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The idea of a resource link site is to squeeze as much infomation as possible into as few pages as possible (without being too confusing) yet retain a format easily understood by visitors. A measure of success is the frequency the site ends up being bookmarked by visitors. Another is seeing a link to the site on others' pages. These sites offer up a mix of information and links about science fiction and fantasy.

SF Montreal

It is a member-moderated collection of science fiction web links with an emphasis on Montreal science fiction resources, but there is plenty to take you to all corners of the Web. SF Montreal is an offshoot of The BBS at the End of the Universe. TBATEOTU originated as a dial-up BBS in Montreal back in 1992. Before the Internet came along, Bulletin Board Services were how ordinary people with computers and modems communicated.

The Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase

Al von Ruff, Founder/Editor of the ISFDB and his staff have undertaken a continuous, ongoing effort to catalog works of Speculative Fiction. It is an attempt to link together various types of bibliographic data: author bibliographies, publication bibliographies, award listings, magazine content listings, anthology and collection content listings, yearly fiction indexes, and forthcoming books. And, boy, have they done a terrific job.

Info from ISFDB can be retrieved by:
AWARDS - Generate an award listing for a specific award and year;
DIRECTORY - All of the authors present in the ISFDB are listed in the author directory;
FORTHCOMING - List of known forthcoming books;
MAGAZINES- Display the contents of selected SF magazines;
OLDEST - A list of the oldest living authors, editors, and artists in the database;
SEARCH - Search the DataBase by title, author, year, or series name - or generate a fiction index for a particular year. It can also be used to request bibliographic research for a particular author;
TOP 100 - These are top 100 lists based on awards data; novels, short fiction, and author lists are available.

Fans of suspense, horror, action and SF will find rather ghoulish content on 13th Street, which features audio dramas, games, reviews, video horroscopes, and more. The games will definitely hook you.

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