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The reviews are sorted alphabetically by authors' last name -- one or more pages for each letter (plus one for Mc). All but some recent reviews are listed here. Links to those reviews appear on the Recent Feature Review Page.

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Electric Velocipede #10 Electric Velocipede #10
reviewed by David Hebblethwaite
Tim Akers gets the magazine off to a strong start with "A Walking of Crows," a murder mystery set in a mechanical world: young Jeremy travels to the city to find out who would want to kill his scientist father and destroy his work -- and why -- but soon finds himself in over his head. There is some wonderfully vivid imagery, such as the extended description of the city of Veridon as well as more subtle touches, such as the use of organic metaphors where we might use mechanical ones. What's more, the mystery element of the story works well against the fictional background.

Electric Velocipede #11 Electric Velocipede #11
reviewed by Jakob Schmidt
This issue offers 13 pieces of short (occasionally very short) fiction and four poems. The stories range from vaguely weird realism (Marly Youmans's "The Geode") to straightforward science fiction ("The Duel" by Tobias Buckell). Most of the pieces are short character studies, utilising whatever technological or magical element appropriate to make their point.

Electric Velocipede #9 Electric Velocipede #9
reviewed by Charlene Brusso
This is a 'zine with a quiet reputation for printing some of the best short fiction from the odder corners of SF and fantasy, and this issue continues to uphold that reputation. The craftsmanship of most of the work here is enviable. More remarkably (or maybe just plain odd), nearly all the titles in this issue define their stories' main characters.

Electric Velocipede #6 Electric Velocipede #6
reviewed by Matthew Cheney
There are now at least a handful of small-press periodicals worth reading regularly and the sixth issue of this one proves that this title certainly belongs on that list. The eleven stories and three poems in this issue offer a wide variety of subjects and styles -- everything from fairly traditional fantasy to bizarre science fiction to pieces that wend their way between a number of different genre boundaries. A few of these works are likely to be some of the best stories of the year.

Electric Velocipede #4 Electric Velocipede #4
reviewed by Martin Lewis
This issue of the well-regarded fanzine edited and published by John Klima features a number of stories including "The Ship" by Jay Caselberg, "Fat Nate's Master Plan" by Stepan Chapman and Beth Adele Long's "The Rose Thief"

Electric Velocipede Electric Velocipede
reviewed by Trent Walters
Unfortunately, reviews of the magazine have not been enlightening, reading more like a laundry list of the contents page rather than an analysis of the magazine's specific strengths and weaknesses. They pass over editor John Klima's monumental discovery: Catherine Dybiec Holm who, if editors are willing to take the chance, may turn out to be the genre's next Connie Willis or Nancy Kress.

Electric Velocipede 3 Electric Velocipede 3
reviewed by Rich Horton
This issue includes 7 stories and 6 poems. Authors featured include Neal Barrett, Jr., Catherine Dybiec Holm, Kevin Donihe, Christina Sng, and several more. There are reviews of albums by the progressive rock band Dream Theater, and of Jeff VanderMeer's book City of Saints and Madmen.

Electric Velocipede, No. 1 and 2 Electric Velocipede, No. 1 and 2
reviewed by Rich Horton
The last few years have seen a proliferation of SF-oriented "'zines", simply produced on 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 sheets folded once and stapled, generally featuring a mix of fiction (often rather slipstreamish), poetry, and reviews. The gold standard is represented by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link's Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. The first two issues of this 'zine, edited by John Klima, fits the above description pretty well.

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