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Sidecar Preservation Society Logo Sidecar recipe Many rumours surround the Sidecar Preservation Society. Those contacted for confirmation get anxious and suggest it is better not to dig too deeply. They will confirm that the cocktail (recipe at right) can be potent when consumed in quantity. Their choice of material for publication can be whimsical. And they insist that all their chapbooks are developed and published through their minions. What caused these otherwise upright citizens to be place into minionhood is nobody else's business.
Sidecar Preservation Society
Crusher O'Shea Crusher O'Shea (2004)
Hal Murray Bonnett
Cover Artist  — Kevin Lenagh
Pages  — 35
In 1935, Clues Detective Magazine published two stories by Hal Murray Bonnett: "A Matter of Interest" in December and "Smoke" in June. Both are collected in this chapbook.

"Crusher" O'Shea, retired wrestling champ, was a private detective who used his bulk and his history to solve cases. "Smoke" begins with a girl whose brother has stolen a diamond necklace and she wants it found. "A Matter of Interest" involves a man being blackmailed by his mistress.

Codex Codex (2003)
David Drake
Cover Artist  — Kevin Lenagh
Pages  — 27

In 1967, David Drake was a law student. He had one story published and another had been sold when he wrote this story.

Bob McElroy was a grad student in history. He had a fine collection of books but hadn't read many of them. He liked books for their own sake. One night he invited Carter by to view some rare Latin texts. One book leads to another and Carter finds himself discovering historical details that shouldn't exist. Their attempt to replicate the events results in bringing something over into our world best left banished. Can they figure out a way to stop it in time?

With Marlowe in L.A. With Marlowe in L.A. (2003)
William F. Nolan
Cover Artist  — William F. Nolan
Pages  — 27

After rereading all of the Philip Marlowe novels written by Raymond Chandler, William F. Nolan wrote this imaginary tour of Los Angeles. Philip Marlowe is his guide. Getting into the detective's dusty 1936 Chrysler sedan, they begin by driving to the Bradbury Building and end up at the bridge spanning Arroyo Seco.

There is also a poem by William F. Nolan titled "Imagine Him" which is a tribute to Raymond Chandler.

Tales of the Backveld Tales of the Backveld (2002)
Francis H. Sibson
Editor  — Dwyane H. Olson
Cover Artist  — Sabastian Van Esch
Introduction  — Dwyane H. Olson
Pages  — 31

The chapbook contains two short stories, "The Calvary Button" and "The Great Red Eye," by a South African pulp fiction writer from the 1930's. Both stories appeared in the story collection Breeze from the Backveld (1926).

Hain's Island Hain's Island (2002)
Ramsey Campbell
Cover Artist  — Rodger Gerberding
Pages  — 15

The chapbook is a previously unpublished short story.

Red Harvest Red Harvest (2002)
Karl Edward Wagner
Editor  — Scott F. Wyatt
Illustrator  — Stephen Jones
Introduction  — Stephen Jones
Cover Artist  — Stephen Jones
Pages  — 23

Fifteen fantastic poems by the creator of the immortal Kane is included along with a bibliography of Wagner's English language publications and a short biography. The poems are:
Death Angel’s Shadow
Kethrid’s Dream
Gods in Darkness
Gods in Darkness (Redux)
Night Winds
The Song of Valdese
Morning of the Following Day
Reflections for the Winter of my Soul
Untitled [1]
Untitled [2]
Naichoryss’ Song
The Dreamlord’s Moon (a fragment)
Midnight Sun

Recall Dark Memories Recall Dark Memories (2002)
W. Paul Ganley
Editor  — Peder Wagtskjold
Cover Artist  — Alan Servoss
Introduction  — Brian Lumley
Pages  — 23

W. Paul Ganley is the famed editor of Weirdbook. The chapbook contains 28 of his poems. They are:
Recall Dark Memories
When the Stars are Right
Ancient Knowledge
Well of the Worm Gods
In the Old Places
Pirithous: MCMLXVI (for L.A.M.)
Aaron's Pool
Song to a Wood Nymph
Astral Plane
Scene Shift
The Brew
Dream: Dust Music
Christmas Evening
Demon Box
The Tides of Night
The Powerful Meadow
Hymn to Bacchus
Persephone Lost
Advice in Passing
Watching Old Poems Leap Over the Fence
On The Public Library's Poetry Collection

A Donald Wandrei Miscellany A Donald Wandrei Miscellany (2001)
Donald Wandrei
Editor  — D. H. Olsen
Cover Artist  — Rodger Gerberding
Pages  — 47

The chapbook contains more than twenty of Donald Wandrei's previously uncollected writings. They are:
Some Cats Like Caviar
The One Who Died
From "The Tower of Sound"
The Lost Moon
Ebony & Silver
The Death of Flowers
The Lilies, Perfume-Bottles, and Some Will-O'-The-Wisps -- an essay on Gothic novelist Ann Radcliffe
Elegy -- poem
September Hill -- poem
The remainder were published in The Minnesota Daily or in Ski-U-Mah:
The Poet's Lament -- poem
There Was a Smell of Dandelions -- poem
The Classicist -- poem
Pedagogues -- poem
Street Scenes...
In Memoriam
A Big Hunk of Irrevocable Nothing
English and Gibberish
Pricking the Cabell Bubble
The Lord of Discord
Elegy of Destructive Creation
The Way of Emil Jannings
The Lady of the Seven Veils

Sidecar Preservation Society
Swedish Lutheran Vampires of Brainerd Swedish Lutheran Vampires of Brainerd (2001)
Anne Waltz
Cover Artist  — Jon Arfstrom
Pages  — 14
A group of vampires living in and around Brainerd, Minnesota are finding the pickings a little thin. They decide to branch out to seek new victims to embrace. Little do they realize that this isn't their best move. Soon they find themselves faced with a choice. They can move their operation down to Minneapolis or face the stake from locals upset with their shenanigans.

