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Canadian flag Periodically someone asks if there is any science fiction or fantasy being written by Canadians. We say yes. They ask who? Given the international nature of publishing, this is not self-evident. We have compiled this list of titles, most of which should still be in print or are being published sometime in the next few months. If you can suggest others to be added, please send them to

Over the years, there has been an ongoing discussion by various folk as to what constitutes Canadian F and SF. We don't want to provoke, presume or participate in who or what falls within any of the definitions. Rather, this list is intended to show just a few of the titles written by Canadians.

To help, we suggest you visit Made in Canada: The Homepage for Canadian Science Fiction. There you'll find almost everything about Canadian SF and fantasy.

Alison Baird
The Dragon's Egg (1994)
White as the Waves (1999)
[The Tales of Annwn] The Hidden World (1999)
[The Tales of Annwn] The Wolves of Woden (2001)
The Witches Of Willowmere (2002)
The Warding of Willowmere (2004)
[The Dragon Throne] The Stone of the Stars (2004)
[The Dragon Throne] The Empire of the Stars (2004)
Don Bassingthwaite
[World of Darkness] Mage: Such Pain (1995)
[World of Darkness] Breathe Deeply (1995)
[World of Darkness] Pomegranates Full and Fine (1995)
[World of Darkness] As One Dead (with Nancy Kilpatrick) (1996)
Such Pain (1996)
The Yellow Silk (2004)
The Mistress of the Night with Dave Gross (2004)
By Dust Consumed (2002)
If Whispers Call (2000)
Rebecca Bradley
Lady in Gil (1996)
Scion's Lady (1997)
Lady Pain (1998)
Temutma (1999)
Cliff Burns
Righteous Blood (2003)
So Dark the Night (2008)
Joël Champetier
The Dragon's Eye (1999)
Julie E. Czerneda
[Trade Pact Universe] A Thousand Words For Stranger (1997)
[Trade Pact Universe] Ties of Power (1999)
[Trade Pact Universe] To Trade the Stars (2002)
[Web Shifters] Beholder's Eye (1998)
[Web Shifters] Changing Vision (2000)
[Web Shifters] Hidden in Sight (2003)
In the Company of Others (2001)
[Species Imperative] Survival (2004)
[Species Imperative] Migration (2005)
[Species Imperative] Regeneration (2006)
Don DeBrandt
Timberjak (1999)
V.I. (2000)
The Quicksilver Screen (2000)
Shakedown (2000)
Steeldriver (2000)
Charles de Lint
The Riddle of the Wren (1984)
Moonheart: A Romance (1984)
Mulengro (1985)
The Harp of the Grey Rose (1985)
Yarrow (1986)
[Jack Of Kinrowan] Jack the Giant-Killer: A Novel of Urban Faerie (1987)
Ascian in Rose (1987)
Wolf Moon (1988)
Greenmantle (1988)
Svaha (1989)
[Philip Josť Farmer's The Dungeon] The Hidden City (1989)
Ghostwood (1990)
The Fair in Emain Macha (1990)
The Dreaming Place (1990)
Angel of Darkness (1990) as Samuel M. Key
[Philip Josť Farmer's The Dungeon] The Valley Of Thunder (1990)
[Jack Of Kinrowan] Drink Down the Moon: A Novel of Urban Faerie (1990)
Our Lady of the Harbour (1991)
The Little Country (1991)
Ghosts of Wind and Shadow (1991)
Spiritwalk (1992)
Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection (1993)
The Wishing Well (1993)
From a Whisper to a Scream (1992) as Samuel M. Key
I'll be Watching You (1992) as Samuel M. Key
Death Leaves an Echo (1991)
Into The Green (1993)
Memory And Dream (1994)
[Brian Froud's Faerielands] The Wild Wood (1994)
The Ivory And The Horn: A Newford Collection (1995)
Trader (1997)
Someplace to be Flying (1998)
Moonlight and Vines (Collection) (1999)
The Buffalo Man (1999)
Triskel Tales (Collection) (2000)
Forests of the Heart (2000)
The Onion Girl (2001)
The Road to Lisdoonvarna (2001)
Tapping the Dream Tree (Collection) (2002)
Seven Wild Sisters (2002)
Spirits in the Wires (2003)
A Circle of Cats (2003) (illustrated by Charles Vess)
Waifs and Strays (Collection) (2003)
A Handful of Coppers (Collection) (2003)
Quicksilver & Shadow (2004)
The Blue Girl (2005)
Candas Jane Dorsey
