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Dangerous Visions Bookstore

Dangerous Visions Bookstore Another California store is Dangerous Visions. Their site has perhaps the most complete new releases and upcoming book section on the web, with great scanned cover art and some nice plot summaries. They also post their signing schedules at the shop, SF News, host an art gallery, and permit online ordering.

Cobblestone Books

Cobblestone Books California-based Cobblestone books specializes in Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Pulps, collectible paperbacks and much more. Their searchable catalog is updated weekly with new arrivals. Give 'em a call; they're very friendly and glad to help you find that special book you've been looking for.

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The Other Change of Hobbit

The Other Change of Hobbit The Other Change of Hobbit invites you to browse, ask questions, get recommendations, harass their staff or just hang out at their site, almost like visiting the store in Berkeley. They have great sections on recent books from the last two years, as well as out-of-print and collectible items. They are installing a key-word search engine and a search service for out-of-print books. Their new releases section is updated every Friday, and they have a nice section devoted to staff recommendations.

The Dragon and the Unicorn

The Dragon and the Unicorn Sparkill, New York store is home to The Dragon and the Unicorn, a great used bookstore with 10,000 new and used paperbacks and hardcovers, with many first edition dust jackets scanned for the site. They offer everything from inexpensive reading copies to rare first printings. They will ship anywhere, and are currently putting their inventory into a database to allow searching. Highlights of the site incude an SF cover art gallery and a mailing list for their discussion group.

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