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When a reader discovers an author, frequently, the response is to read everything the writer has done. But where to find it? Many publishers list only those titles published by the author. Here you can find title lists for work done by the writer. Most are not bibliographic in format, rather they are intended as a reading list. And if you've got favourites, why not vote for them at

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Terry Pratchett Book List

Terry Pratchett brings a love of the absurd to virtually everything he writes. Or so it seems. Most folk who discover one of his Discworld® books rush back to gorge themselves, buying up a stack of them. Each seems to have a favourite character, most are eager to share a passage they found particularly memorable. Gentle enthusiasm bursts from pores when they hear that another is on its way. There are even a few who pick them up in the UK and decide to share a tidbit or two about the contents.

Roger Zelazny Bibliography

Often the mention of Roger Zelazny's work brings a wistful look to the faces of his fans. For he was the writer, read by them at an early age, who lead them into the vast realms of fantasy. His Chronicles of Amber or his Lord of Light revealed the wonders of fantastic literature. His lyrical prose made it a joy to curl up with one of his novels.

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