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If there's any modern field of artistic endeavor that owes most of its inspiration and background to science fiction and fantasy, it's computer gaming. From Colossal Adventure to Zork to Doom, the two fields have nurtured and fed each other. Fans of SF have much to attract them about computer games, and vice versa.

Here we list the most dynamic companies at work today in the arena of computer gaming, most of which have used the Web to showcase their wares in a way no other medium could allow. You can download playable demos, shareware versions, patches, FAQs, hints, cheats, and a wide assortment of helpful utilities -- everything the modern gamer could want.

Game Developers
Acclaim Entertainment
Actual Entertainment
Advanced Productions, Inc. (API)
Alien Software, Inc.
Alive Software
Ambertec, Inc.
Ambrosia Software, Inc.
American Softworks Corporation
Anarchy Entertainment
Anomaly Software, Inc.
Apogee Software, Ltd.
Behemoth3, Inc.
Bethesda Softworks
Big Time Software
Blizzard Entertainment
Blue Byte
Bolt Action Software
Bullfrog Productions
Bungie Software
Chaos Software
Chrome Tiger Software
CompuGames Software
Crimson Productions
Crysalis Software
Cyan, Inc.
The Cyberplayers
Deadly Games
Delta Tao Software
Eidos Interactive
Electronic Arts
Empire Interactive and Empire UK
Epic Mega Games
5D Games, Inc.
5th Column Games
Firaxis Software
Grolier Interactive Inc.
GT Interactive
GTI Software
GTE Entertainment
Hot Rod Games
HPS Simulations
id Software
Indigo Games
Inn Games
Interactive Magic
Interplay Productions, Inc.
Ion Storm
IPC Software
Hoopy Entertainment Inc. ARC
Jane's Combat Simulations
Koei Games
Lance Haffner Games
Looking Glass Technologies
Mad Genius Software
MegaMedia Corporation
Megatech Software
Microsoft Games
Military Simulations Inc.
New World Computing
1 A.M. Productions
Playmates Interactive
Probe Entertainment
Pulse Entertainment
RandomSoft/Smart Games, Inc.
Rocket Science
7th Level
Sierra On-Line
Sir Tech Software
Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)
Strategic Studies Group (SSG)
3D Realms
21st Century Entertainment
Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Warner Electronic Publishing
Westfield Communications
Westwood Studios, Inc.
Wizard Works Group

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Happy Puppy
Virtual Virtual Reality
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Best known as the developer of the popular golf simulator Links, Access also publishes a prestigous line of interactive mystery adventures including as Under a Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive. Links LS 98 supports internet play, which prompted Access to lauch the LinksTour98 web site to help players find one another.


Activision is the parent company of Infocom. Their greatest fame arises from the hit Mechwarrior series, based in the Battletech universe of FASA games. New release Battlezone, a cutting-edge 3D update of the old vector-grid arcade classic, innovatively combines features of the first-person shooter and realtime strategy genres.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard rose to prominance with Macintosh games, but gained real fame with their Warcraft series of real-time strategy games. Diablo is a cutting-edge role playing game which introduces internet play to the genre. Their newest release, Starcraft, is a real-time conquest game with internet support.

Bullfrog Productions

British game developers distributed under the EA umbrella, Bullfrog has an impressive roster of titles. Dungeon Keeper turns the old dungeon-crawl genre on its head; players assume the role of an evil dungeon master and get to custom design their own dungeons complete with traps and monsters to keep out all those troublesome adventurers. The Syndicate Wars series are real-time espionage/assassination shooters with elaborate missions and campaign features. Magic Carpet II is the sequel to the original Magic Carpet, one of the first real-time 3D games.

Dreamworks Interactive

The computer gaming division of Steven Spielberg's entertainment conglomerate has already amassed an impressive catalog of technically creative titles. The Neverhood updates the point-and-click adventure genre with eye-popping claymation video and a mischievous sense of humor. Chaos Island: The Lost World is a real-time strategy where players control a team of scientists trapped on an island full of prehistoric perils. The upcoming Trespasser: Jurassic Park is a first-person adventure that promises revolutionary 3D-modelled dinosaurs.

id Software

Makers of Doom, the best-selling game that popularized the first-person 3D shooter genre by adding true multiplayer capability over networks. The Quake series introduced true 3D environments and better AI.

Microsoft Games

Another tentacle of Bill Gates' empire. Titles include Age of Empires, a real-time strategy/conquest that allows player to control the vast empires of ancient history, Close Combat, a real-time action/strategy that simulates World War II infantry action, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft Golf 1998 leads the list of hot upcoming releases.


Makers of the original real-time strategy/conquest game, Dune II, and the best-selling Command & Conquer series. Upcoming release Dune 2000 is the highly-anticipated sequel to Dune II. They have also broken into the first-person role-playing genre with Blade Runner, a real-time 3D adventure based on the classic film.

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