Novelist Karen Taylor provides an afterword.

The Gardens of Lucullus The Gardens of Lucullus (2001)
Richard L. Tierney and Glenn Rahman
Introduction  — Robert M. Price
Pages  — 273

Simon of Gitta has been a constant and bitter enemy of Rome and their legions. He has faced them in the deserts of Egypt straight through to the forests of Britain. When the sorceror is trapped in Rome itself, the denizens discover that he is the only one to possess the ancient knowledge and skill of a warrior to stand against the cult which is threatening to resurrect the Reign of Chaos. Now the corrupt of Rome and its implacable foe are forced into an alliance to prevent the dreaded Old One known as Magna Mater from being raised in the haunted Gardens of Lucullus.

Loose Loot Loose Loot (2001)
Hugh B. Cave
Cover Artist  — Tom Roberts
Pages  — 31

Hugh B. Cave wrote only three "Officer Coffey" stories. Two of them ("Farewell With Trumpets" and "He Didn't Know Nothin'" were collected in a Subterranean Press book, Officer Coffey Stories) and this is the third. All were published in Dime Detective between January and July 1940. Coffey is a 1940s hard-boiled, gun-totting truant officer.

There is an afterword by Milt Thomas.

Chips and Shavings and Another Writing Chips and Shavings and Another Writing (2001)
Lee Brown Coye
Editor  — Michael Waltz
Cover Artist  — Lee Brown Coye
Pages  — 31

Lee Brown Coye was perhaps best known for his horror illustrations from the 1940s to the 1970s. He was also a sculptor, painter and writer as well as a newspaper columnist. "Chips & Savings" was the name of Coye's column in the Mid-York Weekly during the 1960s. His columns wove a rich tapestry of childhood memories, filled with vivid characters from his upstate New York community. The columns are:
Abby - A Tale of Central New York
A Trip to North Pitcher
And Something With Teeth In It
And They Shall All Rest In Peace
Long Roll of the Drums
Phantom Bartender
Scream to the Wind
Milton S. Price - the Merchant Prince of Syracuse

Point of View Point of View (2000)
Ramsey Campbell
Introduction  — Richard L. Tierney
Cover Artist  — Allen Koszowski
Pages  — 18

Traveling back into the past can be dangerous. Any action can have severe consequences for it may change the future. That future is the travelers's present. If you shoot your great grandfather, do you disappear with no more impact than a chipmunk's fart? A science class of teenagers could be faced with such a paradox if the thoughts of their lecturer proved valid. On the other hand they could just be idle imaginings. Ramsey Campbell fools with his readers in this previously unpublished science fiction story.

The Blob That Gobbled Abdul and Other Poems and Songs The Blob That Gobbled Abdul and Other Poems and Songs (1999)
Richard L. Tierney
Introduction  — Ramsey Campbell
Cover Artist  — Dave Carson
Illustrator  — Dave Carson
Pages  — 23

The chapbook is a collection of of mostly whimsical poems, four of them for the first time. They are:
The Blob That Gobbled Abdul
Luther Brown's Tale
That Old One Religion (from Th E.O.D. Hymnal)
Amazing Race (from The Esoteric Order of Dagon Hymnal)
That Old Rugose Cone (from Th E.O.D. Hymnal)
In Fomalhault (sung to the theme song from Camelot)
Gone West
Old Gus Never Dies
Gus and Gein
Old Eddie
Twenty-Nine Cents -- dedicated to Joseph A. West
Norm the Knife
Eldritch Egypt -- dedicated to Robert Bloch

The Feaster in the Fudgeroom The Feaster in the Fudgeroom (1998)
Thomas Quale
Editor  — Peter Larsen
Cover Artist  — Dave Carson
Pages  — 15

It is easy to mock Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Many have and many will. But there are sinister undertones to the way the story develops and how some of the characters are treated and how others react. What are the Oompa-Loompas really up to? And what happened to Agustus Gloop, Veruca Salt and Mike Teevee? The Feaster in the Fudgeroom provides some answers.

The chapbook also has an afterword by Pam Keesey.

Poems: The Scott Wyatt Omnibus Poems: The Scott Wyatt Omnibus (1997)
Scott F. Wyatt
Introduction  — Ova Hamlet
Cover Artist  — David Carson
Pages  — 17

Scott Wyatt is many things to many people. To some, he is an editor, to others a collector, to several a fan, and to a few a bon vivant. This chapbook collects 10 of his poems. They are:
Alter-Ego -- dedicated to George Diezel
Arak -- dedicated to Eric Carlson
He Haunts
Naat -- dedicated to Clark Ashton Smith
Teach the Children
The Lurker on the Lawn -- dedicated to Randy Everts
White Hell -- dedicated to Uncle Joe

Copyright © 2005 Rodger Turner

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