2407, Gemm's very individuality is a threat. When he accepts the mysterious and painful cure, he finds himself hurled back to Strasbourg, Germany, in the year 1348... at the onset of the Black Death.
Review by S. Kay Elmore
Interface Masque
Shariann Lewitt
Tor hardcover
From the author of the unusual Memento Mori comes a latter-day cyberpunk novel set in a baroque future Venice. Cecilie is apprenticed to a data systems specialist and is about to begin her own career -- if she can face the test at the end of her apprenticeship.
[Cover] Memento Mori
Sharian Lewitt
Tor trade paper
The colony world of Reis is quarantined from the rest of the galaxy as it is ravaged by a virulent plague. As anarchy spreads a small group of artists struggle to keep hope alive, eventually going head-to-head with the seductive artificial intelligence that has siezed control of their world--and their minds. Interface Masque, by the same author, is new this month
(Cover art from hardcover edition)

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