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One of the purposes of the World Wide Web is to share documents in an easy-to-read, graphical way, using hyperlinks and formatting. While monitors have a way to go before anyone is willing to spend hours browsing their favourite author's fiction, here are some samples for your enjoyment.

For a view of what the future may hold, have a look at some on-line fiction. You may want to check out Ahmed A. Khan's Index of Online Fiction for much more.

Fiction Sites
infinity plus infinity plus is inspired by Josh Pachter's anthology, Top Science Fiction, done in the 80s where 25 writers selected what they regarded as the best stories they had ever written. On the site, you'll find something similar: stories, extracts and non-fiction chosen by the authors themselves. Over time, Keith Brooke hopes it'll grow into an archive which will republish some of the best science fiction and fantasy being written.

SCIFICTION posts regularly science fiction and fantasy stories that are literate and well-plotted, usually between 2,000 and 17,500 words. Their interest is in thought-provoking stories and characterization is crucial.

Cory Doctorow has posted the content of many of his stories and books at his web site. There you'll find such postings as Flowers from Alice (with Charles Stross) from New Faces in Science Fiction , A Place So Foreign and Eight More and Pathological Instrumentation Disorder from The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases.

Webring of Imaginary Countries The Webring of Imaginary Countries connects sites of people who own an imaginary country, i.e. all possible variations of geographic entity.

S. Fowler Wright Archive S. Fowler Wright Archive has been assembled for those who wish to learn more of this prolific, diverse and now almost forgotten poet the archivists have been working on a project to identify, list, trace and computer archive his work. Over 6,000,000 words are so far computerised - materially every significant, known book. They'd like to trace all contributors or their representatives to seek their permission for the whole work to be made available.

Fright Library Fright Library holds a bundle of short fiction and novels. There you'll find such gems as The Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker, The Outlaw of Torn by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells, The Underground City by Jules Verne, Hans Phaall by Edgar Allan Poe and The Haunted Man and The Ghost's Bargain by Charles Dickens.

Alexandria Digital Literature Alexandria Digital Literature is broken down into The Marketplace which includes featured digital literature and downloadable stories, The Library which lets you rate stories, get recommendations and search for specific literary works. Plus ther is a chat forum, assorted FAQs and some personalized settings. But note: you'll have to log in and remember a password. The goal of is to provide the most comprehensive collection of fiction in ebook format (they offer fiction that can be read on Palm Pilots, Rocket eBook Devices, Windows CE, personal computers using Adobe Acrobat and all devices supporting Microsoft Reader). At the moment, they specialize in short fiction, but plans call for expansion into novels as well. There, you'll find all types of stories by many award-winning authors.

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Novels Short Fiction
Brian Turner Chronicles of Empire
Blake Templeton The Dare Island Enigma
Roberto Vacca The Death of Megalopolis
Claxton Dong Save Our Star
Stefan Ingstrand The Sea of Air
Art Kilcup When Groinkians Attack
Rick Giannola God's Dice
Peter H. Kendrick Another Place
Brian Maycock From the Darkness
published by Lucid Foundry Rogue Titan
Brian Turner Chronicles of Empire
Robin Howard Jim Long Space Agent
Ted Franks Robots of Mars
Mike Monroe Heroes and Legends
Priscilla Paul So Rich a Crown
Ivan Millett Deus Ex Machina 2049
Chris Pellnnat Azulia's Way
Tad Williams ShadowMarch
Ruth McIntyre-Williams Clovenstone
Paul Outhwaite Automatic Living
J. Michael Hileman Ten Mortal Gods
A.R. Yngve The Argus Project Internet Edition
Alien Beach
Michael K. Matus Relic Triangle
Jeff Clark-Meads The Plowman & The Rose
Jason W. Price Tales of Ancient Xenar
A.D. Allen Last Day
Will Harwood Vignettes of New Bincombe
David Derrico Right Ascension
Jeremy Alan Smith Lost Property
Kenneth E. Harding The Song of the Sword
Steve Savile The Sufferer's Song
Ryan Gallagher Codex Trilogy
Peter Buckingham Beta Geminorum 8
Mary E Titus Abaddon..Space Gypsy
John Scalzi Agent to the Stars
Christiaan Hile Annals of the Keepers
Charlee Compo BloodWind and NightWind
Marlene Sosebee Queen of the Iceni
Richard Douglas Pyramids of Mars
Keith Brooke Lord of Stone
Mark Edward Jones Wings of the Valiant
Mark Cashman The Hunt and Ringclimber
Alan Frost Kane Sastrugi
Mark Ricketts The History of Colossus
William Pote T3 Script
Daniel M. Ryan Five Stories
Ellen Klages Time Gypsy
Brian Dana Akers Two Stories
Clive Barker "Lost Souls"
Gary Bowen "The Silver Prince"
Donald R. Burleson "Grampa Pus"
Michael Crichton Airframe (excerpt)
Robert Devereaux "Fructus in Eden"
Elizabeth Engstrom "Rivering"
Joe Haldeman 1968 (excerpt)
"None So Blind"
Rob Hardin "Cadaver-Scan"
Stephen King "Umney Last Case"
Robert McCammon "The Night I Killed The King"
Yvonne Navarro deadrush (excerpt)
AfterAge (excerpt)
Dan Perez "Nine"
Anne Rice Servant of the Bones (excerpt)
Alan Rodgers "The Boy Who Came Back From The Dead"
Jay Russell "City of Angels"
Susan Solan "Crosstown Rat"
Kurt Vonnegut "Long Walk To Forever"
David Niall Wilson "On the Road to Damascus"
F.Paul Wilson "Pelts"

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