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Simmons photo Dan Simmons was born in 1948 in Peoria, Illinois. He attended Wabash College, graduating in 1970 with a degree in English. Simmons' first novel, Song of Kali, won the World Fantasy Award. In 1989, his Hugo Award-winning novel, Hyperion was published. It is a novel with its roots in Chaucer and its name taken from a Romance-era poem by John Keats. He lives in Longmont, Colorado with his wife, Karen, and their daughter Jane. Dan Simmons Links
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Hyperion (1989)
Bantam Spectra

Hyperion In the twenty-ninth century, the universe of the Human Hegemony is under threat by the rebel Ousters and the schemes of the secessionist AI TechnoCore. Seven citizens set out on a pilgrimage to the planet, Hyperion. There, the fabled Time Tombs seem about to reveal their secrets. But Hyperion is home also to the Shrike, part god and part killing machine, whose powers are said to transcend space and time. The seven have been chosen by the Church of the Shrike to travel on what may prove to be a final pilgrimage. While en route, the travellers, like another fabled group of pilgrims, share their stories on why they are on the journey.

The Fall of Hyperion (1990)
Bantam Spectra, Headline

The Fall of Hyperion On Hyperion, the Time Tombs are opening and seven pilgrims risk their lives to petition the Shrike -- a creature that may control the fate of all mankind. Something is drawing the Hegemony, the AIs, and the Ousters towards the Shrike and the Time Tombs. The novel begins with the arrival of the pilgrims. Planning to seek out the Shrike and trying to discover its purpose and their own, the pilgrims are drawn into events over which they have too little control.

Endymion (1996)
Bantam Spectra, Headline

Endymion The story begins some 300 plus years after The Fall of Hyperion. A young girl, Aenea, is foreseen is a great threat to the current ruling Hegemony in the galaxy, a twisted version of the Catholic Church that relies on the cruciform parasite and the promise of resurrection to hold sway. She is protected by the Shrike and some of her other companions while she tries to unravel her destiny. Trying to stay ahead of her pursuers, Aenea, begins the journey to confirm her role as the coming messiah, one she may not live to fulfill. Her protector, Raul Endymion, tells the tale from his orbital prison.

The Rise of Endymion (1997)
Bantam Spectra

The Rise of Endymion It begins with the death and resurrection of Pope Julius XV and the coming-of-age of the new messiah, Aenea. She is thought to be the only person who can counter the pope and his plan to unleash the Pax Fleet, the Church's military wing, on a final genocidal Crusade to gain total dominion over the universe. A Church ally, the AI Core offers immortality to humankind but only those faithful who pledge total obedience to the Church. The Core has its own motives; Aenea knows what they are. Together with the android A. Bettik, Raul Endymion and Aenea embark on a final mission to find and comprehend the underlying fabric of the universe. Meanwhile, the Shrike -- monster, angel, killing machine -- has followed them and is ready to complete its own mission.

Ilium (2003)
Gollancz (UK) / HarperCollins Eos

Ilium Ilium Set on Mars, bio-engineered post-humans are recreating the events reported in Homer's Iliad. A 20th century classics professor, Thomas Hockenberry, is one of them chosen to report on the events taking place. As a scholic, he's not sure why he is doing it and finds a little extracurricular spying to be of more interest. As long as he tracks events, nobody notices his absence to become the mole for one of the gods who is planning a murder. At the same time, two Jovian moravecs, sentient explorer machines, are tasked with investigating why the level of quantum activity is so high on Mars. Arriving there, they are shot down and marooned all the while keeping up a continuing banter on whether Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu and Shakespeare's Sonnets is better.

Olympos (2005)
Gollancz (UK) / HarperCollins Eos

Olympos Olympos Olympos continues the story begun in Illium. Helen of Troy is mourning her dead husband, Paris, who was killed in single combat with Apollo who left his body burned and mangled. And Thomas Hockenberry is still sneaking from her bed after their nights together. The gods still attack from the heights of their besieged Olympos. Their single-molecule bomb casings are quantum phase-shifting through the moravecs' force shield and laying waste to Ilium. Or so Hockenberry and Mahnmut, one of the sentient explorer machines, have tried explaining to her but she doesn't care since she must prepare for her husband's funeral.

