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[Cover] Lord of the Vampires
Jean Kalogridis
Delacorte hard cover
The conclusion to the trilogy entitled The Diaries of the Family Dracul that has been called superb... frightening... authentically arresting and Kalogridis's writing as legant, taut and sensuous.
[Cover] Children of the Vampire
Jeanne Kalogridis
Dell paperback
This is the sequel to Covenant with the Vampire--"from the diaries of the Family Dracul".
David S. Reinhardt
Thoughts of God
Michael Kanaly
Ace (reprint, paperback, 311 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: January 1, 1999 (First Printing: July 1997)

From the author of Virus Clans comes "a metaphysical novel of murder." This experimental novel which literally dips into God's notebooks to crib a few chapters mystified some reviewers when it was released last year, but it also garnered a fair amount of praise. It follows two characters: one a serial killer of children, and the other the vigilante who has sworn to track him down... and it also follows the thoughts of the deity watching the proceedings, scribbling in His diary thoughts on the Grand Experiment. "Relentless... Builds up a charge of tension that is impossible to forget or ignore" -- New York Times Book Review.
[Cover] Thoughts of God
Michael Kanaly
Ace trade paper
Quirky debut novel of the month. Under the new Vigilante Laws, victims can hire mercenaries to track down criminals, and when 12-year-old Yvonne Stafford is abducted by a serial rapist, ex-General Dennison York and his team find themselves hired. Meanwhile we are treated to excerpts from the journals of God, who is pondering the apparent failure of his experiments with implanting souls in bodies. Could Evil may be an external force actively preventing the spiritual growth of his implanted entities?
The King Arthur Companion
Phyllis Ann Karr
Chaosium trade paper
Non-fiction reprint of the fascinating sourcebook first published in the early eighties. The second edition is filled with new information and weighs in at over 400 pages. If you're an Arthur fan, you need it.
Amana America
The Borders of Life
G. A. Kathryns
Roc (paperback, 335 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: July 6, 1999

A debut novel of small-town dark fantasy/horror. Looks promising enough. "Elderly Alma Montague returns to her sleepy hometown of Lee's Corners, Mississippi, to live out the rest of her life in peace and solitude. But she has more time left than she realizes, when a mysterious man appears, presenting her a key to a very special garden -- where the dead citizens of the town continue to "live". Unable to comprehend this incredible new world, a different mystery reveals itself... a scandal involving the murder of a young girl years ago. And in order to unravel the secrets of the garden, she must first solve this mystery."
Sailing to Sarantium (The Sarantine Mosaic, Volume One)
Guy Gavriel Kay
HarperPrism (hardcover, 438 pages, $24 US)
Publication date: March 1, 1999

The opening volume of a new two-book fantasy series placed #5 on the SF Site Best of 1998 list -- even before it was available to two-thirds of our staff. The rest of us have high hopes for the latest novel from the Canadian author of the bestselling Tigana and The Lions of Al-Rassan. Taking inspiration from W.B. Yeats' famous poem "Sailing to Byzantium", Kay has crafted a world where magic shimmers, artificial singing birds dart through brushes and draw life from an unexpected source, and forest gods interact with man. When an outlander is summoned to Sarantium City -- a place of riots and rebellion, treachery and great wealth -- he discovers a world of ever-evolving court intrigues, mechanical trickery, and constant tests... where even a single slip could bring exile, or worse.
Review by Jim Seidman
The Return (Last on Earth, Book 3)
Marilyn Kaye
Avon (paperback, 192 pages, $4.99 US/$6.50 Can)
Publication date: February, 1999

Third novel in the young adult series that began with The Vanishing and The Convergence. "When twenty-five New York City high school seniors emerge from class to find the school... the streets... the city empty of people, they realize that they are the sole survivors of some mysterious catastrophe, and are now the LAST ON EARTH. But if they really are alone, why is someone in the group getting e-mail? A rebel group of survivors has decided to risk flying a plane across the country to investigate, and in California they find a seventeen-year-old name Charlotte. It is she who helps them make contact with the alien species that has kidnapped the rest of humanity -- and when they do, they realize that the task before them is nothing less than the salvation of the human race."
The Convergence (Last on Earth, Book Two)
Marilyn Kaye
Avon (paperback, 352 pages, $4.99/$6.50 Can)
Publication date: December 9, 1998

