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Charles de Lint is one of those rare authors whose work is envied by writers and book editors as much as by his fans. His contemporary fantasy style is often quoted on an author's cover when the publisher wants to convey the type of book it is.

For more information, you can go to his home page, Charles de Lint's Website.

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One Tamson House
Newford Chronicles
The Riddle Of The Wren
Ace / Firebird

The Riddle Of The Wren The Riddle Of The Wren Tied together by the gates we call Standing Stones, Minda the Wren, Jan, imprisoned in a stone, Ildran the Dreammaster, and Huorn the Hunter along with Grimbold the Wizard, Gabber of the Wild Folk, and Markj'n the Tinker all pass from world to world

Moonheart: A Romance
Tor Orb

Moonheart: A Romance Moonheart: A Romance Set in Ottawa's Glebe, this novel of Tamson House, a place which spans two worlds, brings together an antique shop owner, a centuries-old Druid, a biker, an RCMP Inspector, a stagman in a moonlight glen, the fey from an Indian otherworld, and an ancient Welsh bard


Spiritwalk Adventures in Tamson House continue. Blue, the biker is back along Sara Kendall, Jaime's niece. We meet Emma Fenn, a dreamer. In the garden, a Coyote man waits. The links and lanes to the spitit world converge in a rambling old house set in Ottawa's Glebe. Who knows what awaits those who enter? Parts of this novel were published elsewhere as:
Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood
Ascian in Rose
Westlin Wind

The Harp Of The Grey Rose
Donning, Avon

The Harp Of The Grey Rose Cerin of Wran Cheaping, orphan, encounters the maid of the Grey Rose who is the sole war survivor and loses his heart and, who knows, maybe his life

Mulengro: A Romany Tale
Ace, Dark Side Press

Mulengro: A Romany Tale The Gypsy culture comes to Ottawa. Patrick Briggs, an Ottawa cop, worries that the murders brings with them an element he's unable to fathom and incapable of stopping. Perhaps, it is only the Rom who can handle it.


Svaha Svaha In his only SF novel to date, Charles shares with us a novel where Indians dominate technology but they have lost a chip. They send Gahzee who must venture beyond the Enclaves to face a bitter, poisoned world of the white man

The Little Country

The Little Country Books and music are the best things in life. Here, they form the core of two interlocking stories of adventure and betrayal.

Into The Green

Into The Green Into The Green A high fantasy novel following the adventures of the harper, Angharad, in her journey to wake the sleeping magic from times past

The Wild Wood (Brian Froud's Faerielands)
Orb / Bantam Spectra

The Wild Wood The Wild Wood Faerie needs help. It reaches out to a young artist working in her cabin north of Ottawa by adding strange and beautiful creatures to her drawings. Now it is up to her to unravel the mystery.

Memory And Dream

Memory And Dream A Newford artist must come to terms with the power she creates with her work--and make peace with a past that haunts her.

Wolf Moon
Signet / Subterranean Press

Wolf Moon Wolf Moon As human, Kern finds refuge at The Inn of the Yellow Tinker but, as werewolf, he is the prey.

The Valley Of Thunder (Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Vol. 3)
Bantam Spectra

The Valley Of Thunder Shared world adventures of Clive and Neville Folliot, this time they are facing dinosaurs, cave creatures, giant worms, and shark people

The Hidden City (Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Vol. 5)
Bantam Spectra

The Hidden City Shared world adventures of Clive and Neville Folliot, this time they are scattered through a ruined city facing giants, hissing skeletons and packs of hugh feral dogs

The Dreaming Place
Waner Aspect / Firebird

The Dreaming Place The Dreaming Place In this YA novel, two girls must learn the full power of magic - one to come to grips with her anger and the other to save her soul from a manitou

Death Leaves An Echo
(in Café Purgatorium) Tor

Death Leaves An Echo One of three short novels, Charles brings us the tale of Shiel and the torment and mental suffering felt following the death of his wife, Annie. However, none of his friends seems to have ever heard of her.

The Fair In Emain Macha

The Fair In Emain Macha Lord Dunsany, William Morris, James Branch Cabell, E. R. Eddison are all out of print but their influence is obvious in this story of an Ireland that never was

Yarrow: An Autumn Tale
Tor Orb

Yarrow: An Autumn Tale Yarrow: An Autumn Tale Set in Ottawa's science fiction and fantasy bookstore (yep, that's right), it is the story of a dream stealer whose prey is Cat, a fantasy writer, a cab driver fascinated with her work and a bookstore owner who provides her with a safe haven

Jack Of Kinrowan

Jack, The Giant Killer Drink Down The Moon Jack Of Kinrowan Set in Ottawa South, a place populated by folk like us and by trolls, goblins and other creatures seen only by a few, Jacky Rowan slips between here and the world of Faerie to unravel the evil mysteries ensnaring the Elven Court and heading towards our world. This book combines Jack, The Giant Killer and Drink Down The Moon.


