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Michelle West, better known to her friends as Michelle Sagara, was born in 1963, lives with her husband and child in Toronto, works at Bakka, Canada's oldest SF and fantasy book store (along with her brother, Gary), and writes wonderful books. She has been published as Michelle Sagara, Michelle West and, occasionally, Michelle Sagara West. Twice a Campbell Award nominee (1991 and 1992), she writes a periodic book review column, Guilty Pleasures, for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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Into the Dark Lands (1991), Vol. 1 of The Book of the Sundered
Del Rey
Into the Dark Lands
The series premise is ageless: the followers of The Bright Heart struggle against the followers of The Dark Heart.

Erin of Elliath, warrior and healer, was named the Sarillorn (aka the champion and leader of the Light forces) by the Lady. Unfortunately for her, she is captured by Stefanos, First of the Dark. Proximity leads to an odd romance between Light and Dark. Erin's basic goodness tempers Stefanos' rather cruel nature. It leads her to take on the name, Lady of Mercy. Stefanos decides that Erin cannot truly love him until the war is over. He decides to put her into a mystical sleep, taking her memories, until he can defeat the rest of the Light.

Children of the Blood (1992), Vol. 2 of The Book of the Sundered
Del Rey
Children of the Blood
When Erin of Elliath is reawakened, the Empire of Stefanos, First Servant of the Dark Heart, has wiped out the last traces of the Light. All those bearing the Blood of the Light Heart are dead, but for Erin and a slave boy named Darin. He managed to escape unnoticed and end up as Erin's servant. Erin (now called Sara) doesn't quite remember who she is at first, but she soon regains her memory. Stefanos' associates mistrust his somewhat softened nature and decide to destroy Erin/Sara. She manages to escape, with Darin, leaving Stefanos to believe, mistakenly, that she is dead.

Lady of Mercy (1993), Vol. 3 of The Book of the Sundered
Del Rey
Lady of Mercy
The first two books gave focus to Erin and Stefanos, to Light vs. Dark. During the flight of Erin and Darin and their attempt to fight the Dark, they meet up with two mysterious figures. One is an apparently bumbling, somewhat foppish brigand while the other is a mysterious, cranky old man who apparently knows a type of magic which relies on neither the Light or the Dark. Robert, the brigand, turns out to be Renar, an exiled prince of Marantine, the most recently-conquered province of the Empire. The plot follows efforts to regain the throne that his uncle took from him.

Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light (1994), Vol. 4 of The Book of the Sundered
Del Rey
Chains of Darkness
Renar, now king, and Erin soon learn that the struggle of Light vs. Dark isn't over. There is a last stronghold of the Light, a well buried deep within the lands of the Dark Empire. But it is fading fast. Erin once vowed to free it, to let a single ray of hope shine through for her people. But to succeed, she'll have to challenge her ancient enemy and former lover, Stephanos, First Servant of the Dark Heart.


Speaking with Angels
Five Star
Speaking with Angels
It collects the following stories:
Four Attempts at a Letter
Turn of the Card
The Law of Man
Under the Skin
Return of the King
To Speak with Angels

Other Short Fiction

1992 Christmas Bestiary edited by Rosalind M. Greenberg and Martin H. Greenberg

Shadow of a Change
1996 Dinosaurs! edited by Martin H. Greenberg
1993 Dinosaur Fantastic edited by Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg

For Love of God
1993 Alternate Warriors edited by Mike Resnick

What She Won't Remember
1994 Alternate Outlaws edited by Mike Resnick

The Hidden Grove
1995 Witch Fantastic edited by Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg

When a Child Cries
1996 Phantoms of the Night edited by Richard Gilliam and Martin H. Greenberg

The Sword in the Stone
1997 Alternate Tyrants edited by Mike Resnick

1997 Sword of Ice (as Michelle West) edited by Mercedes Lackey

1997 Return of the Dinosaurs, edited by Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg

The Vision of Men
1997 The Fortune Teller, edited by Lawrence Schimel and Martin H. Greenberg

By the Work, One Knows
1997 Zodiac Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and A.R.Morlen

The Dead that Sow
1997 Wizard Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg

1998 Olympus, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Bruce D. Arthurs

Step on the Crack
1998 Black Cats and Broken Mirrors, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers

The Vision of Men
1998 Things Invisible to See, edited by Lawrence Schimel

1998 Battle Magic, edited by Larry Segriff and Martin H. Greenberg

Childhood's End
1998 Tad Williams' Mirror World, edited by anon.

1998 Olympus, edited by Martin H. Greenberg

Work In Progress
1999 Alien Abductions, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers

Water Baby
1999 Earth, Air, Fire and Water, edited by Martin H. Greenberg

Faces Made of Clay
2000 Mardi Gras Madness, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russel Davis

2000 Spell Fanstastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff

Hunter's Oath (1995), Vol. 1 of The Sacred Hunt
DAW Books
Hunter's Oath
Once a year, the Sacred Hunt must be called. To continue the land's and people's prosperity, the Hunter God's prey would be one of the Lords or his huntbrother. This was the Hunter's Oath, sworn to by each Lord and his huntbrother. It was the blood Oath taken by Gilliam of Elseth and the orphan boy, Stephen. The fulfillment of their Oath would prove the kind of destiny from which legends were made.