Middle novel in the Apocalyptic trilogy that began with The Vanishing in October and wraps up with The Return, coming in February of 1999. "It has been four weeks since the day of the Disappearance -- when twenty-five seniors left math class to find the rest of the human race had vanished. They are divided into rival groups: While Travis has established himself as leader of the Community, his militaristic ways have caused Jake and other rebels to split off and try to reconnect to the rest of humanity. What they discover is powerful evidence that they are not alone in the universe... or on Earth. They have entered into a new reality... more mysterious, more advanced, and far more terrifying than anything they might have imagined."
[Cover] Resurrected Holmes
Marvin Kaye, ed.
St. Martin's Griffen trade paper
A playful anthology which looks at what the adventures of Sherlock Holmes might have been if imagined by some of the great early genre writers: Ernest Hemingway (by Morgan Llywelyn), Ellery Queen (Edward D. Hoch), H.P. Lovecraft (Paula Volsky), Mickey Spillane (William L. DeAndrea), Rex Stout (Marvin Kaye), and others.
Art: Ann Marie Manca
All I Need to Know about Filmmaking I Learned from The Toxic Avenger
Lloyd Kaufman & James Gunn
Boulevard (trade paperback, 336 pages, $14 US/$20 Canada)
Publication date: August 1, 1998

Heads up, aspiring filmmakers. Your bible has arrived. Lloyd Kaufman, the head of Troma Studios (which has delivered such celluloid classics as Surf Nazis Must Die!, Zombie Island Massacre, Teenage Catgirls in Heat, and of course that landmark of lowbrow entertainment, The Toxic Avenger), teams up with genre critic James Gunn to peel back the thick canvas of secrecy behind Troma Studios', um, success. An inside look at guerrilla filmmaking techniques and behind-the-scenes chapters on movies such as Toxic Avenger and Tromeo and Juliet make this a must-buy item (and the intro from Roger Corman doesn't hurt either). Find out which Troma films have early work from Kevin Costner, Oliver Stone, Billy Bob Thorton, Marisa Tomei, and many others. "A raucous, entertaining, and informative book about independent filmmaking that will delight Troma fans, inform and guide the aspiring filmmaker, and brainwash the simple-minded... Books don't come with barf bags, but this one makes a good case for it." -- Barry Neville (the publisher).
The Iron Wars (The Monarchies of God, Book Three)
Paul Kearney
Gollancz (hardcover, 384 pages, 16.99 UK)
Publication date: November 1, 1998

Final volume in the fantasy trilogy The Monarchies of God, and the sequel to Hawkwood's Voyage and The Heretic Kings, from the British author of A Different Kingdom. This is the first book we've received from the prestigious UK publisher Gollancz, which has published some of the most famous SF and Fantasy in Britain.
[Cover] Bolo Brigade
William H. Keith, Jr.
Baen trade paper
A brigade of Bolos? Oh dear, oh dear. Someone's insurance is going up. A brand new novel set in Keith Laumer's Bolo universe.
Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories
James Patrick Kelly
Golden Gryphon Press hard cover
A new collection of stories from the author of Wildlife and Look Into the Sun, including his 1996 Hugo award-winning novelette "Think Like a Dinosaur".
Art: John Ennis
The Deer's Cry (The Keltiad, Volume 8)
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (hardcover, 361 pages, $24/$35 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998

This is the eighth book in Kennealy-Morrison's Keltiad saga of space-faring Celtic bands (although she maps out nearly a dozen more, so far unpublished, in a note at the end of this volume), following last year's Blackmantle. This one takes a trip back to the beginning of the sequence to reveal the history of Brendan mac Fergus, the shepherd. When Christianity arrives on the shores of Ireland in 450, Brendan comes to realize that the Old Ways of his people are facing extinction -- and that the great Danaan magic will eventually disappear. So he leads a small band of Irish to build starships and strike out for new homes in space. (All together now: "Ceeeeeellts innnnnn Space!" Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system.)
Blackmantle (A Book of The Keltiad)
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
HarperPrism (reprint, paperback, 599 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: September, 1998

Kennealy-Morrison is the author of seven previous books in The Keltiad series, including The Copper Crown and The Hedge of Mist. The jacket flap proudly announces she's a member of Mensa and a Dame of the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, a High Priestess in the Celtic pagan tradition. She's also the widow of Jim Morrison of The Doors, and has announced she will publish Fireheart: The True Lost Writings of Jim Morrison in 2021. No doubt some find this intriguing. Me, I get creeped out. "Once, in Keltia, a woman dared to wrest back from the lord of death himself the greatest treasure of all--her beloved mate in this beautiful tale of epic adventure and romance that transforms the legends of our past into something dazzling and new. "
[Cover] The Hedge of Mist
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
HarperPrism hard cover
The conclusion of the Tales of Arthur, second trilogy in Kennealy-Morrison's "Celts In Space" (our name for it) series. Funny how she was just plain old Pat Kennealy for the first books. Guess Jim's on his way home.
Mike Evans
Crossroads (Shadowrun, Book 36)
Stephen Kenson
Roc (paperback, 273 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: April, 1999

