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Any search of on-line RPG resources reveals a vibrant and active culture. The recent science-fiction explosion has carried over into the gaming industry, with both fledgling and established companies pushing new SF game systems and supplements. While most people still associate RPGs with sword & sorcery milieu of Gary Gygax's eponymous Dungeons & Dragons, current game designs trend toward "generic" rules systems, which can be adapted to any number of gaming environments.

Here, we have compiled a listing of web resources for gamers, featuring the most important RPG designers.

Game Designers/Publishers
Phage Press
9th Level Games
Agents of Gaming
Atlas Games
Avalanche Press, Ltd.
Avalon Hill
Biohazard Games
Black Dragon Press
Black Gate Publishing
Burger Games
Cactus Game Design
Chaosium Inc.
Clockwork Games
Columbia Games
Crucible Design
Decipher Inc.
Deep 7
Deer Valley Game Co.
Discordia Inc.
Dream Pod 9
Dynasty Presentations, Inc.
Eden Studios Gaming Nexus
FASA Corporation
Fat Messiah Games
Flying Buffalo
Future Shadows
Galileo Games
Gamers, Inc.
Games Workshop
Gold Rush Games
Green Goblin Games
Green Knight Publishing
Grey Ghost Press
Guardians of Order
Guide to Adventure
Heavy Ordinance
Hero Games
Hogshead Publishing
Holistic Design
Hubris Games
Imagine Role-Playing Inc.
Iron Crown Enterprises
Issaries, Inc.
Lost Worlds
Mayfair Games
MC+ Creations
Monolithic Games
NXT Games
Optimus Design Systems
Palladium Books
Pharaoh Games, LLC
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Precedence Publishing
Prism Games
Prolepsis Games
R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
Ragnarok Games
Ral Partha Publishing
Raven Star Game Designs LLC.
Ron Edwards' Sorcerer
Sierra Madre Games
Steve Jackson Games
Task Force Games
Tesarta Industries, Inc.
Trawna Publications
Wasteland Games
West End Games
White Wolf Games
Wingnut Games
Wizards of the Coast
Zody Games

Chaosium Inc.

Creators of Call of Cthulhu, the original horror RPG based on the otherworldly work of pulp-fiction deity H.P. Lovecraft. Even Mulder and Scully have never faced the unspeakable terror of the Elder Gods! Chaosium also publishes Mythos, a CCG companion to Call of Cthulhu, and Elric, a heroic sword & sorcery RPG based on Michael Moorcock's fantasy novels.

Wizards of the Coast

Makers of the mother-of-all trading card games, Magic: The Gathering, and new publishers of sword & sorcery classic Dungeons & Dragons. Recently released Star Wars RPG based on D&D's d20 system.

Hero Games

Hero Games made their mark in the early-eighties with Champions - still the most popular super-hero RPG. The Hero System derived from Champions was among the first generic game systems, and has been adapted to fantasy, wild west, horror, and sci-fi game environments.

White Wolf

White Wolf's line of supernatural horror titles like Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, allow players to assume the role of their favorite monsters from classic folklore.

BioHazard Games

Designers of Blue Planet, a dark-future adventure with an intricate setting. Reckless genetic engineering has destroyed Earth's ecosystem. Hope rests with establishing a new colony on a distant water world that has its own distinct ecology. The new second edition features greatly improved game mechanics, and has received high praise from gaming enthusiasts.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Pinnacle's flagship title, Deadlands, is a weird alternative history RPG that combines elements of the wild west and supernatural horror genres. It's also one of the best-selling RPGs in recent years.

Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson started the "generic RPG" trend with GURPS - the Generic Universal Role-Playing System. Their vehicular combat game Car Wars, was one of the most influential sci-fi microgames of the 1980s. In Illuminati and its CCG variant INWO, players conspire against one another to achieve world domination. Ogre pits a supertank against a futuristic army on a nuclear battlefield. SJG's Pyramid magazine covers the whole gaming industry.

Guardians of Order

Guardians of Order's flagship title is Big Eyes, Small Mouth, a multi-genre RPG, inspired by Japanese animation. New second edition rules expand and streamline the game engine, enhancing its ability to simultaneously support multiple genres.

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