Trader Trader Suppose you woke up in someone else's body and nobody believes your story? Trader is set in Newford. Max Trader, a music instrument maker, wakes up one morning in somebody else's body. It belongs to Johnny Devlin, a local small-time grifter. Johnny, in Max's body, welcome the change and takes the opportunity to use it to his own advantage. But how much is our identity dependent on our own physical body and how does others' perceptions of us affect who we really are?

Someplace To Be Flying

Someplace To Be Flying Someplace To Be Flying Set again in Newford, the novel's main characters get caught up in the mysteries of the members of the corvid family -- crows, ravens, jays, magpies, jackdaws, etc. Some of the novel's characters appeared in a short story to be published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1997 called Crow Girls.

Novels as Samuel M. Key

Angel Of Darkness
Berkeley / Tor

Angel Of Darkness Angel Of Darkness A music of terror and death created from the screams of the killer's victims begins to take on a shape of its own, shrouded in the filmy whiteness of an angel. Peel it away and fangs soon protrude.

From A Whisper To A Scream
Berkeley / Tor

From A Whisper To A Scream From A Whisper To A Scream With the death of a serial killer, calm returns. But not for long because the clues, once forgotten, begin to appear once again.

I'll Be Watching You

I'll Be Watching You I'll Be Watching You Befriended (and beguiled) by a photographer who came to her rescue, Rachel felt glad to escape her abusive ex-husband. Unfortunately for her, he wanted something more and he planned to collect on the debt.

Tor, Tor Orb

Greenmantle Greenmantle In an ancient wood, just outside Ottawa, a Mystery walks in the moonlight. He appears as a stag, a goat, a horned man. he is summoned by the music of the pipes. Nearby, another man lives a quiet life trying to avoid those for whom he kills. Their paths will intersect.

Forests of the Heart
Tor / Gollancz

Forests of the Heart Forests of the Heart The Gentry, ancient spitirs who came to Newford with the Irish, have chosen to claim the land as theirs. Standing in their way are the native spirits. Bettina San Miguel, a Mexican-Indian artist living outside town, can see them. Ellie Jones is a sculptor who has been commissioned to recast an ancient Celtic mask. Little do Ellie's former lover Donal Green and her friend Tommy Raven know that they may hold a key to it all. But it is apparent that sides are being chosen and only one will succeed.

The Onion Girl
Tor / Gollancz

The Onion Girl The Onion Girl Jilly Coppercorn paints pictures. Her landscapes and creatures in them seem real, as if she visited Faery. One day, a hit and run leaves her semi-paralyzed. Within her broken body her broken spirit finds little to recharge her zest for life. She no longer wants to live in the human realm, turning instead to her dreams of fairyland as she did as a girl to evade her drunken parents and her predatory brother Del. Leaving home to regain her life, she returns only to find Del preying upon Raylene, her younger sister, who hates her for abandoning her. Raylene still loathes Jilly and has found she can enter Faery with her pal Pinky, both feeding on unicorns for strength. It starts her quest to target Jilly for death, in both that realm and also in ours.

The Road to Lisdoonvarna
Subterranean Press

The Road to Lisdoonvarna Ottawa PI Jake Swann takes a case from an upset father who is desperate to find his runaway teenage daughter. Not really wanting to do it, Jake sniffs around for the lost girl, contacting those with a connection to Ottawa runaways. It isn't long before he finds out that she may not be the naïf her father told Jake she was. While this is happening, Sammy Ward who is Jake's fiddle-playing best friend and possible sweetie is badly beaten and raped. And Sammy says her rapist is a cop.

Seven Wild Sisters
Subterranean Press

13-year-old Sarah Jane Dillard is curious about Aunt Lillian's house; rumours abound that she is a witch. But Aunt Lillian is no such thing and, over time, the two becomes fast friends with Sarah Jane helping out around her house. On a trip to gather ginseng, she runs into a strange little man made of roots, sticks and leaves. He has been attacked, punctured by many tiny arrows. Sarah Jane helps, taking him to Aunt Lillian's. Now Sarah Jane's in the middle of a continuing feud between the ginseng men and the bee fairies. And it has led to her six sisters becoming involved. But the Dillard sisters are not to be trifled with. They won't give up without a fight.

A Circle of Cats (illustrated by Charles Vess)

A Circle of Cats Lillian lives with her aunt in a little house in the forest on the outskirts of Newford. She wanders the forest, searching for its denizens and befriending the cats living in the woods. While napping under a tree, Lillian is bitten by a venomous snake. Afraid for their friend and wanting to save her, the cats transform her into a cat like themselves.

