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Blogs are, by and large, snapshots in time. They give a brief glimpse into the thoughts of the writer on that day -- how they feel, what they want to get across, what they are doing, where they are, what is of interest to them. Tomorrow could be different. Answers could be different.

Sarah Ash
James Barclay
David Brin
Cliff Burns
Jeffrey Ford
Neil Gaiman
William Gibson
Gwyneth Jones
Ian McDonald
Patrick O'Leary
Tony Richards
Will Shetterly
Michael Marshall Smith
Bruce Sterling
Charles Stross
Jeff VanderMeer
Michelle West
Matthew Cheney
Andrew Wheeler
Roz Kaveney
Deep Genre
John Joseph Adams
Jonathan Strahan
Mark R. Kelly
Deanna Hoak
News & Information
Locus Online
Paula Guran
Science Fiction Blog
TAO News Blog
Forbidden Planet
Emerald City
Lou Anders
Grasping for the Wind
SF Audio
David Hebblethwaite
SFF Reader
Agony Column
Meme Therapy
A Dribble of Ink

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