Summer of Night (1991)
Putnam, Warner

Summer of Night Sometimes compared to Stephen King's It, the novel concerns a terror stalking a town that only a group of kids seems to be able to fight. Armed only with that seeming immortality that all children possess, they leap headlong into a struggle against an evil that needs to be banished.

Children of the Night (1992)
Putnam, Headline

Children of the Night A vampire horror novel set in post-Ceausescu Romania, an American hematologist working with AIDS-infected orphans discovers a vampire child whose blood may hold a cure for AIDS, only to have him kidnapped by Romania's hidden vampire population.

The Hollow Man (1992)
Bantam Spectra, Headline

The Hollow Man A telepath must come to terms with the death of his (telepathic) wife. The narrator nearly goes insane following the death his wife who had telepathically shielded him from the babble of others' thoughts.

Fires of Eden (1995)
Putnam, Headline

Fires of Eden A Hawaiian resort comes under threat from natural and supernatural forces. Native Hawaiians summon up their local gods against a millionaire developer. The summoning gets out of control. Meanwhile, in a subplot which parallels a little-known adventure had by Mark Twain, Eleanor (our heroine) tries her best to stop the madness.

The Crook Factory (1999)

Fires of Eden In 1942, at the height of WWII, Ernest Hemingway wanted to operate a spy ring from his farm in Cuba. J. Edgar Hoover gives the go-ahead and sends agent Joe Lucas to keep an eye on things and report back surreptitiously. Hemingway has assembled a group called the "Crook Factory". It includes an American millionaire, a 12-year-old Cuban orphan, a Spanish jai alai champion, a priest, and a fisherman. Unexpectedly, the ring uncovers a vital piece of intelligence and this rag-tag group finds itself in a deadly cat-and-mouse game. And poor old Lucas doesn't know who's the enemy.

Carrion Comfort (1989)
Dark Harvest, Warner

Stoker Award-winning epic vampire horror novel about two warring groups who roam around taking control of other's minds. Following a group of four feuding vampires, one man tries to bring an end to their reign of terror.

Phases of Gravity (1989)
Bantam Spectra

Phases of Gravity A multi-layered novel about an astronaut, Richard Baedecker, who is reflecting on his life. It follows his thoughts, looping through events, trying to understand his role in society. He meets a young woman who takes him on a "past-life" journey to boyhood haunts, the slums of India and an Oreganian ghost town. At each stop, he meets those most influential in his life and finds how their presence has and will who Richard Baedecker is.

Darwin's Blade (2000)

Darwin's Blade Darwin Minor reconstructs accidents for a living using a combination of science and intuition. He does it to help the police and for his company which works for insurance companies. One day, after looking into several accidents, a Mercedes with tinted windows pulls up next to him on the highway and opens fire with a machine pistol. So begins a series of incidents which seems to lead into an international conspiracy of intimidation and murder and opens doors in his past he'd rather left closed.

Hardcase (2001)
St. Martin's Minotaur

Hardcase Ex-P.I. Joe Kurtz gets out of jail for tossing his partner's killer out of a window and talks his way into a case for a semi-retired Don to search for a missing Mafia accountant and to find out why his trucks are being hijacked. In the course of events, he comes in contact other family enforcers, a sadistic druglord and his serial killer pal, a family of inbred Aryan Brotherhood rejects, street gang thugs, and a crooked cop. It's non-stop action ala Richard Stark's Parker or Andrew Vachss's Burke. But there are the obvious Simmons touches like the two homeless men arguing in Latin or the retro-discussion of guns; revolvers vs. automatics, steel vs. plastic.

A Winter Haunting (2002)
St. Martin's Minotaur

A Winter Haunting Dale Stewart is having a bad year. His marriage fell apart, his lover left him to move back east and his job as an university professor is in jeopardy due to his antics. He wants to get his life together, something that he's been trying to do since his friend Duane died in a farm accident during his boyhood in Elm Haven, Illinois. Inspired to take a sabbatical, he rents Duane's family farm as a place to write a novel, a career he's trying to cultivate. Little does he know what's waiting to welcome him back. Continuing with charcters from Summer of Night, it's not really a sequel as another of life episodes.

