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Paul J. McAuley A Conversation With Paul J. McAuley
An interview with Nick Gevers
On being a scientist-turned-writer:
"I'm a science junkie -- always have been. If I'd been a writer before becoming a scientist I think I'd still be writing about science and I'm certainly still excited by the rich strangeness of the universe -- I'm lucky to live here, at the start of the twenty-first century, where new wonders are reported almost daily. As a scientist, I hope I've acquired a certain meticulousness about thinking things through, the ability to see things from the bottom up, and to not be afraid of research."

Fiona McIntosh A Conversation With Fiona McIntosh
An interview with Sandy Auden
On creating believable characters:
"For me it always boils down to giving them a strong emotional base. All of my tales are totally character-driven and unless these characters leap very directly and swiftly off the page and into readers' hearts, then my story's lost. I need the reader to despise my villains from the outset and then I can just keep turning the screws on them, making them darker and darker until the reader is howling for vengeance. That stirring of reader passion gives stories great impetus."

Sean McMullen A Conversation With Sean McMullen
An interview with Nick Gevers
On introspection by characters:
"In real life, you very rarely get deep introspection from people, apart from -- say -- when some work colleague has a few drinks too many at the pub and dumps his innermost opinions on you whether you want to hear them or not. I think a novel should be like looking at real life, rather than getting a telepathic tour of people's minds. I prefer to give cues and clues about my characters' thoughts, just as you get them in real life. It is completely deliberate. All that said, there are certainly moments of deep introspection in my work, but they do not dominate the text."

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