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The Pretender
Steven Long Mitchell (creator/executive producer) and Craig W. Van Sickle (creator/executive producer)

The Pretender
The Pretender
The Pretender
The Pretender is the story of Jarod, a boy-genius taken from his family as a child. Jarod possesses the ability to quickly learn and impersonate different jobs and occupations. His abductors, a facility simply known as The Centre, tested his abilities through various simulations. But after years of these performances, Jarod becomes wise to the fact that these simulations aren't being used to help people. The Centre sells the "Sims" to the highest bidder to do with as they please, whether it is for good or evil purposes. Knowing this, he breaks free from his captors. Now, as an adult, Jarod sets out to find his family. Along the way, he befriends many people, righting any wrong by using his abilities to become anyone he wants to be.

The Pretender -- Season One four-disc set includes all 20 broadcast episodes along with episode commentaries, "Making Of" featurettes and original TV spots. The DVD is presented in 1.33:1 aspect ratio in full screen and English, French and Spanish Dolby Surround.

Principal Cast

Michael T. Weiss -- Jarod
Andrea Parker -- Miss Parker/Catherine Parker
Patrick Bauchau -- Sydney
Jon Gries -- Broots
Ryan Merriman -- Young Jarod/Gemini
Ashley Peldon -- Young Miss Parker
Richard Marcus -- Dr. William Raines
Paul Dillon -- Angelo/Timmy
Harve Presnell -- Mr. Parker
Jamie Denton -- Mr. Lyle/Bobby Bowman
Pamela Gidley -- Brigitte

Disc One, Side One
  Pilot -- Commentary by Craig Van Sickle, Stephen Lon Mitchell, Fred Keller and John Gries
  Every Picture Tells a Story
  Curious Jarod

Disc One, Side Two
  The Paper Clock
  To Server to Protect
Special Features:
  Making of Featurette Part One

Disc Two, Side One
  A Virus Among Us
  Not Even a Mouse
  Better Part of Valor

Disc Two, Side Two
  Bomb Squad
  Prison Story
Special Features:
  Making of Featurette Part Two

Disc Three, Side One
  Bazooka Jarod
  Ranger Jarod
  Under the Reds

Disc Three, Side Two
  Unhappy Landings
Special Features:
  Making of Featurette Part Three

Disc Four, Side One
  Jarod's Honor
  Baby Love
Special Features:
  TV Spots: 1963, Who Are, 3 Weeks, Ms Parker, Preview

Disc Four, Side Two
  Dragon House (part 1 and 2) -- Commentary by Craig Van Sickle, Stephen Long Mitchell, Fred Keller, and Jon Gries

You can buy a copy of The Pretender -- Season One DVD from, the official online store for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Thanks to everyone who entered our The Pretender -- Season One contest. All the DVDs (Region 1) have been won and the contest is now closed. A complete list of winners has been posted elsewhere or contact us at

For those interested, the answers to the questions are:
How many brothers and sisters does Jarod have? one brother and one sister
With what series did The Pretender do crossover episodes? Profiler
Who did Miss Parker think killed her mother? Jarod's father

Small Print:
In order to win a DVD copy of The Pretender -- Season One (Region 1), you must send an email to stating the correct answers to the above questions. Please send only one email; duplicates will be ignored. Winners will be chosen from those with correct answers and notified by email. DVDs will be mailed out post-paid once all winners have been notified. A final list of winners will be posted.

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