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The reviews are sorted alphabetically by authors' last name -- one or more pages for each letter (plus one for Mc). All but some recent reviews are listed here. Links to those reviews appear on the Recent Feature Review Page.

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Cartomancy Cartomancy by Michael Stackpole
reviewed by Alma A. Hromic
Possibly it's just that this is Book 2 of a series (something that doesn't actually appear anywhere on the FRONT page of the paperback, and which, if Alma had been aware of its nature, she might have thought twice about leaping into mid-stream as it were, trilogies being what they are. But on the whole, she doesn't think that this book would have taken her beyond those initial pages, whatever its birth order was. There were just too many things...

When Dragons Rage When Dragons Rage by Michael A. Stackpole
reviewed by Cindy Lynn Speer
Tarrant Hawkins, known for betraying the heroes of the last war with Chytrine, is now a prisoner, waiting to be transported to King Scrainwood's domain and tried for treason. This leaves many of his friends -- Princess Alexia of Okrannel, Will Norrington, and Kerrigan Reese, a mage of great ability -- wondering if the brave and honorable man they fought beside for so long is really the evil nightmare they've been taught to despise.

Eyes of Silver Eyes of Silver by Michael Stackpole
reviewed by S. Kay Elmore
Set on an alternate earth, it's a place where magick is commonplace, ships navigate the air, and politics get very, very nasty. Once, a mystical warrior, Keerana Dost, held a vast empire and commanded the largest fighting force ever known. Now, 800 years later...

Star Wars: I, Jedi Star Wars: I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole
reviewed by Thomas F. Cunningham
Stackpole has already proven his adeptness at Star Wars tales with the X-Wing series. This time he uses a little ILM magic to brush in a new student amongst Luke Skywalker's budding Jedi Knights, retelling part of the tale of the Jedi Academy. His hero is Corran Horn, Corellian fighter pilot -- independent, hard-headed and with a lust for adventure.

Battletech: Warrior: En Garde Battletech: Warrior: En Garde by Michael A. Stackpole
reviewed by Alexander von Thorn
The Warrior trilogy helped to transform BattleTech from a board game to a living universe. The story scales seamlessly from personal combat to interstellar intrigue without losing focus, and still holds up a decade after first publication.

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