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Quentin Blake
Half Magic (Half Magic, Book 1)
Edward Eager
Harcourt Brace (reprint, hardcover & trade, 192 pages, $17/$6 US)
Publication date: March, 1999 (First Edition: 1954)

I'll admit I'm not familiar with Edward Eager's classic series of tales featuring a group of cousins and their encounters with magic, but I'm told they delighted more than a few members of our staff. Half Magic -- in which the children discover a magic item capable of granting half a wish -- kicked off the series 45 years ago. Harcourt Brace has released them in hardcover and trade paperback. "Since Half Magic first hit bookshelves in 1954, Edward Eager's tales of magic have become beloved classics. Now four cherished stories about vacationing cousins who stumble into magical doings and whimsical adventures are available in updated paperback formats."
Quentin Blake
The Time Garden (Half Magic, Book 2)
Edward Eager
Harcourt Brace (reprint, hardcover & trade, 193 pages, $17/$6 US)
Publication date: March, 1999 (First Edition: )

This time the children from Half Magic are on vacation, where they find themselves next to an entire lakeful of magic. Over the course of these stories they become teenagers, explore the South Pole, uncover the treasure of the dread pirate Chauncey Cutlass -- and even use the treasure to save their stepfather's bookstore. Great reading for kids of all ages.
Quentin Blake
Knight's Castle (Half Magic, Book 3)
Edward Eager
Harcourt Brace (reprint, hardcover & trade, 198 pages, $17/$6 US)
Publication date: March, 1999 (First Edition: )

When their father becomes ill, the children are once again sent to stay with their cousins -- where their Aunt exposes them to the movie Ivanhoe. Not long afterwards they're also given a miniature castle, complete with knights and ladies. Soon enough the castle and the characters magically become alive, assuming identities from the film, and the real adventure begins.
Quentin Blake
Magic by the Lake (Half Magic, Book 4)
Edward Eager
Harcourt Brace (reprint, hardcover & trade, 190 pages, $17/$6 US)
Publication date: March, 1999 (First Edition: )

The fourth volume in the seven-volume set of classic tales (the last three are Magic or Not?, The Well-Wishers and Seven-Day Magic). Like the others, this one has a distinctive cover by famed New Yorker cartoonist Quentin Blake, which captures well the feeling of the series. Available in both hardcover and trade paperback versions.
Silicon Karma
Thomas Easton
White Wolf paperback

Art: Geoff Taylor
The Rivan Codex
David and Leigh Eddings
Del Rey (hardcover, 394 pages, $27.50 US/$38.50 Can)
Publication date: October, 1998

"What The Silmarillion was to The Lord of the Rings, The Rivan Codex is to the worlds of David and Leigh Eddings" -- in other words, a sourcebook for the millions of readers worldwide of the Eddings' many fantasy novels, including The Belgariad, The Malloreon, The Elenium and The Tamuli. Subtitled "Ancient Texts of The Belgariad and The Malloreon", this thick volume includes numerous illustrations, maps, and fascinating nuggets of history, legend, and geography from this original fantasy setting. There aren't many fantasy authors out there who could interest readers in nearly 400 pages of imaginary history and notes on local customs -- but then again, there aren't many writers like David Eddings.
[Cover] Polgara the Sorceress
David and Leigh Eddings
Del Rey hard cover
The newest fantasy from the husband-and-wife team offers a new perspective on events which occurred in David Eddings' two massive five-book series, The Belgariad and The Malloreon, as well as 1995's Belgarath the Sorcerer. This time the focus is on Belgarath's daughter Polgara, the 3,000-year-old shape-shifting sorceress, as she deals with magical intrigue, one-eyed evil gods, and a host of other challenges.
[Cover] Belgareth the Sorcerer
David and Leigh Eddings
Del Rey paperback
First of the prequels to the best-selling Belgariad series, there is over 700 pages of classic Eddings. It takes us to that fateful day when Garion begins his fateful adventures beginning in Pawn of Prophecy.
[Cover] The Hidden City
David Eddings
Del Rey paperback
It's the third (and last?) of The Tamuli.
Books by Rosemary Edghill
[Cover] Diaspora
Greg Egan
HarperPrism hard cover
A far-future blockbuster from the Australian author of Distress, Permutation City, and Quarantine. By the year 2975, most humans exist only as digital electronic personalities, "living" in underground virtual-reality cyber-cities. A very small minority occupy robot bodies and live their lives in real-time, with physical interaction with the universe. Equally rare are the bizarre "fleshers," humans who never made the transition, and who survive in enclaves on the Earth's surface. When an unexpected radiation storm from a nearby supernova wipes out the last of the fleshers, a small group of adventurous digital intelligences sets out in search of other lifeforms, and a possible haven from material dangers.
[Cover] Distress
Greg Egan
Harperprism hard cover
1st US appearance of the newest offering from the author of Permutation City and Quarantine. The year is 2055, and thanks to bio-engineering mankind has seven sexes, and murder victims can briefly be brought back from the dead to finger their killer. Andrew Worth, an investigative reporter for SEE NET, is covering a routine story of mental illness when he stumbles upon something much more. A tale of political intrigue, natural disasters, genetics, and the ethics of journalism.
Books by Kate Elliott
Books by Harlan Ellison
The Dark Sleep (The Vampire Files, Book 8)
P.N. Elrod
Ace (hardcover, 359 pages, $21.95/$30.99 Can)
Publication date: June 1, 1999

