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Lamentation: The Psalms of Isaak
Ken Scholes
Narrated by Scott Brick, William Dufris, Maggi-Meg Reed & Stefan Rudnicki
Macmillan Audio, 15 Hours

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Susan Dunman
Susan became a librarian many light years ago and has been reviewing books ever since. Audiobooks and graphic novels have expanded her quest to find the best science fiction in Libraryland.
A podcast by Susan Dunman

Lamentation: The Psalms of Isaak In this epic fantasy, Ken Scholes creates a world that immediately draws you into its story. Windwir, the most beautiful and powerful city on the planet, is also a storehouse of knowledge. When Windwir is consumed by fire from the sky, those who remain must save what knowledge is left while trying to discover the cause and instigator of the catastrophe.

Copyright © 2009 Susan Dunman

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