Spirits in the Wires

Spirits in the Wires Saskia isn't sure where she came from but thinks she may have been born in a web site. And then there is Christiana Tree. Both are linked to writer Christy Riddell. It turns out that Christiana is a manifestation of made up of personality traits Christy left behind at the age of seven. A strange crash occurs on the popular research site, Wordwood, and those who were visiting the site at that moment disappears from in front of their screens. Christy and his comrades must then enter that plane where Wordwood is physical to rescue their friends and defeat the cause of the mayhem.


Dreams Underfoot

Dreams Underfoot It collects the following stories:
Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair
The Stone Drum
That Explains Poland
Romano Drom
The Sacred Fire
Winter Was Hard
Pity the Monsters
Ghosts of Wind and Shadow
The Conjure Man
Small Deaths
The Moon is Drowning While I Sleep
In the House of My Enemy
But for the Grace Go I
Our Lady of the Harbour

The Ivory And The Horn

The Ivory And The Horn It collects the following stories:
Bird Bones and Wood Ash
The Bone Woman
Coyote Stories
Dead Man's Shoes
Dream Harder, Dream True
The Forest is Crying
The Forever Trees
Mr. Truepenny's Book Emporium and Gallery
Pal o' Mine
The Pochade Box
Saxophone Joe and the Woman in Black
A Tempest in Her Eyes
Waifs and Strays
Where Desert Spirits Crowd the Night
The Wishing Well

Moonlight and Vines

Moonlight and Vines It collects the following stories:
Sweetgrass & City Streets
In This Soul of a Woman
The Big Sky
Held Safe by Moonlight and Vines
In the Pines
Shining Nowhere But In the Dark
If I Close My Eyes Forever
The Invisibles
Seven for a Secret
Crow Girls
Wild Horses
In the Land of the Unforgiven
My Life As A Bird
China Doll
In the Quiet After Midnight
The Pennymen
Twa Corbies
The Fields Beyond the Fields

Waifs and Strays

Waifs and Strays It collects the following stories:
Tamson House, Ottawa, Ontario
Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood
Ottawa and the Valley
There's No Such Thing
Fairy Dust
A Wish Named Arnold
Wooden Bones
Otherworlds: Past and Future
The Graceless Child
A Tattoo on Her Heart
May This Be Your Last Sorrow
Newford: In and Out of the City
One Chance
But for the Grace Go I
Ghosts of Wind and Shadow
Waifs and Strays
Somewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box

Triskell Tales
Subterranean Press

Triskell Tales It collects the following stories:
The Three That Came
The Oak King's Daughter
The Moon is A Meadow
Humphrey's Christmas
A Pattern of Silver Strings
Glass Eyes and Cotton Strings
In Mask and Motley
Laughter in the Leaves
The Three Plushketeers Meet Santy Claus
The Badger in the Bag
The Three Plushketeers and the Garden Slugs
And the Rafters Were Ringing
The Lark in the Morning
The Drowned Man's Reel
The Stone Drum
Ghosts of Wind and Shadow
The Bone Woman
Mr. Truepenny's Book Emporium and Gallery
Coyote Stories
Crow Girls
My Life As A Bird
The Fields Beyond the Fields
Second Chances
Pixel Pixies

It collects the following poems:
Root of Horn
Meran's Stone
Withered Trickster
The Piper
Secret Stones, Hollow Hills
Days of Fading
They Will Come Again
Blood to Blood
Alken's Way
The Mysteries
Root Truths
Four Seasons and the First Day of the Year
An Fear Glas
The Old Tunes
The Calendar of the Trees
Desert Moments (Collection of eleven poems and two transcribed tunes)

Tapping the Dream Tree

Tapping the Dream Tree It collects the following stories:
Ten for the Devil
Wingless Angels
The Words That Remain
Many Worlds Are Born Tonight
The Buffalo Man
Second Chances
Forest of Stone
Embracing the Mystery
Masking Indian
Granny Weather
The Witching Hour
Pixel Pixies
Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Café
Making a Noise in This World
Big City Littles
Sign Here
Seven Wild Sisters

A Handful of Coppers
Subterranean Press

A Handful of Coppers It collects the following stories:
The Fair, the Foul & the Foolish
Wizard's Bounty
The Valley of the Troll
The Road to Jarawen
A Handful of Coppers
Night of the Valkings
The Ring of Brodgar
The Iron Stone
The Fair in Emain Macha
Damon: A Prologue
Wings Over Antar
Dark God Laughing
The Rat's Alley Shuffle
The Skin & Knife Game (collaboration with Lee Barwood)

Quicksilver & Shadow
Subterranean Press

A Handful of Coppers It collects the following stories:
His City
May This Be Your Last Sorrow
Death Leaves An Echo
L'Esprit de la Belle Mariette
The Face in the Flames
The Soft Whisper of Midnight Snow
We Are Dead Together
From a 24" Screen
A Witch in Rhyme
Songwalking the Hunter's Road
The Lantern is the Moon
The Dralan
The Cost of Shadows
Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen
A Tattoo on Her Heart

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