As he struggles to fight the gangsters at large, Jack Fleming is also trying to sustain an ordinary life. At least, as ordinary as it can get when you're a vampire... "Death hasn't ended Jack's problems. His girlfriend Bobbi has caught the attention of a famous radio star, who promises to open doors for the lovely singer-including the one to his bedroom. His current case-retrieving incriminating letters from the ex-lover of a rich, foolish young socialite, looks simple until bullets start flying. Now Jack's mortal partner is in the hospital. Who's behind the gun? The ex-lover? The radio star's goons? An old enemy? Jack has to find out the truth-before the lives of those he loves are put at risk..."
Fred Gambino
A Chill in the Blood (The Vampire Files, Book 7)
P.N. Elrod
Ace (reprint, paperback, 327 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: June 1, 1999 (First Edition: June 1998)

We've got more than a few P.N. Elrod fans on staff at the SF Site. Her The Vampire Files feature a vampire detective making his "living" on the streets of post-prohibition Chicago, and are an unusual mix of comedy, mystery, and terror. It's 1930s Chicago, where Jack Fleming, ace reporter, tangled with a beautiful woman on the wrong case and ended up dead... or rather undead. Now he's the world's first vampire private eye, on his seventh case -- where the he finds himself caught in the middle of a Chicago gangland war. From the author of Keeper of the King and The Dark Sleep.
[Cover] The Time of the Vampire
P.N. Elrod and Martin H. Greenberg, ed.
DAW paperback
It holds eighteen tales of "those mysterious, seductive and deadly rulers of the night" and their place in our history. Told by such authors as Tanya Huff, Elrod, and Nancy Kilpatrick.
Elvira #2: Camp Vamp
Elvira & John Paragon
Boulevard paperback
Can Elvira's charms survive translation into print? Purely a rhetorical question. This time she's gone back to basics, on a nature hike with the Happy Campers. And did any of them listen to those warnings about a legendary killer beast? (And another rhetorical question. So soon.)
Go Quest, Young Man (Book 1) (Xena, Warrior Princess)
Ru Emerson
Ace (paperback, 272 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: August, 1999