Hunter's Death (1996), Vol. 2 of The Sacred Hunt
DAW Books
Hunter's Death
At the risk of breaking their Oath, Hunter Gilliam and his huntbrother, Stephen, must journey to the ancient city once ruled by the Lord of Hell himself -- a being who again seeks to impose his reign over the mortal lands. There, they fight in consort with The Terafin, head of one of the city's most powerful families and a young woman gifted with the ability to see the truth hidden behind spell-crafted illusions.

The Broken Crown (1997), Vol. 1 of The Sun Sword
DAW Books
The Broken Crown
Remember Allasakar, the serious bad guy from Hunter's Death? Well, he and some of the others (Evayne, for one, and Kallandras) are back in this adventure set about 15 years later. They are not the principal focus of this new novel. Rather, we are drawn to Diora, a woman with a forbidden talent. She lives in Annagar, where men rule and women dwell in harems. Diora is caught up in events surrounding her father and aunt, trying to exert influence using her magical voice to command others. Through a series of odd circumstances, she becomes queen which, in turn, could free Allasakar.

The Uncrowned King (1998), Vol. 2 of The Sun Sword
DAW Books
The Uncrowned King
Clan warfare could arise if Valedan, the lone survivor of the ruling family in the Dominion, can't survive the contest for power. The clan Leonne lost the throne by treachery and assassination. Valedan has made the challenge and all he has to do is survive until then. But now more hazards to arise. Can Valedan succeed aginst his mortal and less-than-mortal enemies? He and his guards are pushed to the limit for the demons of the Lord of Night are poised to hunt him down. The endgame, should he lose, will see the freedom of the Lord of Night and let him impose his dark and deadly rule over one and all.

The Shining Court (1999), Vol. 3 of The Sun Sword
DAW Books
The Shining Court
Jewel of House Terafin has been having visions. It seems she's about to venture into the heart of enemy territory with only Avander, her domicis, to watch out for her. Meanwhile, at home, she is leaving a House on the brink of a awful war of dynasty and heritage -- the very one to which she is the unofficial heir. Ahead, there lies the Dominion which is home to the clans -- sworn enemies of all who dwell in the Empire. But even more deadly than the those who await her are the ones with whom they have formed an malevolent alliance -- the demons of the Shining Court.

Sea of Sorrows (2001), Vol. 4 of The Sun Sword
DAW Books
Sea of Sorrows
Valedan kai di'Leonne has a cause. The armies in the Essalieyan Empire are gathering in support. But he's taking a different road to war, marshalling what covert alliances he can. Jewel of House Terafin along with her domicis, Avander, strike out with Kallandas, Diora and her other companions on a voyage with the Voyani across the Sea of Sorrows to reach the lost cities. This makes them targets for any enemies -- mortal or demon -- because of a spell gone awry. They can be traced whenever an enemy chooses. It is a foolhardy journey towards a final battle with the Lord of Night.

The Riven Shield (2003), Vol. 5 of The Sun Sword
DAW Books
The Shining Court
Jewel of House Terafin and her domicis Avander along with Kallandas, the assassin, are working with the Voyani to escape the the Sea of Sorrows and find Valedan and his armies. Valedan kai di'Leonne has made a shaky alliance with the Northern armies of the Essalieyan Empire, his people's ancestral enemies. Now, he's trying to convince Tyr'agnate Mareo di'Lamberto to join his side. Maybe with these allies, he can succeed. Together they hope to defeat to Kialli demons and their human allies who are preparing to attack the Northern armies. Its result will either see the peace restored or all of the furies and the Lord of Darkness released upon the world.

The Sun Sword (2004), Vol. 6 of The Sun Sword
DAW Books
The Sun Sword
The Sun Sword has been returned to its proper place. The armies of the Dominion and the Empire are grouping to face one another for the final battle. Unbeknownst to all, the Lord of Night's daughter Kiriel is about to change both the nature and the course of the war. It is apparent that nobody can tell whether the mortals or the demon Kialli will prove to be the final victor.

Other Short Fiction

2000 Perchance to Dream, edited by Denise Little

2001 Assassin Fantastic, edited by Alexander Potter and Martin H. Greenberg

Déją Vu
2001 Single White Vampire Seeks Same, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Brittiany A.Koren

Lady of the Lake
2001 Out of Avalon, edited by Jennifer Roberson

2001 The Mutant Files, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers

The Last Flight
2001 Creature Fantastic, edited by Denise Little

The Knight of Hydan Athe
2002 Knight Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers

The Memory of Stone
2002 The 30th Anniversary DAW Fantasy, edited by Elizabeth R. Wollheim and Sheila E. Glibert

2002 Familiars, edited by Denise Little

The Nightingale
2002 Once Upon a Galaxy, edited by Wil McCarthy, Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers

A Quiet Justice
2002 Vengeance Fantastic, edited by Denise Little

The Augustine Painters
2002 Apprentice Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russel Davis

Copyright © 1999 by Rodger Turner

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