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SF Site is composed of many pieces. Twice a month since July 1997, we have posted a mixture of book reviews, opinion pieces, author interviews, fiction excerpts, author and publisher reading lists and a variety of other features. At the same time, we've maintained a comprehensive list of links to author and fan tribute sites, SF conventions, SF TV and movies, magazines and e-zines, writer resources, publishers and small press sites and many other SF resources.
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Wayne & Rodger's Reviews

Shadowmarch Shadowmarch by Tad Williams
reviewed by William Thompson
Set in a realm where the country is divided between the politically fractured and medieval Eion, the monolithic, despotic theocracy of Xand, and the exiled Twilight Lands of faerie, the author has constructed a stage rife with political intrigue, conflict, mystery and, of course, romantic possibilities. And despite the usual cast of conventions and borrowings, he has mined old material very well, creating his own imprimatur and quickly establishing why he is recognized as one of the better writers of this genre.

Lurulu Lurulu by Jack Vance
reviewed by Matthew Hughes
The tale is a continuation of 1997's Ports of Call wherein began the interstellar peregrinations of Myron Tany. The Glicca wanders from planet to planet, taking on and discharging cargoes, while the crew visits taverns to sample varieties of bitter ale and more potent beverages like Ponchoo Punch. It is a pageant of worlds, some civilized, some wild, some hospitable to strangers, some less welcoming to the traveler's knock.

Charles de Lint
James Barclay
Harlan Ellison
Samuel R. Delany
Eric Garcia
Neal Asher
John Clute
Tom Arden
Jonathan Carroll
More SF Site Interviews...
Gene Wolfe A Conversation With Gene Wolfe
An interview with Nick Gevers
On how his characters speak:
"I listen to people, what they actually say as well as what they mean, and how they say it. Both Patera Remora and Patera Incus speak as slight exaggerations of people I've met. Very few people really talk alike. Both my daughters were raised by my wife, so it would be reasonable to suppose that all three would speak pretty much alike. They don't. Their characteristic modes of expression are quite different."

Susanna Clarke A Conversation With Susanna Clarke, Part 1
An interview with Steven H Silver
On serendipity while researching:
"There was a wonderful bit about Waterloo. All these people came out to watch Waterloo from Brussels. It was very, very dangerous, but apparently they didn't care. A lot of Wellington's messengers, his aides-de-camp, were being killed. He had no one to deliver his orders, so he used civilians. He got them to deliver his orders, and one of them was a commercial traveler for Birmingham Button manufacturer. He had been wandering around getting orders for buttons on the battlefield of Waterloo. "

Author and Fan Websites
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Photo by Beth Gwinn
Charles de Lint Charles de Lint
Charles de Lint is the author of Into the Green (Tor, 1993), Memory and Dream (Tor, 1994), Jack of Kinrowan, and many others. An excerpt of his novel Trader is available on Tor's website. In addition to the official de Lint site, there are places like One Tamson House and sites such as our Charles de Lint Reading List or others maintained by The National Library of Canada, and others.

Clive Barker
Jonathan Carroll
Harlan Ellison
Kathleen Ann Goonan
J.V. Jones
Stephen King
Patrick O'Leary
Melanie Rawn
Victoria Strauss
Harry Turtledove
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
SF Site Editorials: HindSite
Rick Norwood: Babylon 5.1
Rick Klaw: Geeks With Books
Georges T. Dodds: British Children Have More Fun
Scott Danielson: Vox: SF For Your Ears
Matthew Peckham: Sequential Art
Matthew Peckham: Climbing the Tower
Trent Walters: The SF Writer's Online Resource
Gabriel Chouinard: Dislocated Fictions
Nick Gevers: Short Fiction Focus
Paul T. Riddell: Lydon's Lament
Colin Ravey: Rant & Ravey
Dave Truesdale: Editor's Choice
Geeks With Books Geeks With Books
a column by Rick Klaw
Rick Klaw gives us a look at how things work from behind the counter of a book store. Interested in a copy of The Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred? Or maybe S. Morgenstern's The Princess Bride? Perhaps Stephen Crane's The Book of Counted Sorrows? Rick tells us why your search will be fruitless.

British Kids Have More Fun: British Kids Have More Fun: Swallows and Amazons
a column by Georges T. Dodds
John, Susan, Letitia, and Roger Walker are British school-children spending their summer holidays with their mother near a lake in northern England. From an overlook they can see a large island, and plan to sail there and camp. After some planning and gathering of equipment and food, they do so, with John as captain of the small sailboat Swallow, Susan as mate, Titty as Able-Seaman, and Roger as ship's boy -- setting up camp on the island.

New Arrivals
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More New Arrivals...

New Arrivals New Arrivals
compiled by Neil Walsh
Some of the new and forthcoming books for 2005 include new works from Ian R. MacLeod, Sara Douglass, Stan Nicholls, Harry Turtledove, Terry Goodkind, and Gregory Benford. Also featured are some classics re-issued from Dan Simmons, Geoff Ryman, Robert Silverberg, and more.

New Arrivals New Arrivals
compiled by Neil Walsh
Some of the new arrivals this month include the latest novels from Jacqueline Carey, Charles Stross, Marie Jakober, Jennifer Fallon, Alastair Reynolds, Jane Lindskold, plus a whole lot more.

Author Reading Lists
Patrick O'Leary
Jonathan Carroll
Charles de Lint
Philip K. Dick
Terence M. Green
Tanya Huff
Paul J. McAuley
Jack McDevitt
Ian McDonald
Terry Pratchett
Kim Stanley Robinson
Dan Simmons
Michelle West
A Witness to Life Terence M. Green Reading List
compiled by Rodger Turner
With the release of a new novel, A Witness to Life, Rodger compiled this page on the work of Terence M. Green. There, you'll find a profile of his novels and a list of his short fiction.

The Impossible Bird Patrick O'Leary Reading List
compiled by Rodger Turner
With the release of a new novel, The Impossible Bird, Rodger compiled this page on the work of Patrick O'Leary. There, you'll find a profile of his novels and a list of his short fiction.

Topical Reading Lists
Aurora Awards
Philip K. Dick Award
Arthur C. Clarke Award
Night Visions Anthologies
Best Read of the Year
Golden Gryphon Press
PS Publishing
Orion Fantasy Masterworks
Orion SF Masterworks
Ace SF Specials -- 3rd Series
Canadians' Books
Fedogan & Bremer
Younger Readers
Mark V. Ziesing Books
Philip K. Dick Awards Philip K. Dick Awards
compiled by Rodger Turner
The Philip K. Dick Award is presented annually for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States. The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and the award ceremony is sponsored by the NorthWest Science Fiction Society.

SF Site: Best Read of the Year SF Site: Best Read of the Year
compiled by Rodger Turner
It seems everybody has a "Best of the Year" list. The concept of "best" is a relative term since it involves intangible decisions, made at some point in time without measurable criteria. But why let such things stop us? SF Site does these lists each year. Best Read of the Year is compiled by asking our contributors what impressed them most during the year without reference to date of publication. Readers' Choice: Best Read works the same way except we ask you to send us your list. Wayne MacLaurin's Fat Fantasy Awards are a list of what Wayne says "tests the structural properties of a sturdy bookcase."

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