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Jack L. Chalker
Priam's Lens
Del Rey (paperback, 422 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: June 8, 1999

Brand new novel from the author of Midnight at the Well of Souls and The Changewinds. "Humans had finally gone to the stars, as the dreamers had always hoped; celestial stretches of the galaxy became the playgrounds of a new spacefaring race. But now these worlds were being taken over by Titans, creatures with unimaginable, godlike powers, supremely indifferent to humanity's survival. There was one chance to stop them. Helena, one of the Titan-dominated planets, concealed an untapped, hundred-year-old weapon -- Priam's Lens. Getting to Helena would not be difficult, but activating the lens was another matter. No one had ever returned from a Titan encounter. They simply disappeared -- status unknown. Now a small ragtag crew made up of scientists, warriors, a priest, and a stowaway -- naval officer Gene Harker -- were ready to pit themselves against the greatest power in the universe. With the help of a mad space pirate, they descended upon the deadly planet. They will succeed -- or die trying..."
The Dancing Gods: Part 2
Del Rey
The third and fourth adventures in the Dancing Gods series, in which master wizard Throckmorton P. Ruddygore takes on the Dark Baron and the forces of Hell.
The Wonderland Gambit: The Hot-Wired Dodo
Del Rey
The sequel to The March Hare Network, from the author of the classic Midnight at the Well of Souls.
[Cover] The Wonderland Gambit: The March Hare Network
Del Rey
The sequel to The Cybernetic Walrus, from the author of The Dancing Gods series. A man trapped in a virtual reality world turned deadly find that no one can be trusted, and all his expectations are shattered. Followed in January by book three, The Hot-Wired Dodo (only Chalker could get away with titles like this...)
[Cover] The Wonderland Gambit: The Cybernetic Walrus
Del Rey
Volume one of a new series that involves the "battle between two groups who can use rabbit holes in space and time to jump between realities, personalities and lives".

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