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The reviews are sorted alphabetically by authors' last name -- one or more pages for each letter (plus one for Mc). All but some recent reviews are listed here. Links to those reviews appear on the Recent Feature Review Page.

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End Of Days End Of Days by Dennis Danvers
reviewed by Donna McMahon
It's the mid 22nd century. most of Earth has been nuked back into the stone age, but most of humanity doesn't care. They have been uploaded into "the Bin", an orbiting supercomputer where they all enjoy luxurious virtual immortality. The Bin is supposed to be invulnerable. But of course it isn't.

The Watch The Watch by Dennis Danvers
reviewed by Lisa DuMond
Do you ever wonder what went so wrong with the Russian Revolution? Some of the communist ideals were admirable; the promise of plenty for all is a wonderful concept, equality for all citizens is so just and natural. So what happened? Maybe, just maybe, it wasn't the theories that doomed the experiment from the start, but the people who ended up in power. If someone who genuinely believed in the best of lofty goals had taken the reins? Who knows what the world would look like now?

The Fourth World The Fourth World by Dennis Danvers
reviewed by Stephen M. Davis
The plot centres around the plight of the chiapanecos, who are poor, oppressed, Mexican farmers. Technological advances for the rest of the world have passed them by, and they still rely on TV and radio for news and entertainment. A VR website reporter for NewsReal arrives just in time to witness a massacre of unarmed farmers. The reporter soon discovers that NewsReal isn't interested in the real news.

Circuit of Heaven Circuit of Heaven by Dennis Danvers
reviewed by Duane Swierczynski
Many have called this novel a "Romeo and Juliet" in cyberspace. Sure -- if the Montagues were fanatic religious Fundamentalists living in a apocalyptic, Phildickian Earth, and the Capulets were souls uploaded into a massive utopian supercomputer.

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