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The Man In The High Castle The Man In The High Castle (1962)
Suppose Japan and Germany won WWII and partitioned the United States. Slavery is legal again, surviving Jews live under assumed names and the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages in San Francisco. This novel won the 1962 Hugo award for Best Novel.

The Man Who Japed The Man Who Japed (1956)

Morec (moral reclamation) has abolished war and famine. Peace and prosperity are the rule. Indeed, they are compulsory. Block committees, robot informers and youthful goon squads make sure everyone enjoys Morec. Allen Purcell, the new director of Entertainment and Propaganda, had always been happy in this world. At least he thought he was. Then he joined the world-wide hunt for the mad japer who was playing insulting pranks on the government. But, in the search for the heretical prankster, Purcell found evidence pointing to himself as the culprit. If it was true, how did he do it? How could he face the full force of an outraged society if he was discovered?

The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike (1984)

Set in small town America in the 1950's, the story follows the rift between Leo Runcible, the local Jewish realtor, and Walt Dombrosia, a graphic designer who suffers from low self-esteem after he loses his job. Themes of greed, vengeance, bitterness, racism, rape, and alcoholism are the focus of this rather bleak novel.

The Penultimate Truth The Penultimate Truth (1964)

In a world where mankind huddles underground as a result of a war spewing forth radioactivity and plague, where robot soldiers continue their struggles, yet, at the same time, it is world where there is virually unlimited power, luxuries for all, planet-wide co-operation is building a great future. How can the two exist together?

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Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928. While attending UC at Berkeley, he dropped out rather than take ROTC training. There he stayed to write some 36 novels and 5 short story collections. He won the 1962 Hugo for The Man in the High Castle and the 1974 John W. Campbell Award for Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said. He died of heart failure caused by a stroke in 1982.

Over the years, Philip K. Dick's novels and collections have slipped in and out of print. However, in 1991, Vintage, a division of Random House, the folk who bring us Ballantine and Del Rey titles, began an ambitious project to reprint many of his novels. While not all of them have reappeared, a fine selection have. It is their covers (for the most part) which supplement this list (© date appears in brackets).

Back in the late-80's, Underwood/Miller undertook the mammoth effort to collect and publish all of Dick's short fiction in five volumes. Later, Citadel Press published some (but not all) of these hard covers in trade paper.

The Collected Stories of Philip K Dick The Little Black Box (1987)

It contains the following stories:
Your Appointment Will Be Yesterday
We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
The War with the Fnools
A Terran Odyssey (excerpt)
Strange Memories of Death
The Story to End All Stories for Harlan Ellison's Anthology Dangerous Visions

Return Match
Retreat Syndrome
Rautavaara's Case
Precious Artifact
The Pre-Persons
Not by Its Cover
A Little Something for Us Tempunauts
The Little Black Box
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon
Holy Quarrel
A Game of Unchance
Faith of our Fathers
The Eye of the Sibyl
The Exit Door Leads In
The Electric Ant
The Day Mr. Computer Fell Out of Its Tree
Chains of Air, Web of Aether
Cadbury, the Beaver Who Lacked
The Alien Mind

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