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Terence M. Green Terence M. Green was born in 1947 in Toronto, Ontario and still lives there with his wife and family. Since 1968, he taught English at East York Collegiate Institute until his retirement recently. He was educated at the University of Toronto where he was awarded both a B.A. and B.Ed. He also has a M.A. in Anglo-Irish Studies from University College, Dublin.

Shadow of Ashland was nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

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St. Patrick's Bed (2001)
Tor Forge

St. Patrick's Bed Leo Nolan's father has just passed away. It triggers the wanderlust that took him to Ashland where he met Jeanne, his second wife, whom he is crazy about. She has a son, Adam, a University of Toronto English major, by Bobby who now lives in Dayton, Ohio but never seemed interested in being a father. While Adam wonders what his bio-father is like, Leo is haunted by dreams about his paternal relationship and the mysterious nightly movement of his father's personal effects. Leo decides a road trip with the ghost of his father is needed to find out what Bobby Swiss is like and maybe, at the same time, work out why he and his father grew into the men they became. Is he destined to be his father's son or is he the fellow he thinks he can be?

A Witness to Life (1999)
Tor Forge

A Witness to Life Martin Radey has a heart attack on a Toronto bus. He's more wistful than sad. He wonders what happened to his son Jack. He wonders what he could have done differently. Slowly, what emerges is a snapshop chronology of his life. We become privy to his youth, to his life courting his first wife Maggie Curtis, to the birth of his son and daughter, to his ache at the early death of Maggie, to his increasing alienation from the children (the son is the missing Jack and the daughter is the dying mother of Leo Nolan in Shadow of Ashland), to his meeting and joy in knowing Gertrude McNulty, his second wife, to his fierce devotion to his new daughter and to his terror/pride in being a grandfather.

Shadow of Ashland (1996)
Tor Forge

Shadow of Ashland Leo Nolan's mother is dying. She rambles on about her brother, Jack, coming back for a visit. But Jack disappeared some fifty years ago. Leo wonders about what happened to him. He discovers Jack left Canada for Detroit to build cars. Some letters kept by family members surface leading Leo on a journey to find out more. Eerily, the post office begins to deliver letters from Jack postmarked some fifty years ago. The addresses on the letters map out a trail to Ashland, Kentucky. A vacation leads him to Ashland and the revelation that his uncle was involved in something much more dangerous than that in the letters. It become all too real when, late one night, he spots a man on the street who might be Jack, looking like the pictures taken fifty years before.

Children of the Rainbow (1992)
McClelland & Stewart

Children of the Rainbow Fletcher Christian IV, a direct descendent of the Bounty mutineers, is going back in time from 2072 to Pitcairn Island. An anomaly disrupts the journey and he finds himself in 1835, occupying the body of Bran Michael Dalton, an Irish prisoner on Norfolk Island, the notorious British penal colony. But poor old Dalton ends up in 1972 where he has to deal with such baffling concepts as radio and The Rolling Stones, canned food, sleeping bags, soap bars, condoms and Lisa.

The publisher's address is McClelland & Stewart, 481 University Ave., Suite 900, Toronto ON, Canada M5G 2E9

Barking Dogs (1988)
St. Martin's

Barking Dogs In the near-future, Toronto is under seige as the bad guys have powerful laser weapons, laser-proof vests and Barking Dogs -- an infallible lie-detector worn under street clothes -- while the cops had to play by the rules and use .38s. But one of them killed cop Mitch Helwig's partner and he was pissed, ready to go rogue. Something snaps and Mitch decided to bypass the rules. But what of the consequences? Is he ready to live with himself once he's done?

Blue Limbo (1997)

Blue Limbo Employing the setting and some of the characters of Barking Dogs, this near-future tech-noir thriller follows Mitch Helwig, a Toronto cop, as he goes up against a criminal gang who are out to kill him in revenge for a raid which destroyed their warehouse. Not content to lick their wounds, they try to kidnap Mitch's father, kill his best friend and threaten his daughter. In effect, they want to wreck his life. Not that it would be hard. For Mitch has just separated from his wife, had his father put into a seniors' home and buried his partner.


The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind (1987)
Pottersfield Press

The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind It collects the following stories:
Ashland, Kentucky
Barking Dogs
Japanese Tea
Of Children in the Foliage
Point Zero
Room 1786
Susie Q
Till Death Do Us Part
The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind
The publisher's address is Pottersfield Press, RR2, Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, B0J 2S0, Canada.

Uncollected Short Fiction

Blue Limbo
1992 Ark of Ice, ed. Leslie Choyce, Pottersfield Press

Twenty-Two Steps to the Apocalypse (with Andrew Weiner)
1988 Asimov's SF Magazine, January

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