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The X-Files is a one-hour TV drama about an unconventional FBI agent named Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) who develops a passion for a group of unsolved cases known within the FBI as X-Files. Mulder believes the cases involve paranormal phenomena and supernatural activity. To keep tabs on his work -- and to debunk his theories -- the FBI teams him with Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), a young, skeptical agent who has a degree in medicine and allegiance to science.

The two were at first an unlikely pair. Mulder is a former FBI fast-tracker whose preoccupation with things paranormal stalled his meteoric rise through the agency. Scully, on the other hand, is a medical doctor, trained to draw conclusions based on fact. Still, as their professional relationship progresses, even the skeptical doctor has had more than one experience that defies scientific explanation.

As the pair works to solve these unexplained cases, Mulder's strong belief in the forces of the unknown continues to challenge Scully's rational mind. Their relationship grows more complex with each case and slowly emerges as a heady mix of professional competitiveness, witty repartee and a personal intimacy due to the intensity of their job and the close proximity in which they work.

Interested in reading about some recent episodes? You can read Rick Norwood's commentary on science fiction television in his SF Site column, Babylon 5.1.

The X-Files

X-Files 20th Century Fox hosts this direct link to The X-Files. There, if you have comments or suggestions about any of the listed subjects, then they want to hear what you have to say. But don't count on getting a answer. This site may be the definitive guide to the series. It covers all the episodes and is kind enough to state when it may present spoiler information, if you have not seen all the episodes.

Jaguar's Home of The X-Files Drinking Game etc...

X-Files Here is how it works:
For each of the games, ten things that frequently happen in X-Files episodes are listed. Come Sunday night, get the beverage of your choice eg. Vodka, Whiskey, beer (if you choose beer, take more than a shot.) Have your shot glasses ready and when one of the ten items on the list for your game occurs in the show, it's bottoms up, then reload. Continue until you are out of liquid or the show ends. An easy and fun way to get drunk with your friends!

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