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The Pit Dragon Chronicles The Pit Dragon Chronicles by Jane Yolen
reviewed by David Hebblethwaite
This trilogy takes us to the desert world of Austar IV. Once a penal colony, the planet's economy is now based around its native dragons, whom the human settlers breed to battle each other in Pits. There is a two-tier social structure of masters and "bonders," the latter wearing bags which they must fill with money before they can buy freedom and become masters themselves. We meet Jakkin Stewart, a young bonder at the nursery of Master Sarkkhan (all descendants of Austar's original convict population have a double-K in their names), who plans to steal a dragon and train it himself.

The Sword of the Rightful King The Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Nathan Brazil
Given the seductive lure of Arthurian legend, a tale of an alternate Arthur sounded rather promising. The premise revolves around an uncertain young king, newly crowned, and struggling to unite those who have yet to fully accept him as their ruler. The archetypal magician, Merlinnus, and his former apprentice Morgause are both attempting to use their subtle magics and the symbol of Caliburnus to influence the once and future king of Cadbury.

Sister Emily's Lightship Sister Emily's Lightship by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Robert Francis
Did you ever wonder what Snow White would have lived through had she grown up in Appalachia? Or where Shakespeare got the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet? Or what might have happened to Icarus had he not drowned? When Jane Yolen borrows from familiar folk tales, that borrowing is only the beginning...

The Bagpiper's Ghost The Bagpiper's Ghost by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Cindy Lynn Speer
Twins Jennifer and Peter are visiting their grandparents in Scotland. The talking dog that lives with them leads them to a graveyard, where he tells them about the Lady in White. The twins sneak out at midnight to see if she appears, and Peter is possessed with the ghost of The Lady's brother, who refuses to let her go to the ghost of the man she would have married, a bagpiper whose keening music hold a key to the mystery. The dog knows more than he lets on, and Jennifer and her Grandmother must solve the mystery of what the brother wants before Jennifer loses her brother to the ghost forever.

The Wizard's Map The Wizard's Map by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Regina Lynn Preciado
Once again, this master storyteller weaves humour, intelligence, and life lessons into a beautifully crafted yarn about loyalty, love, and courage. She does so in such a subtle way that you really think you're reading a story about some kids who have to save their parents, Scotland, and the world itself from the evil clutches of the wizard Michael Scot.

Here There Be Dragons Here There Be Dragons by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Robert Francis
The central focus of the book is, not surprisingly, dragons. Sentient civilized dragons, loyal trainable dragons, malicious ravenous dragons, inscrutable dragons, and of course, the human Pendragon.

Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Margo MacDonald
While all twelve stories contain elements of the fantastic, the range of style, subject and emotional content is unexpectedly diverse. There are fairy stories and horror stories; stories about loss and stories about triumph; silly stories and quietly disturbing stories.

The Transfigured Hart The Transfigured Hart by Jane Yolen
reviewed by Margo MacDonald
The mythology of unicorns is cleverly interwoven with the modern elements. This, combined with a strikingly beautiful and simple style, leave the reader with the feeling of having experienced something magical. And the real magic lies in the mastery of Yolen's storytelling.

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