You won't get a much richer gaming universe than FASA's Shadowrun -- or a more well developed body of supporting fiction, frankly. Give them a shot. "A young street mage working for the Draco Foundation is forced to return to his hometown of Boston to confront a dangerous shadow spirit and a corporate mage who are working together to turn the young magician into a human sacrifice--one which would unleash the shadow spirit to wreak evil havoc once more! The young mage must look into his past and find his connection to the dark spirit, or his life as a shadowrunner may end forever."
[Cover] Shadowrun: Technobabel (Shadowrun, No. 31)
Stephen Kenson
Roc paperback
The Shadowrun role-playing game is one of the most successful and innovative SF games ever created, and the novels published by Roc and FASA have done a fine job of fleshing out the details of the high-tech & magical future setting. "Renraku Computer Systems sends an agent to infiltrate the Otaku, a race of technoshamans, and learn their secrets in order to gain advantage in a corporate war. But once the agent is initiated into an otherworld of technomancy and megacorporate intrigue, he rebels against his employers in an attempt to stop the approaching war."
[Cover] Leap Point
Kay Kenyon
Bantam Spectra paperback
In 2014, Medicine Falls is just another rural town with a dying economy. Most young people these days just want to play on the Net -- especially the hot new game Nir, where players escape into a world of addictive pleasures. When Abbey McCrae's teenage daughter dies mysteriously, she refuses to accept the official explanation of suicide, believing it's somehow connected to her addiction to Nir. As more and more townspeople join the game, Abbey discovers a horrifying connection between Nir and the cultlike Dimension Institute. The second novel from the author of The Seeds of Time.
[Cover] The Seeds of Time
Kay L. Kenyon
Bantam Spectra paperback
The Earth is dying. Its only remaining hope is in elite time line pilots like Clio Finn, those capable of diving into the past in search of alien plantlife. But Clio's been living on the edge, using drugs to allow her to make multiple dives, and now is in danger of burning out. And when she makes a forbidden dive into the future, she gets a glimpse of the horrific fate in store for mankind, and surges ahead with a desperate plan to save Earth with a new plant discovery. The seeds she's found will either give the battered planet a second chance, or destroy it.
Born of Fire
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dreams Unlimited (electronic book, 133 pages, $5 US)
Publication date: July 1998

Dreams Unlimited is the latest publisher to hang out an electronic shingle on a cobblestone-lined avenue of the Infobahn. Their tomes can be purchased and downloaded directly from their website in PDF format for Windows, Mac, and even Unix. "Tyra Eteocles is a head hunter in need of fast money. The largest bounty, though, lies on the head of C.I. Syn, her brother's closest friend. Can she bring him in to save her sister's life or will Syn turn out to be much more than she bargained for? Many people have projected what future societies will be like, but Sherrilyn Kenyon brings the realism of today and the technology of tomorrow into a galaxy of worlds we can easily relate to."
[Cover] Song in the Silence
Elizabeth Kerner
Tor (reprint, paperback, 401 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Canada)
Publication date: May 1998

This looks like another strong debut fantasy from Tor, who've ushered a number of exciting authors into the spotlight in the last two years. "Lanen Kaeler has spent her life being told just how wrongheaded and foolish she is. First by a bitter father who tells her she won't find a husband because she's too big, too strong, too plain and then by relatives who tell her she's a dreamer with her head in the clouds. Upon her father's death, Lanen chooses to search out the great dragons she has dreamt of all her life."
Books by Katharine Kerr
J.J. Palencar
The Wild Swans
Peg Kerr
Warner/Aspect (trade paperback, 392 pages, $13.99 US/$17.99 Can in hardcover)
Publication date: April 6, 1999

The author of Emerald House Rising steps away from traditional fantasy for her second book, with an unusual novel of love and loss. Two stories of youths cast out of their homes -- one a fable set in the Middle Ages, and the second the contemporary tale of a man cast out for admitting he's gay -- intertwine in an unique fantasy. "The familiar medieval fairy tale and a modern-day story of a young man struggling with AIDS mirror each other in this haunting literary fantasy."
Emerald House Rising
Peg Kerr
Warner Aspect paperback
Jena's lifelong hope has been to join the male-dominated Jeweller's Guild -- until the day the mysterious lord arrived, wearing a ring only the two of them can see. Magic enters Jena's world, and she is catapulted into the House of Emerald and the highest levels of court. A first novel.
[Cover] The Grid
Philip P. Kerr
Doubleday hard cover
This book sounds remarkably like a New Avengers episode shot it Toronto in the late seventies (Am I dating myself here?) where a high-tech security building runs amok. Could be lots of fun...or pretty goofy.
Jan Uretsky
edited by John Kessel, Mark L. Van Name, and Richard Butner
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 381 pages, $16.95 US/$23.95 Can)
Publication date: January 8, 1999 (First Edition: January 1996)

