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George Lucas really started something back in 1977. His Star Wars movie was viewed by some as a western in space, a fun movie but nothing more. Boy, were they wrong. This movie spawned two sequels, got some of the largest box office of all time, made marketing folk writhe in delight for all of the spin-offs and attracted some of the most dedicted fans any movie-maker could want. Now, there's talk of another trilogy of movies.

This smattering of links dedicated to Star Wars, their worlds, their characters, their plots and their marketing feature the efforts of folk whose lives has been influenced in one way or another by these movies.

Selected Links
Star Wars Site
Lucas Arts
Star Wars Trivia
Vast Empire
The Star Wars Model Kit Gallery
San Francisco Star Wars Fan Club
Mahesh's Empire
Sci-Fi Collectables
Massassi Order
The Death Star
Star Wars - Lightsabre
Planet Star Wars
Star Wars - Anthropology and Myth
Empire of the Stars
DarthMatt's World
Salamon's Star Wars
Ponte Central
Trencher-ALB's Universe
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Fabool's Homepage
Star Wars CORE System
Matthew's Star Wars Page
Hansolo675's Star Wars Page
Dark Father
Emperor's Hammer
STAR WARS: Streaming Video Demo
Nacona Sector
Star Wars Home Page at UPENN
Yoda's Homepage
Evan Strikes Back Page
May the Force be with you...Star Wars
Stormtrooper HQ
Jabba's Palace
A Republic Against an Empire
Apocalypse Station
The Star Wars Behind The Scenes Site
Xtreme Jedi Masters
Son Of Skywalker's Star Wars Page
Lando Calrissian's Personal Sabacc Table
The Matt Pfingsten Home Page -- Star Wars
Obi Wan Kenobi's Star Wars Web Site
ISD-II Devastator
Garry Wilson's Star Wars Museum
Brad's Star Wars CCG Home Page
Jason stark's Jedi Praxeum
Sam's Star Wars CCG
The Largest Star Wars Site on the Web!
Star Wars Reality
The Rabid Bantha Bar and Grille
Star Wars: Soldiers and Vessels of the Empire
The Corellian Secret Service
Jodo Net
The Star Wars Lies Page
New Republic Outpost D-34
Star Wars - The Ultimate Science Fiction

Star Wars Here is your second stop for all material Star Warsian. Along with everything else, they have l'edition francaise. You'll find information and links broken down by prequels, the jedi council, rebel friends, troops, skystation and others. Detailed technical commentaries, fan fiction, interviews, comics, books and games are just some of the site's features.

Star Wars Home Page

Star Wars Here you'll find scripts of the three Star Wars movies, statistics on some of the most popular ships featured in the Star Wars Trilogy and summaries and critique of the many Bantam Star Wars novels which have been written. Other features include a description of some ambiguous terms used in the Star Wars universe, a FAQ discussing the new upcoming Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars Top Ten Lists and some Star Wars Parodies.

New Republic Outpost D-34

Star Wars New Republic Outpost D-34, powered by lots of advanced HTML, JAVA and PERL, features items to jazz up your PC including MIDI, movies, sounds, pictures and real media. It is iour one-stop news source for all that is Star Wars gaming on the Internet.

The Rabid Bantha Bar and Grille

Star Wars Looking for a little humour? Here is a site of Star Wars humour. There, you'll find Yoda's Rules For Jedi Living, The Secret Lives of Droids, Scenes From The Star Wars Trilogy "Extra Special" Special Edition, The Jawa Appreciation Society (JASOC) and a whole lot more.

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