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The Fuller Memorandum
Charles Stross
Ace Books, 304 pages

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Ernest Lilley
Ernest Lilley is the former Sr. Editor/Publisher of SFRevu ( and former radio Co-Host of Sci-Fi Talk with Tony Tellado. He currently publishes TechRevu (, occasionally writes for science and technology publications, and is Interactive Strategist for a DC based association (NAESP). He likes station wagons, road trips, and digital photography and currently lives in the Gernsback Continuum with that classic trope of SF, a red headed heroine. He can be found here on Facebook.
A podcast by Ernest Lilley

The Fuller Memorandum Besides the obvious and delightful spy-geek-Chuthluian horror cocktail that Charles Stross shakes together in his Laundry series, there's a bit of Stargate to it, what with the openings of gates into otherwhere and heroic types stepping through them. It's been that way since the beginning, when our man from the Laundry, a geek turned applied demonologist and secret agent, stepped through a hole in space to rescue the damsel in distress. As has been noted elsewhere, he's an odd sort for a classic secret agent, considering that he eventually got around to marrying the damsel, Mo... short for Dominique... and doesn't drive a car, let alone an Aston Martin, alternating between London's tubes and walkways. He should stick to the tube, considering the trouble he gets into when he wanders off down dark paths by himself.

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