Hardwired Angel (1985) with Nora Abercrombie
Black Wine (1997)
A Paradigm of Earth (2001)
Wayland Drew
Dragonslayer (1981)
[The Erthring Cycle] The Memoirs of Alcheringia (1984)
[The Erthring Cycle] The Gaian Expedient (1985)
[The Erthring Cycle] The Master of Norriya (1986)
Willow (1988)
Dave Duncan
A Rose-Red City (1987)
Shadow (1987)
[The Seventh Sword Trilogy] The Reluctant Swordsman (1988)
[The Seventh Sword Trilogy] The Coming of Wisdom (1988)
[The Seventh Sword Trilogy] The Destiny of the Sword (1988)
West of January (1989)
Strings (1990)
[A Man of His Word] Magic Casement (1990)
[A Man of His Word] Faery Lands Forlorn (1991)
Hero! (1991)
[A Man of His Word] Perilous Seas (1991)
[A Man of His Word] Emperor and Clown (1992)
The Reaver Road (1992)
[A Handful of Men] The Cutting Edge (1992)
[A Handful of Men] Upland Outlaws (1993)
[A Handful of Men] The Stricken Field (1993)
[A Handful of Men] The Living God (1994)
The Hunters' Haunt (1995)
Demon Sword (1995) (as Ken Hood)
The Cursed (1995)
[The Great Game] Past Imperative (1995)
[The Great Game] Present Tense (1996)
Demon Rider (1997) (as Ken Hood)
Demon Knight (1998) (as Ken Hood)
[The Great Game] Future Indefinite (1998)
Daughter of Troy (1998) (as Sarah. B. Franklin)
[The King's Daggers] Sir Stalwart (1999)
[A Tale of the King's Blades] The Gilded Chain (1999)
[A Tale of the King's Blades] Lord Of The Firelands (2000)
[A Tale of the King's Blades] Sky of Swords (2001)
[The King's Daggers] Silvercloak (2001)
Paragon Lost (2002)
[The King's Daggers] The Crooked House (2003)
[A Chronicle of the King's Blades] Impossible Odds (2003)
[A Chronicle of the King's Blades] The Jaguar Knights (2004)
Steven Erikson
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] Gardens of the Moon (1999)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] Deadhouse Gates (2000)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] Memories of Ice (2001)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] Blood Follows (2002)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] House of Chains (2002)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] Midnight Tides (2004)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] The Healthy Dead (2004)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] The Bonehunters (2006)
[Malazan Book of the Fallen] Reaper's Gale (2007)
Aaron Michael Fanthorpe and W.E. Gathercoal
Genesis Project: After the End, Comes the Beginning (2005)
James Alan Gardner
Expendable (1997)
Commitment Hour (1998)
Vigilant (1999)
Hunted (2000)
Ascending (2001)
Trapped (2002)
Phyllis Gotlieb
Sunburst (1964)
[Starcats] Emperor, Swords, Pentacles (1982)
Son Of The Morning And Other Stories (1983) (collection)
[Starcats] A Judgement Of Dragons (1985)
[Starcats] The Kingdom Of The Cats (1985)
Heart Of Red Iron (1989)
Blue Apes (1995) (collection)
[Lyhhrt] Flesh and Gold (1998)
[Lyhhrt] Violent Stars (1999)
[Lyhhrt] Mindworlds (2002)
Birthstones (2007)
Terence Green
The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind (1987) (collection)
Barking Dogs (1988)
Children of the Rainbow (1992)
Shadows of Ashland (1996)
Blue Limbo (1997)
A Witness to Life (1999)
St. Patrick's Bed (2001)
Ed Greenwood
[Forgotten Realms] Spellfire (1988)
[Forgotten Realms] Crown of Fire (1994)
[Forgotten Realms] Elminster: The Making of a Mage (1994)
[Forgotten Realms] Shadows of Doom (1995)
[Forgotten Realms] Cloak of Shadows (1995)
[Forgotten Realms] All Shadows Fled (1995)
[Forgotten Realms] Stormlight (1996)
David Hartwell and Glenn Grant, editors
Northern Stars (1994)
Northern Suns (1999)
Nalo Hopkinson
Brown Girl in the Ring (1998)
Midnight Robber (2000)
Skin Folk (2001)
The Salt Roads (2003)
Tanya Huff
[Novels of Crystal] Child of the Grove (1988)
[Novels of Crystal] The Last Wizard (1989)
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light (1989)
The Fire's Stone (1990)
[Victory Nelson, Investigator] Blood Price (1991)
