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Escape from Hell
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Narrated by Tom Weiner, unabridged
Blackstone Audio, 7 Hours

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Ivy Reisner
Ivy Reisner is a writer, an obsessive knitter, and a podcaster. Find her at
A podcast by Ivy Reisner

Escape from Hell In 1976, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle released Inferno, a reworking of the epic poem by Dante Alighieri. Now, they have returned to that world and to the hero, Alan Carpenter, teamed with Sylvia Plath, who has been condemned to the wood of the suicides in the middle ring of the seventh circle, to get out of Hell. Hell is going through a shakeup of its own because of Vatican II. The rules have changed. The condemned are all scheduled to be tried anew.

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