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Leviathans of Jupiter Leviathans of Jupiter by Ben Bova
an audiobook review by Dale Darlage
In Jupiter, Bova introduced Grant Archer, a researcher that made fleeting contact with gigantic creatures (some are several kilometers wide) that live extremely deep in the oceans of Jupiter. Now, 20 years later, Archer is in charge of Jupiter's research station and he is determined to prove that those Leviathans are intelligent. He assembles a team of experts and the book follows those experts as they get to know one another and as they determine how they can best meet and interact with an utterly alien life form that may or may not be intelligent.

Venus Venus by Ben Bova
an audiobook review by Steven Brandt
Alexander Humphries led the first manned expedition to Venus, and became among the first to die there. It was an unexplained equipment malfunction that doomed Alex's ship and crew to rest on the toxic surface of Earth's twin forever. In the two years since, there have been rumours that the malfunction may have been the result of sabotage. Alex's brother, Van, will have to make the long trip to Venus and descend onto the planet's broiling surface to discover the truth of what happened.

Empire Builders Empire Builders by Ben Bova
an audiobook review by Ivy Reisner
In this sequel to Privateers, Dan Randolph can save the world from ecological devastation -- if the politicians will let him. The earth is heading towards a greenhouse cliff, a sudden climate change that will destroy much of the planet in ten years if something isn't done soon. The ice caps will melt. Cities will be flooded. Millions will die.

The Aftermath The Aftermath by Ben Bova
reviewed by Michael M Jones
In the depths of the Asteroid Belt, many years from now, the aftermath of a short but brutal war for the resources of the asteroids leaves a number of lingering repercussions. One family is torn apart by an unprovoked attack, while an entire space habitat is destroyed, its inhabitants slaughtered. The perpetrator, soon afterwards, undergoes traumatic changes and sets out on a new path, one of attempted redemption.

The Silent War The Silent War by Ben Bova
reviewed by Michael M Jones
Far from Earth, in the depths of the Asteroid Belt, a silent war rages, and to the winner will go the untold riches and resources to be found by mining the asteroids. Two major factions have emerged: Humphries Space Systems and Astro Corporation. Bitter rivals and opponents for years, their feud has carried on even after the tragic death of Astro founder and former industrialist-adventurer, Dan Randolph.

Tales of the Grand Tour Tales of the Grand Tour by Ben Bova
reviewed by Michael M Jones
This is a collection of excerpts from the "Grand Tour" series of novels, which have slowly but surely filled in the not-so-distant future of mankind, and short stories relating to the grand overview, featuring a number of familiar characters and offering the occasional insight into events detailed elsewhere. Bit by bit, these books have created a farflung tapestry, filled with recurring and overlapping characters, sharp plots, and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

Venus Venus by Ben Bova
reviewed by Donna McMahon
When billionaire Martin Humphries offers a prize of ten billion dollars to the first person to reach the surface of Venus and retrieve the body of his son Alex, he gets an unexpected taker. Alex's younger brother, Van, always worshipped his heroic big brother -- and anyway he needs the money. Dad just cut off his allowance.

Return to Mars Return to Mars by Ben Bova
reviewed by A.L. Sirois
Sequel to Mars, this novel stands very well on its own. Jamie Waterman returns to the Red Planet as the head of the 2nd expedition, which has been financed by a wealthy industrialist. The mission mandate is to make Mars profitable, and if the members of the expedition try to do anyting outside that mandate, they risk having all funding cut for any future missions. One can't help but cross one's fingers while reading this book -- because in this future, the thrill of scientific discovery takes a back seat to the bottom line.

Colony Colony by Ben Bova
reviewed by A.L. Sirois
Colony reads a little like the old film Destination: Moon plays to a modern audience. Fun, but it didn't happen that way. This is a perfect example of how to write a good, solid, entertaining novel of ideas with strong political ties to the world we know.

Immortality Immortality by Dr. Ben Bova
reviewed by Todd Jackson
Written by one of the grand names of both science fiction and science writing, Immortality speculates that various biomedical advances could achieve human immortality within fifty years -- meaning some people alive today would be immortal. Happily, you wouldn't have to be born "fixed" to benefit; human immortality, once possible, would be retroactive.

Moonrise Moonrise by Ben Bova
reviewed by Steven H Silver
In Steven's opinion, this novel is a retelling of technophobic themes dating back to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. But while Shelly considered the sciences of anatomy and biology to be societal demons in her day, Bova's monster takes the form of nanotechnology.

Moonwar Moonwar by Ben Bova
reviewed by Lisa DuMond
The author keeps the action going in grand space opera style, relying often on stock characters, indulging only occasionally in the truly cornball to tie up loose ends. The technology is intriguing, the settings exotic, and the story involving -- promising endless material for the proposed saga.

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