[Victory Nelson, Investigator] Blood Trail (1992)
[Victory Nelson, Investigator] Blood Lines (1992)
[Victory Nelson, Investigator] Blood Pact (1993)
[Quarters Series] Sing the Four Quarters (1994)
[Quarters Series] Fifth Quarter (1995)
[Ravenloft] Scholar of Decay (1995)
[Quarters Series] No Quarter (1996)
[Victory Nelson, Investigator] Blood Debt (1997)
[Summon the Keeper] Summon the Keeper (1998)
[Quarters Series] The Quartered Sea (1999)
Stealing Magic (collection) (1999)
What Ho, Magic! (collection) (1999)
[Valor] Valor's Choice (2000)
[Summon the Keeper] The Second Summoning (2001)
[Valor] The Better Part of Valor (2002)
Relative Magic (collection) (2003)
[Summon the Keeper] Long Hot Summoning (2003)
Smoke and Shadows (2004)
Smoke and Mirrors (2005)
Matthew Hughes
Fools Errant (1994)
Fool Me Twice (2001)
Black Brillion (2004)
Don Hutchison (editor)
Northern Frights 1 (1992)
Northern Frights 2 (1994)
Northern Frights 3 (1995)
Northern Frights 4 (1997)
Northern Frights 5 (1999)
Marie Jakober
The Mind Gods (1976)
Sandinista (1985)
A People in Arms (1987)
High Kamilan (1993)
The Black Chalice (2000)
Only Call Us Faithful (2003)
Even the Stones (2004)
Jan Lars Jensen
Shiva 3000 (2000)
K.V. Johansen
Torrie and the Dragon (1997)
Torrie and the Pirate-Queen (2005)
The Serpent Bride (1998)
Quests and Kingdoms: A Grown-Up's Guide to Children's Fantasy Literature (2005)
The Cassandra Virus (2006)
Torrie and the Firebird (2006)
Nightwalker (2007)
Torrie and the Snake-Prince (2007)
The Drone War (2007)
Beyond Window Dressing: Canadian Children's Fantasy at the Millennium (2007)
Treason in Eswy (2008)
Warden of Greyrock (2009)
Guy Gavriel Kay
[The Fionavar Tapestry] The Summer Tree (1984)
[The Fionavar Tapestry] The Wandering Fire (1986)
[The Fionavar Tapestry] The Darkest Road (1986)
Tigana (1990)
A Song For Arbonne (1992)
The Lions of Al-Rassan (1995)
[The Sarantine Mosaic] Sailing to Sarantium (1998)
[The Sarantine Mosaic] Lord of Emperors (2000)
The Last Light of the Sun (2004)
Eileen Kernaghan
Journey to Aprilioth (1980)
Songs from Drowned Lands (1983)
The Sarsen Witch (1989)
Dance of the Snow Dragon (1995)
The Snow Queen (2000)
Winter on the Plain of Ghosts : a novel of Mohenjo-daro (2004)
The Alchemist's Daughter (2004)
Crawford Kilian
Eyas (1982)
Lifter (1986)
Gryphon (1989)
Greenmagic (1992)
Redmagic (1995)
Nancy Kilpatrick
Near Death (1994)
[World of Darkness] As One Dead (1996) (with Don Bassingthwaite)
Child of the Night (1996)
Reborn (1997)
Dracul: An Eternal Love Story (1998)
Bloodlover (2000)
The Darker Passions: Carmilla (2004)
Donald Kingsbury
Courtship Rite (1982)
The Moon Goddess and the Son (1986)
The Heroic Myth of Lieutenant Nora Argamentine (1994)
Psychohistorical Crisis
Paul Marlowe
Sporeville (2007)
Knights of the Sea (2008)
Ann Marston
[Rune Blade Trilogy] Kingmaker's Sword (1996)
[Rune Blade Trilogy] The Western King (1996)
[Rune Blade Trilogy] The Broken Blade (1997)
[Sword in Exile] Cloudbearer's Shadow (1999)
[Sword in Exile] King of Shadows (1999)
[Sword in Exile] Sword and Shadow (1999)
Scott Mackay
Outpost (1998)
The Meek (2001)
Orbis (2002)
Larry Panchuk
The Devil's Magnet (2006)
Donna McMahon
Dance of Knives (2000)
Fiona Patton
The Stone Prince (1997)
The Painter Knight (1998)
The Granite Shield (1999)
The Golden Sword (2001)
Spider Robinson
Telempath (1976)
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (1977)
Starseed (1979)
Stardance (1979)
Time Travelers Strictly Cash (1981)
Night of Power (1985)
Callahan's Secret (1986)
Time Pressure (1987)
Callahan's Lady (1989)
Lady Slings the Booze (1992)
The Callahan Touch (1993)
Starmind (1994)
Lifehouse (1996)
Callahan's Legacy (1996)
Deathkiller (1996)
Callahan's Key (2000)
The Free Lunch (2001)
By Any Other Name (2001)
Very Bad Things (2004)
Sean Russell
[Initiate Brother] The Initiate Brother (1991)
[Initiate Brother] Gatherer of Clouds (1992)