Hard Freeze (2002)
St. Martin's Minotaur

Hard Freeze This is second installment of the hard-boiled Joe Kurtz series. "Little Skag" Farino is the last don of the local crime family. He wants Kurtz dead and is sending in hit men by the score, beginning with the Attica Three Stooges and moving up through the killer ranks. Little Skag's sister, Angelina, is back from seven years in Sicily and has Joe in mind to be the patsy in regaining the family empire. Meanwhile Joe is approached by a dying concert violinist who wants his daughter's killer found. Refusing at first, he is soon on the trail of a man who is a cold-blooded serial killer, a master of alternate identities and the power to send the "forces of good" after Kurtz.

Hard as Nails (2003)
St. Martin's Minotaur

Hard as Nails This is third installment of the hard-boiled Joe Kurtz series. Joe is in deep trouble. He's beaten senseless, shot in the neck and back, and manipulated from every side by various Mafia characters (female and otherwise), cops (male and female), hit men, an arms dealer, a drug kingpin and his cadre, and a creepy and prolific psychotic killer known as "the Dodger," unleashed into the world to triple the body count.

Song of Kali (1985)
Bluejay Books, Tor

Song of Kali Song of Kali Set in modern-day Calcutta, Song of Kali is the truly frightening story of a man named Robert Luczak seeks out the poet, M. Das who hasn't been seen for 10 years. Luczak's intent is to interview him for The New Yorker. Events and people, blending half-truths and lies, indifference and deceit, distract his search. Despite his simple need of an interview, Luczak finds that he and his family travelling with him are caught up in a vortex of violence by forces ancient and inexorable which could spread their chaos to the whole world.


Prayers to Broken Stones (1990)
Dark Harvest, Bantam Spectra

Prayers to Broken Stones It collects the following stories:
Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking Cradle
Vanni Fucci is Alive and Well and Living in 'Hell'
Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds
Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
The River Styx Runs Upstream
Remembering Siri
The Offering
Iverson's Pits
Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams
E-Ticket to 'Namland
The Death of the Centaur
Carrion Comfort

Lovedeath (1993)

Lovedeath An abridged version of one of the stories, called Death in Bangkok, was published in Playboy. It collects the following stories:
Sleeping with Teeth Women
The Great Lover
Entropy's Bed at Midnight
Dying in Bangkok

Worlds Enough And Time (2002)
HarperCollins Eos

Lovedeath It collects the following stories:
Looking for Kelly Dahl
Orphans of the Helix
The Ninth of Av
On K2 with Kanakaredes
The End of Gravity

Uncollected Short Fiction

Presents of Mind (written with Edward Bryant, Steve Rasnic Tem and Connie Willis)
1985 Mile High Futures, November
1986 Asimov's, December

Dying Is Easy, Comedy is Hard (written with Edward Bryant)
1990 The Further Adventures of The Joker edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Bantam

The Counselor
1991 Obsessions edited by Gary Raisor, Dark Harvest

All Dracula's Children
1991 The Ultimate Dracula edited by Byron Preiss, David Kellor & Megan Miller, Dell

My Private Memoirs of the Hoffer Stigmata Pandemic
1991 Masques IV edited by J. N. Williamson

This Year's Class Picture
1992 Still Dead edited by John M. Skipp & Craig Spector, Bantam

Elm Haven, IL
1992 Freak Show edited by F. Paul Wilson, Pocket

One Small Step for Max
1992 OMNI Best Scienve Fiction #2 edited by Ellen Datlow, OMNI Books

My Copsa Micas
1994 The Earth Strikes Back edited by Richard Chizmar, Ziesing

Looking for Kelly Dahl
1995 Omni Online, September
1995 High Fantastic edited by Steve Rasnic Tem, Ocean View Books
1996 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's

Orphans of the Helix
1999 Far Horizons edited by Robert Silverberg, Avon EOS

Copyright © 1999 by Rodger Turner

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