The opening novel in a whole trilogy Xena trilogy. Ho-boy. "Calling all questors! Draco, ex-lover of the Warrior Princess, rejected suitor of Gabrielle, heeds the call. So does the pure-of-heart young hero, Bellerophon. Rumored to be the son of Poseidon, he's determined to live up to his lineage. And so does Joxer. He goes to seek fortune, fame -- and Gabrielle's approval. But Xena soon discovers that the voice of the summons belongs to an old enemy -- Menelaus, the King of Sparta..." From the author of The Princess of Flames, the Night-Threads series, and the upcoming Against the Giants TSR Greyhawk novel.
[Cover] Xena: Warrior Princess: The Huntress and the Sphinx
Ru Emerson
Boulevard paperback
When Xena and Gabrielle are asked to rescue a group of kidnapped children, Atalanta volunteers as well. But Xena soon finds that they are entangled with a force far greater than expected -- nothing less than the almighty Sphinx of legend. From the author of the well-remembered The Princess of Flames.
[Cover] Xena: Warrior Princess: The Thief of Hermes
Ru Emerson
Boulevard paperback
Hadrian claims to be the son of Hermes. He's certainly a master thief, for he frames Xena and Gabrielle for one of his crimes, then helps them escape -- only to lead them into an adventure only the true son of Hermes could survive. From the author of other Xena novels The Huntress and the Sphinx and The Empty Throne.
[Cover] Cardmaster
Clayton Emery
Baen paperback
Is any cardsmith's apprentice worth taking on demons? Cerise is about to find out.
[Cover] Forgotten Realms: Mortal Consequences
Clayton Emery
TSR trade paper
In the conclusion of the Netheril Trilogy, the barbarian Sunbright stuggles to save his people. Take a peak at TSR's 1997 catalog of Forgotten Realms products.
[Cover] [Forgotten Realms] Sword Play
Clayton Emery
TSR paperback
Arcane Age novel, i.e. a thousand years prior to the Age of Elminister. Volume One of the Netheril Trilogy.
The Neverending Story
Michael Ende
Dutton hard cover
A magical book draws a young boy into a fantasy world, one facing destruction by "The Nothing". Basis for the two-part movie.
[Cover] Rewind
Terry England
Avon Books paperback
Aliens tranform 17 adults into nine-year-old children, but with all their memories and maturity intact.
The Secrets of Star Trek: Insurrection
Terry J. Erdmann
Pocket (non-fiction, trade paperback, 192 pages, $18/$24 Can)
Publication date: December 11, 1998

The latest Star Trek film opened December 11th, the same day Paramount published two new books to coincide with the release. The first is Terry Erdmann's in-depth look behind the scenes at the film's production, with interviews of all the major cast members and guest stars, including Patrick Stewart, actor/director Jonathan Frakes, producer Rick Berman and screenwriter Michael Piller, and others. Perhaps most interesting for most readers will be the section on the creation of the ships and battle sequences -- completely done using Computer Generated Images for the first time in a feature film. Rumors abound that some scenes had to be re-shot with models, but for the most part the details here seem to be accurate. Erdmann, author of The Tribble Handbook and Star Trek: Action!, was also the unit publicist on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
Star Trek: The Tribble Handbook
Terry J. Erdmann
Pocket (pocket illustrated paperback, 32 pages, $5/$7 Can)
Publication date: November 3, 1998

A book marketer's dream: a Star Trek tribble book. At your local mall, you'll find it for sale with a variety of facsimile tribbles. Buy a tribble, and learn how to care and feed for it in one sitting! This book, at least, knows when not to stretch a joke too thin -- at a slender 32 pages, it's just long enough to prime you full of tribble facts, give you a quiz or two, and then turn you over to the fuzzy little thing in your lap, to pet and coo at as you will. Enjoy.
Steve Erickson
Holt/Owl trade paper
Paperback reprint of the latest surreal quasi-SF novel from the always surprising Erickson, author of Days Between Stations and Rubicon Beach. Thomas Pynchon says Erickson has "that rare and luminous gift for reporting back from the nocturnal side of reality." And he's right.
[Cover] Dance to the Sun
William Esrac
Everyone who lived with Saulus had a talent -- the ability to move things, or make things burn, or even heal. But Saulus could do all that and much more. His abilities allowed him to perceive and change the genetic structure of any living thing. It was an ability he used to make a garden of his Valley. But as Saulus was to learn, the World's normal response to such hidden talents was swift elimination. But Saulus was more than a talent; he was possibly the ultimate genius. Killing him would not be easy...
[Cover] Agent of Chaos
Rutledge Etheridge
A compact space opera from Etheridge. "As the Silver and Gold Fleets recover from their historic battle, a spy from the planets continues her mission. To keep the worlds from being plundered by the Fleets, she must thwart any alliance between them--and plunge them into a state of chaos that will destroy them completely." I've seen Ren and Stimpy do the same thing in minutes.
[Cover] Time Station Paris
David Evans
Ace paperback
When an explosion at the Louvre in 1943 kills Nazi Commander-in-Chief Hermann Goering, Time Warden recruit John Thomason knows a time anomaly of disastrous proportions has occured. To save Goering's life, Thomason must sift through history to locate the 30th century's most notorious time rogue.
[Cover] Time Station
David Evans
Ace paperback
First volume of a new Time Station series where a Temporal Warden must return to 1940 London to stop the assassination of Winston Churchill. Timewars redux?

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