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A Princess of Landover A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Dominic Cilli
Mistaya Holiday, daughter to the king and queen of Landover, is now 15 years old and has been sent by her parents to the natural world to attend Carrington Women's' Prepatory Academy in present day America. She doesn't really fit in there and promptly gets suspended and has to return home to Landover to face her parents' ire. As a result, she decides to run away from home, ending up at the ancient library of Libiris where not everything is as it seems to be.

The Elves of Cintra The Elves of Cintra by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Nathan Brazil
The story splits into three strands, beginning with a trek across the urban wastelands of post-apocalyptic America, continuing adventures of Knight of the Word Logan Tom, and a ragtag young band of survivors named the Ghosts. Running parallel and equal to this is the tale of another Knight of the Word, Angel Perez, and her mission to help the Elves of Cintra. The final element of this mixed bag concerns the emergence of Hawk, a young man from the previous novel, as a major power and living key to the rebirth of civilisation.

Straken Straken by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Nathan Brazil
The third novel in the High Druid of Shannara series jumps straight back into the story where it left off. It continues the quest of unlikely hero Penderrin Ohmsford. Now equipped with the means to break in -- and back out -- of the Forbidding, where his aunt, the deposed Ard Rhys of Druids, is stranded, Pen must first get back to Paranor. His rescue attempt can only begin from within chamber where Grianne Ohmsford disappeared. Unfortunately, this will deliver him straight into the hands of those responsible for his aunt's disappearance.

Tanequil Tanequil by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Nathan Brazil
This is the thirteenth book in the Shannara series, and has the mixed fortunes associated with that number. It's also the middle book in the current trilogy, which began with Jarka Ruus. Any author who takes a series this far better have something to write about, and we're not disappointed on that score. The plot is divided between four elements; Pen's quest, the machinations of evil Druid Shadea a'Ru, Grianne Ohmsford's struggle to survive inside the Forbidding, and the decades old conflict between the Federation and Free Born.

The Elfstones of Shannara The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks
an audiobook review by Chris Przybyszewski
This most recent edition is read by Shakespearean veteran Charles Keating. He pours his dialectic skill and sober baritone into a complicated story. The result is a restrained and honest performance. One gets the impression that Keating has respect for this story, and his dedication brings to it a new life. In addition, Keating's vocal talents bring distinction to the various characters, and he often manages three or four characters at a time.

Sometimes The Magic Works Sometimes The Magic Works by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Nathan Brazil
How to bottle lightning, that's the theme at the heart of this book. The author comes across as a likeable, genuine sort of bloke, who freely admits what a major part luck played in his early success. The fact that The Sword of Shannara was the right book in exactly the right place and time, is not lost on him. Thankfully, he avoids falling into the ego trap of believing his own publicity.

Morgawr Morgawr by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Cindy Lynn Speer
Sen Dunsidan's visitor moves like a whisper of night, his power as frightening as it is full of possibilities. He is Morgawr, mentor of the Isle Witch, and he wants a fleet of the best airships ever made, and crews to fly them. Dunsidan is reluctant, but the promise of becoming Prime Minister, his two closet rivals to be dead by morning, is too much temptation. He finds himself in a pact with Morgawr.

Ilse Witch Ilse Witch by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Lisa Brunetta
This new cycle in the Shanarra history begins with Wing Rider Hunter Predd and his Roc Obsidian discovering an elf castaway. His eyes have been gouged out and his tongue has been removed. He is carrying two items: the first, an Elfstone bracelet with the Elessedil family crest, which reveals him to be the Elf King Allardon's elder brother Kael, who set out 30 years ago on a search for a magical treasure of immeasurable worth. The second is a map leading to the treasure. So it begins...

A Knight of the Word A Knight of the Word by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
Five years have passed for John Ross, Knight of the Word. Five years since he aided Nest Freemark in her fight against the Demon. Five years can change a man...

Running With The Demon Running With The Demon by Terry Brooks
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
This is a dark contemporary fantasy. Set in the town of Hopewell, IL, the novel tells the tale of good vs evil as a demon, bent of the destruction of civilization, matches wits against a young girl with strange magical powers. Brooks adds a wandering knight, who seems to be a cross between an old-west marshall and the Fisher King, and sets the story against the backdrop of small-town America, complete with a labour-troubled steel mill. A truly compelling read.

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