Reprint of the well-received (if rather unattractive) anthology from 1996, which includes "Bicycle Repairman," the Hugo Award-winning novella from Bruce Sterling. "In 1994, some of the brightest stars of science fiction gathered for the Sycamore Hill workshop, putting their stories in the forge of their colleagues' collective critical wisdom. The result is Intersections, an original anthology on the cutting edge of the field. "This is one of the most impressive short story collections I have ever read." -- Vector."
[Cover] Corrupting Dr. Nice
John Kessel
Tor trade paperback
Dr. Vannice is young, extremely rich, and a man with unusual hobbies. Returning from the Cretaceous period with a living baby dinosaur, he encounters two con artists working across time -- and the result is an entertaining screwball comedy from the author of Good News From Outer Space and The Pure Product. "The most deft, most entertaining, and politically savvy time-travel novel of the '90s." -- The Washington Post.
[Cover] The Pure Product
John Kessel
Tor hard cover
The author of Good News From Outer Space presents a collection of sixteen short stories, two poems and an award-winning play (although the play is also marked, oddly, as original to the collection). Here we find Herman Melville as a pulp SF writer, a young Marilyn Monroe rescued by corrupt time travelers, and a climactic showdown in the 1959 World Series, where Giants hurler Fidel Castro goes head-to-head with the Senators' first baseman George Bush. One warning: eight of these stories were previously collected in the fine Arkham House volume from 1992, Meeting in Infinity.
[Cover] Newton's Cannon (The Age of Unreason, Book 1)
J. Gregory Keyes
Del Rey trade paper
The third novel from Keyes begins an intriguing alternate-history fantasy. It is 1681, and following his great breakthroughs in physics and mathematics, Sir Isaac Newton turns his restless mind to a more ancient art -- alchemy. His first success is Philosopher's Mercury, a primal source of matter... and before long his discoveries lead to a violent struggle between England and France for control of a lethal new weapon. With France ruled by a Louis XIV whose life has been prolonged by elixirs, and Benjamin Franklin an ingenious student of alchemy on the run from a mysterious opponent who is half scientist and half sorcerer, Keyes' mix of history and fantasy will doubtless appeal to both alternate history buffs and lovers of fantasy -- and that's not something that happens often. "Keyes knows his history, knows his science, and knows how to tell a story. Eminently worthwhile reading." -- Booklist. From the author of The Waterborn and its sequel The Blackgod.
[Cover] The Waterborn
J. Gregory Keyes
Ballantine Del Rey paperback
The paperback is released just as the sequel (and concluding volume) The Blackgod arrives in hardcover. An original fantasy of an imperial princess born to magic, and the barbarian hero sworn to kill her River God.
Forgotten Realms: The Council of Blades
Paul Kidd
TSR paperback
The latest novel in the richly-mined world of the Forgotten Realms.
[Cover] Silk
Caitlín R. Kiernan
Roc (paperback, 368 pages, $6.50 US)
Publication date: May 1998

Debut horror novel of startling intensity. Spyder Baxter is deeply troubled by the terrifying memories of her childhood and its central figure -- her insane, abusive father. Her father is gone now, and Spyder lives quietly in a small southern city and runs a second hand store. But it seems the evil of her father's final years has borne potent fruit... the demons Spyder once believed were in her head have returned with a life of their own -- crawling out of the basement, taking over her house, and reaching into every aspect of her life. Most people think she's crazy... but her friends and followers, a band of tough youth with deep scars of their own, know better. "A skin-crawling debut from Kiernan, an author with one helluvan imagination and a startling lack of inhibition." -- Publishers Weekly.
Art: Victor Stabin
In the Shadow of the Gargoyle
edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Thomas S. Roche
Ace (trade paperback, 257 pages, $12 US/$17 Can)
Publication date: October 1, 1998

Themed anthologies continue to be popular, and I'm sure this one will be as well. Nicely timed for the Halloween crowd, this tome offers fourteen original stories (from Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Katherine Kurtz, Lucy Taylor, Alan Rodgers, Melanie Tem, Nancy Holder, Don D'Ammassa, and many others -- including one of Jo Clayton's final tales) and three classic reprints (from Harlan Ellison, Charles de Lint, and Brian Lumley).
Garry D. Kilworth
Tor paperback
Two San Francisco homicide detectives investigate a series of fires that are paralyzing the city, only to discover they are blasts of heavenly wrath from a vengeful angel seeking to destroy demons--regardless of the cost in human life.

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