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Tamshi's Imp
Jonathan Fesmire
248 pages

Tamshi's Imp
Jonathan Fesmire
Jonathan Fesmire lives in sunny California, near the beach, but ironically prefers dusk to midday and cool weather to hot. He enjoys writing, art, and spending time with his family. He also enjoys traveling -- he has been to France, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Canada, and Poland -- and sometimes combines his love of travel with his love of speculative fiction by attending conventions. His fiction has been published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine and elsewhere.

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A review by Lisa DuMond

Having some familiarity with Jonathan Fesmire's fertile imagination, it's almost impossible to guess what subject he will turn his prose powers to next. That Tamshi's Imp is a lush fantasy comes as no surprise, but that only means he has hidden his twists and turns inside the story. True, Tamshi's Imp is loaded with magic, wizards, and the usual fairy folk, but it harbours a mystery in it's depths.

Tamshi is a sorceress of no small power, which she is using to bring a dark magic into the world. Or is she? Tamshi herself is confused about exactly what she is doing with the god Unneyer's worshippers. Something is seriously wrong, though she cannot explain precisely what, only that she is in danger and she wants to escape the iron grip of Gentriu, the high priest. But, escape to where? And why is it so important she must run from a group she was supposed to be dedicated to?

Fesmire has a talent for creating beautiful and dangerous mental landscapes and the settings in his latest novel are no exception. From the claustrophobic and menacing grounds of the temple to the snow-covered wilderness beyond the city's walls, every location is vividly evoked.

Fans of Fesmire's work will no doubt be pleased that Tamshi's Imp is firmly rooted in the world of Rhatlan, Moreri, and Lothay. Though no duals put in an appearance, it is the countryside of Children of Rhatlan and Seeds of Vision, Fesmire's earlier books. The author is no fool; he knows the value of a universe entirely his own.

This latest effort lacks some of the dramatic tension of Fesmire's previous work. There is danger, deception, and magic in the air, but the strong point of the story is the startling secret uncovered in almost the final act. It's a bit of sorcery the author handles beautifully, given as he is to a fascination for magical devices. How many readers will see the truth before it is unveiled, I wonder? I certainly don't intend to spoil it for anyone...

Enjoy the suspense of the chase and take in the vivid details that bring the character of Fesmire's world to life. Slip into and out of secret hideouts and realities. Puzzle it over with Tamshi as she struggles to make sense of her situation, before it is too late for her and for her world. Imagine the devastation that will ensue if she fails in her attempts to thwart Unneyer's resurrection.

And, get ready for that surprise that awaits you within the covers of Tamshi's Imp.

Copyright © 2005 Lisa DuMond

In between reviews, articles, and interviews, Lisa DuMond writes science fiction, horror, dark realism, and humour. DARKERS, her first novel, was published in August 2000 by Hard Shell Word Factory. She is a contributing editor at SF Site and for BLACK GATE magazine. Lisa has also written for BOOKPAGE, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, Science Fiction Weekly, and SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE. You can check out Lisa and her work at her website hikeeba!.

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