[World Without End] World Without End (1994)
[World Without End] Sea Without a Shore (1996)
[The River into Darkness] Beneath the Vaulted Hills (1998)
[The River into Darkness] Compass of the Soul (1999)
[The Swans' War] The One Kingdom (2001)
[The Swans' War] The Isle of Battle (2002)
[The Swans' War] The Shadow Roads (2004)
Geoff Ryman
The Unconquered Country (1986)
The Warrior who Carried Life (1985)
The Child Garden (1989)
WAS (1992)
253 (1998)
Lust (2001)
V.A.O. (2002)
Air (2002)
Lust (2004)
Robert J. Sawyer
Golden Fleece (1990)
[The Quintaglio Ascension] Far-Seer (1992)
[The Quintaglio Ascension] Fossil Hunter (1993)
[The Quintaglio Ascension] Foreigner (1993)
End of an Era (1994)
The Terminal Experiment (1995)
Starplex (1996)
Frameshift (1997)
Illegal Alien (1997)
Factoring Humanity (1998)
Flashforward (1999)
Calculating God (2000)
[Neanderthal Parallax] Hominids (2002)
[Neanderthal Parallax] Humans (2003)
[Neanderthal Parallax] Hybrids (2004)
Iterations (2004) (collection)
Mindscan (2005)
Karl Schroeder
The Claus Effect (1997) with David Nickle
Ventus (2000)
Permanence (2002)
Lady of Mazes
Alison Sinclair
Legacies (1995)
Blueheart (1996)
Cavalcade (1998)
Throne Price with Lynda Williams (2002)
Sean Stewart
Passion Play (1992)
Nobody's Son (1993)
Resurection Man (1995)
Clouds End (1996)
The Night Watch (1997)
Mockingbird (1998)
Galveston (2000)
Perfect Circle (2004)
Star Wars: Dark Rendezvous (2004)
S.M. Stirling
[Fifth Millenium] Snowbrother (1985)
Marching Through Georgia (1988)
[Fifth Millenium] The Cage (1989) (with Shirley Meier)
Under the Yoke (1989)
The Stone Dogs (1990)
The Forge (1991) (with David Drake)
[Fifth Millenium] Shadow's Son (1991) (with Karen Wehrstein and Shirley Meier)
[Fifth Millenium] Saber and Shadow (1992) (with Shirley Meier)
The Hammer (1992) (with David Drake)
The Anvil (1993) (with David Drake)
The City Who Fought (1993) (with Anne McCaffrey)
The Steel (1993) (with David Drake)
The Rose Sea (1994) (with Holly Lisle)
The Sword (1995) (with David Drake)
Drakon (1996)
The Rising (1996) (with James Doohan)
The Chosen (1996) (with David Drake)
Island In the Sea of Time (1998)
Edo van Belkom
Wyrm Wolf (1995)
Death Drives A Semi (1997) (collection)
Lord Soth (1998)
Teeth (2001)
Martyrs (2001)
Scream Queen (2003)
Wolf Pack (2004)
Blood Road (2004)
Élisabeth Vonarburg
The Silent City (1988)
In the Mothers' Land (1992)
The Reluctant Voyagers (1994)
Dreams of the Sea (1996)
Peter Watts
Starfish (1999)
Maelstrom (2001)
Behemoth: B-Max (2004)
Behemoth: Seppuku (2005)
Andrew Weiner
Station Gehenna (1982)
Getting Near the End (2004)
Michelle West
[The Sundered] Into The Dark Lands (1991) (as Michelle Sagara)
[The Sundered] Children of the Blood (1992) (as Michelle Sagara)
[The Sundered] Lady of Mercy (1993) (as Michelle Sagara)
[The Sundered] Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light (1994) (as Michelle Sagara)
[Sacred Hunt] Hunter's Oath (1995)
[Sacred Hunt] Hunter's Death (1996)
[The Sun Sword] The Broken Crown (1997)
[The Sun Sword] The Uncrowned King (1998)
[The Sun Sword] The Shining Court (1999)
[The Sun Sword] Sea of Sorrows (2001)
[The Sun Sword] The Riven Shield (2003)
[The Sun Sword] The Sun Sword (2004) Speaking with Angels (2004) (collection)
Jack Whyte
Saxon Shore (1995)
Eagle's Brood (1995)
The Singing Sword (1996)
The Skystone (1996)
The Sorceror: The Fort at River's Bend (1997)
The Sorceror: Metamorphosis (1997)
Uthur (1998)
The Lance Thrower (2004)
Edward Willett
Soulworm (1997)
The Dark Unicorn (1998)
Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star (1999)
Robert Charles Wilson
A Hidden Place (1986)
Memory Wire (1987)
Gypsies (1989)
The Divide (1990)
A Bridge of Years (1991)
The Harvest (1992)
Mysterium (1994)
Darwinia (1998)
Bios (1999)
The Perseids and Other Stories (2000) (Collection)
The Chronoliths (2001)
Blind Lake (2003)
Spin (2005)

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